Is it Ever okay for a girl to pursue a guy? Honest answers please

Is it Ever okay for a girl to pursue a guy? Honest answers please

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confidence is attractive, absolutely nothing wrong with being outgoing

No. It is never ever ok. Girls who pursue guys must be stoned in public.

Yes, just don't be creepy or a psyco doing so

Men like to be desired, like women.

Yes. Here's a you.

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This has to be bait, or underaged. I'm leaning towards bait because a 14 year old girl isn't going to use "pursue" to describe dating.

Just stand near him and act cute

or just start touching him
another (you)

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Yes. And it's sexist to expect men to always approach you. You should be taking as much initiative as men do.
The idea that the "patriarchy" doesn't let women ask men out is a myth that feminists created as an excuse to be sexist.

It's preferable

not OP, but tried doing this and it didn't really work. we got a chance to be alone one time and he made no effort to talk to me.

real life isn't an anime, kid

You could always try, you know, talking to them first. Introduce yourself, ask how they're doing, if they like whatever place you're at. If the guy's interested he'll keep it going from there.

stop beating around the bush. Just ask them.

Ask the w-what?

Anything to start a conversation, or if you have known him for a while, to hang out

It is how most girls realistically "approach" Chad

reddit isn't real life, kid

the real question is is it ever ok for a guy to go after a girl? Feels like no haha

Most girls pursue guys, they have tons of stupid games to play and do a lot of flirting.


Obviously so. Do you see how starved for attention the men are on this site and elsewhere? There is no reason not to take initiative and men like to feel wanted, too. Go for it!

>is it okay
Yes, although it's usually not a good idea given the circumstances.
But if the guy is just really dense and not noticing even the most obvious "hints" you can muster, that in itself likely won't be an issue.
Speaking for myself, but not necessarily. If they're autists they won't be eager to keep small talk going.
I would recommend talking with a goal in mind in that case--i.e. instead of asking "how's your life" and getting a blank stare, ask for help on something.

If mean, if he took your shit and you think you can handle him in a fight, of course.

If you mean romantically, don't bother. No reason to waste time on betas, and if you aren't 12, the is minimal amount of "pursuit" for either gender.


If he shows signs that he likes her, yes.

If he doesn't show signs that he likes her, no.

Women are so fucking retarded holy shit.
Yes. It’s always okay. In fact it’s encouraged, it makes things easier for everybody when we’re not in the dark playing this cat mouse games. Why are you females like this.

Well I know why you are, that’s just the way society works and how we’ve evolved but damn man. YES ITS FINE.

Stupid question.

So stupid.

14 year Olds asking stupid questions on Jow Forums

most don't do it well. most seem to do it at age 16 or so. Ive never had it happen as an adult because most women are to pragmatic at that point. Every time it has been someone I was not attracted to or less before I really was interested in women. I don't know why but it just isn't done and there is a reason it is like that. The proper way is that the woman just puts herself in a position to be asked out by the guy. Smile, go out of her way to talk with him, try to be in a situation where you aren't around a lot of other people so he can ask you out and not be embarrassed if you reject him.

I will say that I did have it happen just once where it was someone I really, really liked. We were friends for a long time and I felt weird to ask her out but really wanted to. She ended up bringing it up and we decided we'd start seeing eachother. Or so I thought. I called her up later in the week and she wouldn't answer so I finally just went down there and point blank asked what's going on. She said she didn't want to see me and I said okay and left. It still pisses me off to this day that she initiated that situation and then left me high and dry.

No. If a woman is persistent about her approach, then it's highly likely she has something to dig out from you or use you.
Women who like you make it tremendously easy for you to make a move. But it's still a man who has to do it.

Those who say they like it are simply trying to shift responsibility.

it's always okay and many guys like it including myself
don't do this though. unless it's really subtle. but chances are it's not and it's really cringey especially if he's not into you. i've had some very unattractive and annoying girls hit on me this way and I still cringe thinking about it

Certainly men won't complain. Maybe your women friends won't like it, but men certainly appreciate it when they don't have to do everything. Most guys have a hard time with making the first step, but they have to since women never do more than just send signals.

Fuck yeah, women dont do enough!

i love it when women make the first move. desu i just hate chasing women full stop so its nice when someone shows interest

Fuck that shit I'm out