Hello If you have any questions girl related, ask away! As a girl I will try my best to help you

Hello If you have any questions girl related, ask away! As a girl I will try my best to help you

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Why is my gf fat and stupid?

Do girls ever get together and discuss things like science, technology, philosophy, culture etc? Also, why do most women think it's okay to hit a man?

Hmmm well for one her diet isn't healthy. And the other one define stupid? Guide her and boost her confidence, perhaps ask to work out together because you want to be more fit and it will motivate her. Always use a nice and loving approach.

Not the OP, but yes. Usually when I see my friend we gossip first and then discuss "deep" stuff. Most girls I know would hit a man in self-defence

if you had choice would you suck bwc or bbc?

Yes we do! We discuss it all the time.

Not all women believe it is okay to hit men but I would say they need to control their anger, getting physical with anyone is never okay!

I don't answer to these questions, have a good day!

Ok, how fat are you?

Is it weird for a guy to just go up and talk to a girl he doesn't know in public?

I am 94 lbs!

Are you the same attention-whore/troll who posted earlier about wanting a 6ft tall bf?

Not at all, as long as he isn't acting overbearing or too intense. (:

Thats not possible my dog has 100 lbs

Not into tall men and I am happily taken lol so you're answer is a no

Kek, I seriously doubt that, you sound exactly like that roastie

fuck off then. You expect me to sit there and read your drivel?

What would be the best way for me to start talking to a cute girl sitting next to me in a lecture hall?

Hmm that's nice then. Bye (:

Pretend to have questions or like you didn't hear properly and ask her what the professor said! Drop something near her seat so she can pick it up for you, be friendly!

I know you user, hello!
Question how to dress better?
How to be a better friend to a friend when we both have trust issues? Also how to woman up? Also how to get near your weight. Please answer!

Start talking about your classes, mutual friends, weather. See how she reacts to you and then start talking about something more interesting

Hi. I wanted to ask profesional woman.

One girl long time ago said she loved me. The very next day she sucked off chad while being drunk. Ever since then i am unable to trust women. What went wrong?

Hello! I'd first try to see what type of body shape you are to accentuate your good sides. Pinterest has tons of cute outfit ideas! I would honestly sit down and talk to her one on one, confront the issues head on forgive her if she has hurt you in order for your own peace of mind. Be sincere and tell her the things you appreciate about her so she also sees there is love and a desire to still be friends.

I am a naturally thin person so but I do drink a lot of water and my portions are small

Guess that's a decent indirect approach. Probably not going to try the pencil drop, never seen that spark a conversation, but this is a nice push to talk to her next class, thanks.

Are you a girl (male) or a girl (female)?

Well one thing wrong Is try to not categorize all women in the unfaithful category. There is nothing you did wrong, it was HER choice to do that and her actions did not show true genuine love for you. Avoid the trashy lifestyle type of girls.

A girl !

>is a petite girl
>has a bf
Normie..... get.... OUUUUUUTTTTTT

I like Jow Forums because it has tons of loners and weirdos!

If I hide my mantits will it look worse when I take my shirt off in front of a girl than if I didn't hide them?

when i talk to women i come off as needy when i dont i come off as rude this means im ugly right?

Don't hide them! Lift weights and eat healthier. I don't really think it is too much of a deal though

Has absolutely nothing to do with visuals, but your approach and tone. Try smiling more

They are not the kind that go away even after losing weight.

You can definitely turn the fat into muscle.

ok i will but i hope you know this kind of advice is seen as misogynistic when a man gives it to a woman

That's not how mantits work sadly, it's breast tissue that doesn't go away.

I'm not trying to be misogynistic but I'd say this to girls/guys you have to appear friendly and patience is key. Don't seem overly desperate or be all over the place in conversation.

I'm not really sure I'm sorry, don't be embarrassed about it.

what if i am overly desperate? i try to fake it until i make it but it always seeps out

Why are you desperate though? When desperation comes you don't make the smartest choices. YOU have to play It cool or just be honest and say you make me nervous and so I may seem a little too much but it's because I really like you or etc it can come off flattering.

Op, there's a girl I still like, that said she only likes me as a friend.

Do girls ever change their minds about these sorts of things?

I don't want to post my body shape and I don't think I could find an accurate version of it, unfortunately.

im desperate because i saw american pie at a very young age which lead me to believe virgins are scum (which is true) and now i have a self fulfilling loneliness prophecy oh well at least i have my dignity!!

Yes we do at times and other times we don't. Don't come off too strong and just let it be, don't pressure her or pester her about the decision. Be yourself and don't beat yourself up over it, be happy you at least expressed yourself to her, who knows she can change her mind eventually. Just keep being a good friend

There is literally no way for a man with sub 15% bodyfat to have gyno. Cut empty calories and exercise.

You don't have to post it! Keep researching online and dont be afraid to make bold choices!

It isn't at all, I respect you for being a virgin! If all you want is sex then things won't really come out good for you...

its more like if im attractive whats stopping women from wanting sex with me? Whats wrong with male sexuality?

Where's a good place to meet girls?

Do you bring the topic of sex immediately into the conversation? If So, you're doing it ALL WRONG.

Literally everywhere, don't be afraid to approach a girl and be friendly!

i have only once even mentioned sex to a lady and i didnt even use the word sex i must be a pussy women should have sex with pussies to make us feel better or suicide should be accomodated for if nobody wants us i dont want to take up more resources than earth requires and suicide is too hard

Well now I see the problem, you're the type to feel entitled to women and sex. It doesn't work that way. You're way of thinking and mentality is wrong.

I have an insane Salvadoran gf that beats me and neglects me. What should I do about this

This user is living in a fantasy world with no repercussions, baka

I'll take care of you

well my parents shouldnt have told me how handsome and intelligent i was and how the girls would chase after me oh well back to trying to invent a time machine to go back and kick my dads ass

There are ALWAYS repercussions, it's more about doing then talking and enough with the negativity. That's why there's so many sad lonely men here

Good luck then!

How old are you?

Legal age!

Barely legal, it seems. I think you might be a bit too naive to be handing out advice that will be definitely be taken the wrong way by the type of people that browse this board.

Why would it be taken the wrong way?

Your view of the world just seems naive. It doesn't seem to take in the reality of the way people are at this point in time.

Okay ): I'll work harder and think of more soundful solutions

I can't figure out if this girl likes me. Would I be wasting my time trying to ask her out?

Op you came at the wrong time. A lot of weirdos from Jow Forums are here at the moment.

How old are you?

No. If you feel attracted to her and want more with her then go for it, that is the only way to find out for sure. Is there anything she does that makes you think she might like you?

I'm glad you didn't take that the wrong way. I think you're just young, you'll be able to answer some of these questions better with time and experience. I'm sure your practical advice can still be of use for some of these anons, tho.

I am of legal age (:

Answer the question and don't be annoying. I'm asking to see if I want your advice.

There has to be a better balance. I'll keep it in mind!

You can seek advice somewhere else goodbye (:

What does female orgasm feel like?

Tits & timestamp or GTFO

Im not female but if i can imagine it then its quite opposite of male orgams. Male orgasm compose of "explosion feeling" from your dick. My theory is that female has "sucking feeling" or "absorbtion feeling" kind of orgams which can last longer since it need to suck all that semen into womb.

But thats just my hypothesis.

What kind of girls go on Jow Forums?
Gonna have to second this, no offense

Why is it so hard to get a girlfriend?

How come LA women wont tell me I am pretty on the inside? They hurt my feelings.

>we discuss it all the time

Load of bullshit I tell you, from girl to girl.

Got dumped a month ago and went into a bad state, had fights with some mutual friend etc. I took a step back but still love her. Will I forever be "that" ex because of all that happened the last month after breakup, or can I eventually be the guy she likes again, after giving it time?

can't you be the guy -you- want to be?

Everyone, including her, have been telling me to focus on myself. I am, I'm making great improvements etc. Problem is, I had some quirks which she dumped me over (according to her) even though I was willing to work on them, I just wasn't aware. She said my personality is amazing, I'm funny yada-yada, the perfect friend but as a partner I have to grow/mature. I just feel at a roadblock in life and screwed up BIG the last few weeks. I don't want to be remember just by this bad period after we had such a good time before that.

What quirks?

Said I took her for granted, didn't always have energy (dunno why), bit of a gaming addiction, would let her sleep in stead of waking her up, said some sporadic stuff when irritated (which I owed up to), just generally stupid stuff. I just wish, and told her afterwards, that she'd sit me down and told me it was seriously affecting her in stead of low-key saying she didn't like it. Can't work on something you don't realise.

She had issues with you because sometimes you were tired and your energy levels were low? Honestly, sounds like she is a bitch, none of these things is serious enough to be a deal-breaker lmao. Don't let her string you along, user.

I know, but she always seemed so lovely. Only the last month of the relationship she began being distant and never confessing why it was. I think she fell in love with a mate of mine (previous mentioned fights), which is all a bit hard for me. After some stuff that happened we don't talk anymore either. At first she wanted "time apart" to understand her own feelings, a break if you will, but without guarantee of getting back together. I have been a dick at times too, but I loved her more than anything. She doesn't want to give it a second chance, so I'm just chasing my own tail.

How do I improve my social skills with girls I’m attracted to? Also, how do I get to the point of kissing with a girl?

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Ive been dating this girl for like a year. Shes cute, and we have the same sense of humor, and we enjoy doing stuff together, but I just dont feel it. Like she seems great and she seems like the kind of girl i'd want to get serious with, but I just dont feel that underlying emotional connection. Im thinking of breaking up, but Im also scared this might be the best I can ever get. What do?

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Tons of girls! I barely got into Jow Forums and I really like it

Be friendly and patient, don't be desperate. Girls can tell easily.

Post a time stamp with tits or fuck off, tranny

Could be the culture over there! Very snobbish but I am sure you are very pretty dont worry about what people think, beauty fades.

Yes you can, try communicating to her, clean up your act and if she doesn't want to try again then don't beat yourself up over it, at least you tried.

I always say play it cool and don't overcompensate and be desperate. I understand nervousness. They're just people and try to see them just as people with flaws and be friendly and be witty and charming, girls love funny men

There are always people out there. Don't be in a relationship where you don't love the person, it is mean and hurtful for you. Both find your own happiness.

Bipolarfag here. I went through a manic episode a few months back. My personality changed completely like it always does. I was irritable and confrontational, my social anxiety was gone, I was living like a rock star and I was smoking cannabis on the daily. The ladies loved it.

I've returned to my baseline and I'm now I'm acting like a rational human being and a responsible adult. I'm working now while I'm in university, my GPA is up, but women want nothing to do with me now.

What the fuck happened? Do women genuinely want a self destructing guy that's acting like he's 17 again? That shit almost caused me to fail last semester.

I'm curious, why did you make this thread when Ask the opposite gender threads exist? Do you need attention that badly or are you looking for orbiters?