How do I know if I have a chance with a female coworker of mine and how do I take it?

How do I know if I have a chance with a female coworker of mine and how do I take it?
>know this girl from work since 1 year
>don't directly work with her
>cute but special face so most guys don't find her very attractive
>very knowledgeable and intellectual
>slightly autistic
>is in our group of drinking buddies for afterworks drinks / night outs
>we are like a group of 7, 3 girls
>been on holidays for a week together during the summer
>still don't know how she feels about me as we are both slightly autistic and no real occasion to be alone together
>both invited to a party tomorrow by a mutual friend
what should I do ? Am I definitely friendzoned?
I honestly don't give a shit that we are in the same firm, there are multiple couples who met at my work

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I'm envious man. Sounds like a good spot to me.

Flirt with her at the party if you can get her alone.

You'll forever regret it if you don't confess one day, I know this sentence is stale as fuck but it's the truth.

Hahaha ha nobody has ever forever regretted a woman. You're nuts

t roastie

why do you want to have an autistic gf though?

OP don't be a cuck and fuck her

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bump for advice

You should ask her out, because she probably has a boyfriend. I'm serious.

>You should ask her out, because she probably has a boyfriend.
what's the logic here?

Don't shit where you eat

Think about it.

So if she has a bf and I'm asking her out, what do I get? either she says no and I'm fucked or she says yes and... ?


I have lately started using social media to find and stalk girls (lmao I'm a creep)

so, is it weird or what if see a cute girl working as a waitress, and I go home and look her up and send her a message?

Is it cool or not cool? I can't tell...

it's cool as fuck bro

it's super cool, she'll be charmed that you made the effort.
also, make sure to include when you saw her exactly, and point out that you remember what she was wearing

This. Be as detailed as you can, she will be flattered that you care

okay thanks bros. I just revealed to this girl that I passed her in the store, tho and we are currently at radio silence. I don't know if she freaked out or if she's busy. She was wearing white pants over a phat ass.

You're already fucked because she has a boyfriend. You should do it because it's more trouble than it's worth. You see what I'm saying? Or am I wrong? Is it not more trouble than it's worth?

good job user. let us know how she responded

how can you tell if an autistic girl likes you ?

>How do I know if I have a chance with a female coworker of mine and how do I take it?
if she takes a bit more interest in you than would be normal for a co-worker. always laughs at your jokes, catch her looking at you etc.

>what should I do ?
go to party, talk with her. If you seem to be getting along well, ask her if she'd have any interest in going to see a movie next weekend. take it one step at a time and take it up a notch each time. if you end up going to the movie and you enjoy it then ask her if you could start to see her regularly....

>Am I definitely friendzoned?
No, but your status hasn't been made clear yet. Ask her out and see how you get along just the two of you first. If she says no, then that's it and you don't have to worry about it.

just fuck her at work OP

>>know this girl from work
Nothing you greentext tells me she has any interest in you at all. The only thing you have in common is you at the same company. I'm astounded you guys always think you have a shot just because you think a girl is pretty. You don't know anything about them, rarely if ever speak one on one, and at best nothing more than an acquaintance and yet your brain jumps directly to if she likes you for more than a friend. scratching my head

i hope you actually said in the message "phat ass"

"Hey X,you're cute,I like you. " then stop.if she's interested she's let you know in a way or another.
If you're mature, clean,look healthy,genuinely show interest in offering her affection and around the same age,you're half way there. Most guys on 4have no clue how simple it to a get a gf,probably helps that i'm a 6f4 articulate Chad. Just keep it simple