The politics of pregnancy

What does it mean when a wife or girlfriend, while angry, refers to the baby or fetus as “my” baby rather than “our” baby. Just happened to me.

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buhbuhbuh buhh iss muh bahdy it came frum ME

you're off the hook

I doubt I’m off the hook if she goes for child shpport

Poor kid

>What does it mean when a wife or girlfriend, while angry, refers to the baby or fetus as “my” baby
she believes it will get under your skin (looks like it worked). pretty much the only reason women speak when they're pissed off is to make as many other people as possible miserable

It means its Tyrone's baby.

This. It's a Freudian slip.

time for the paternity test, chink boy.

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if you guys had a female friend that offered to have your child, no marriage, shared responsibilities would you take it

I guess I should just ignore her then

I’m actually not a chink, I’m a white basedboy from America. Came here because I couldn’t make it with American girls, but now look at the mess I’m in.

Depends if she was worth a damn as a mother, and her other prospects must be non-existant so cold feet doesn't drive her away with my kid.

The cuffs have been locked shut and the keys have been thrown away.

Time to gtfo.

Wait until said baby is two then it will be "your" child all time when it is acting out

Are you married or just a retard with a bastard?

We are married

It's probably another nigger's, but she'll try to get you to pay child support anyway.

make a video about it with c-milk, prozzie

Not for long.

She's gonna take you to the cleaners.
Fucking sucker!

Stairs can magically cure pregnancy.

Lmao so true

I appreciate the many humorous responses, but guys, in all seriousness...

I don’t think it’s another man’s baby. Because of the timing, etc, I’m almost 100% sure it’s mine.

Does her talking like this (calling it “her” baby) mean the relationship is in trouble, or should I just ignore it and move on?



Legit, if you don't sign the birth certificate, it's not yours

>no marriage
Dealbreak. My son or daughter would deserve a better mother.

get educated OP

MRA, MGTOW got your back

Thanks but we are married, and not in the U.S. so I don’t think this applies.

Double standard. Dont worry when the baby does something wrong she will say its yours.

Literally nothing.

its very possible. the next time she's angry you'll get its not yours its Mr Tyrones and she'll quickly try to take it back. However, she is trying to let you know she doesn't know who the father is, it could be you it could be some other guys.

she's about to put you out of the house brother