I might have to fight someone. Any tips?

I might have to fight someone. Any tips?

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If you are gonna fight then you better hit and don't stop hitting like some people do after the first punch, that's stupid.

Keep fighting 'til he is down.

pre-scheduled fights rarely actually happen in my experience without some other mediating force.

whats the circumstance?

Also don't get on with that pathetic pre-fight pushing game, you either throw your punch or don't fight at all, go all in or don't go. Hit first, hit hard and keep punching until he is on the floor or he surrenders.

fight dirty go for things like the eyes, throat and knees

This is what I mean, keep fighting til he is down, I once threw a punch at some guy's face and I stood up there doing nothing for a few seconds.

Thankfully the guy didn't want no more trouble after that but I swear the guy could've knocked me out because I stopped punching after the first punch. I stood there frozen after what I did, it was stupid and I was lucky the guy didn't want more trouble honestly.

Keep you fists up and your head down. Keep fighting until the threat is gone, or you are physically unable to.

Finish as quickly as possible. A single well placed punch to the throat or the face can knock your average man down in seconds. There's no shame in going for the balls if you need to.

Cover your head, clench your teeth and strike with your knuckles, not your fingers. Do NOT attempt to kick.

Even 1v3 they lost. even with a weapon. punksass nigs

Just go full crack addict bum on them

Knowing how to throw a proper punch and raw strength are entirely different things.


keep your hands up in front of your face at all times. a kick to the kneecap as he's advancing will fuck up his mobility. punch the chin or nose to stun. wait it out for your opening and put everything you got into it. If you can nail him in the solar plexus it will drop pretty much anyone and wind them for a good minute at least and probably end the fight.

pepper spray his face, hit the balls and run away

Twist his dick. Nothing succeeds like the old dick-twist.

Elbow sucker punch him

The best fight is the one you avoid. Just don#t show up

There is one better.

Twist his balls with your other hand.

Then rub both hands in his face.

Go for the face

Keep hitting him in the stomach

>Shoot him
>Stab him

If you can't use none of these, just go for the throat, if you land a good one he will fall to the ground either dead or dying

If there's a gun, multiple people, or a knife then run
If there's just 2 of you and you're positive that he doesn't have a knife/boxer/other shit then
>dont get on the ground
>dont pull your shoulder a huge amount back to make force, he'll see it comming and back away
>just jabs and crosses, especially if you're tall
>dont stop hitting
>if you're short and weigh less and have 0 fighting experience then you're fucked
>never under any circumstance do you keep your hands down, they're your only line of defence, always keep them up
>if things go south and he has a knife or other weapon, throw your jacket at his face and run
>if he's got a shit load of friends dont fuck with him, you're bound to get jumped
>dont kick if you're stupid, you'll just fall to the ground and get fucked
also, anderson silva's hold where he holds yours head and knee's your face is incredible, you control where your opponent moves, they cant use their arms otherwise they'll lose their teeth and you can easily throw someone on the ground with it - all with you staying safe and it isn't even a dirty move
t. eastern european

Hit first, hit hard and dont stop till he is on the ground.
Dont do body shots, aim everything at the face.
If he is on the groud stomp or kick him but never get on the ground too.
Just holding something like a lighter inside your fist will make it sturdier and hit harder.

Yeah I'm thinking this is some underage high school bullshit

lol @ everyone telling him to like beat the guy until he's fucking brain-damaged

>anderson silva's hold where he holds yours head and knee's your face is incredible

That's just a regular Thai clinch, anderson silva didn't invent it or anything.

He's not fucking Floyd Mayweather, I think the other guy will be alright


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does holding a lighter actually work or is it just a meme? like "if I stick one finger out when I punch it would hurt more"

i would use something other than a lighter, they can pop and fuck your hand up

Aim for the nose otherwise threaten the throat, you’re not gonna actually hit there but if you’ve ever been on the receiving side of someone aiming at your throat consistently it’s fucking scary.

Holding ANYTHING that can more effectively transfer the force from your palm into your fingers/knuckles will 110% work. You'll often hear people talk about using a roll of quarters or lighter for this but it can be literally anything of similar size and durability that you can make a fist around, such as pic related.

If it's one of those clear, cheapo lighters yeah. I think a standard size bic would be durable enough though.

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Nickel roll works better.