What does it feel like to be desired by a girl?

What does it feel like to be desired by a girl?

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I wouldn't know, I'm physically unable to tell what its like.

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Desired in the sense of having a girl interested in you, or desired in the sense of having a girl love you?

Mild ego boost for a moment followed by annoyance if you aren’t interested in sex. Women are really unpleasant to be around when you’re not horny.

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Either one would be great. I don't think women care about me at all

Pretty much the same as praise from someone you respect. It's a decent ego boost for sure.

This isn't Jow Forums, but I do have a story a little bit
>in 3rd year of uni
>start to like this girl
>know that I'm pretty ugly
>know that I'm too autistic to even begin to try
>friend convinces me that she may like me
>this was the night before she rejected me
Right there, in that small pocket of time I felt probably the happiest in probably the last 5 years of my life up to that point. Thats what it feels like op.
It feels like you still have hope left.
It feels like you could still be normal

>having a girl interested in you
If you like a girl back it's a good window to make the move. If you don't like the girl it's a nice ego boost.

>having a girl love you
It's hard to describe the feeling. If you love the girl back it's probably the most full fulling feeling a human being is capable of experiencing. It's almost like being a drug addict. You're addicted to seeing/being with a specific person.

basically this.
you feel hope, and everything is good until something bad/nothing happens.

depends on the kind of desire, OP.

I'm not the best looking gentleman, however I am rather large in stature. 6'3'', ~180lbs, relatively fit, etc. Women "desire" sex from me often. Especially on campus. This doesn't make me feel much of anything. I'm ~25 in a class full of 19-21 year old women on campus. They're all batshit horny and I'm in a committed relationship.

When my girlfriend says she loves me, desires to be with me, and to spent time with me, it is the most amazing feeling in the world. It makes me feel whole. It makes me feel good in life.

Any desire would be good at this point. I feel like I put myself out there a lot but I just don't get anything back

It's like a drug. Awesome the first few times then you get desensitized to it and it's just another thing you do. In the course of about 5 years I went from a sperg who couldn't even talk to a woman without breaking into a cold sweat to flirting with just about every woman I come across. I've had a few relationships and it would be nice to have a unicorn that loves me for who I am and wants to be my partner in life, but it's not the main thing. Like I want success, achievement and sense of fulfillment that comes from having lived a good life and a woman can either help or hinder it in the worst way. I'm kinda at the point where I like that female kind of attention and the high you get from really connecting with someone sexually and mentally but I can take it or leave it

eh yeah, thinking back this is probably what it feels like.

I can't say I've had or known that a girl innately was into me, but I felt this way when I was about to get with a cute girl online, when I asked her to hang out sometime and she said yes. left like there was still hope, felt like I would finally be with someone.

and then she said she couldn't make it and later said she wasn't interested in dating me.

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Once you get a little older you realize its nothing special.

If you're constantly getting it while growing up, I guess. Otherwise I doubt it.

you're not depraved of all senses.

Nope never did. They'res for more important things to worry about then girls.

Good for you. However, you've merely stopped dwelling on it, but you can't really say for sure that the real thing is nothing special.

Actually I'm lying. There were a few times. But it was more annoying than anything else.

It feels good. It's not some deep existential affirmation or anything like that, if you think you're a shitty person then even if a girl likes you you'll still think you're a shitty person (speaking from experience here), but getting a text or a call or a hug or a kiss is at worst a good distraction from everything else. It can feel bad too though, because when you desire someone who also desires you, you have a kind of responsibility to let them know that you care, which can be hard if you're not a very emotional or outgoing person.