Why is this board full of incels and MRAs now? This board used to be good

Why is this board full of incels and MRAs now? This board used to be good

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>full of incels and MRAs now
It always was

Liar. This is a recent influx. First incels went to Jow Forums after they got kicked out of reddit. Then they started leaking over to Jow Forums.

I remember a time this place would give advice about life in general and not just how to get or get over puss.

Its truly r9k 2.0

Ugly guys congregate on websites where they don't have to show pictures of their ugly face.

Can confirm. Came here from r9k originally r/incels.

I blame Pegasus

>This board used to be good
No. It used to be even worse, before /soc/ was invented. It was constant rate me whoring.

>anyone who speaks the truth is an incel or MRA

Shit, you would probably burst into tears at any locker room

People who use terms like "roastie" "red pill" "Chad" and whatever other bullshit have never been in a locker room outside of high school

And? We’re not taking talking about people who say roastie or chad or redpill

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>anyone who speaks the truth is an incel or MRA
This line right here is the linch pin or every delusion conspiracy/extremist ideolog. WE are the good guys. WE are the ones who have our eyes open and we're only persecuted because everyone else is jealous and delusional. WE are the sane ones and everyone else is crazy. The whole "woe is me, I'm a martyr and a good person because I suffer for my beliefs" is the same bullshit Jim Jones pedaled right before everyone shot themselves and their kids up with cyanide. A willingness to suspend logic for the sole purpose of protecting your own fragility is requirement for being an MRA and/or redpill follower.

I'm not an MRA, but are you suggesting that's a bad thing?

Don't worry OP I'm still here. Jow Forums used to be a more normal board with less self indulgent whining faggotry.

Abso-fucking-lutely. Having genuine concerns and views about gender equality is perfectly okay but MRAs exist in contradiction to feminism, understand? They aren't actually interested in joining forces and finding common sense solutions for shared problems their main goal is to contradict feminism and act as their antithesis. Even if you shared some MRA beliefs aligning yourself with an organization that so horridly represents itself would be supremely short sighted and foolish. Even on the occasions MRAs are right no one gives a shit simply based on how generally horrible its members are.

I know. How dare I want human companionship. How dare I want to belong and to be loved, and How dare I feel horribly alone because I will never have these things because of my physical appearance!

Meh, they just sound as the antithesis of feminism, like you say. I don't see anything wrong with it, specially with feminism going too far these days.

I often ask for help here without ever using those words but I just get ignored nonetheless.

Developing your ideology as a reaction to someone else's ideology is the opposite of problem solving. Its just rhetoric; contradiction for contradiction's sake. Additionally, if you perceive that "feminism is going too far" then the logical answer would be to meet these specific feminists that you believe are going too far and at least attempt a dialogue. The logical answer would be to single them out and differentiate their ideals from the ideals of the majority. Believe it or not, "feminism" is not a cohesive monicker. There are tons of women in and out of the label of feminism that have wildly different ideas about what true feminism should look like. Like I said, generalizing all feminists based solely on the ideals of the feminists you disagree with isn't logical; it isn't progress. If you're actually interested in discourse then MRA ideology is the opposite of productive. If you're only interested in pissing off the opposition then MRA is the group for you.

Im wondering the same thing. I see the same guy larping as a woman that only wants 6’+ men that don’t watch porn posting every day

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It was pretty similar 2-3 years ago too. Maybe the rhetoric was a little less cray but a huge part of the threads were faggots asking for the same shit related to girls, often with expectations that anons could read the mind of the said girl.

Don't forget your horrible personality.

>he thinks personality matters to women (or men for that matter) in relationships

>ask how the escape the so called 'incel' life
>get no help
I wonder why.

Have you ever thought that maybe the sorts of people that ask for advice on an anonymous image board instead of a trusted friend are going to be people who are frustrated, depressed, or lonely? There are plenty of women that make broad and hostile claims about men for that reason. Why wouldn't you expect men to be exactly the same?

tfw people replied