Convince me women aren’t a mistake and do belong in the workplace

Convince me women aren’t a mistake and do belong in the workplace.

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Why should anyone waste their time trying to convince you when your mind is already made up?

If you work in the real world you'll see there are actually women more successful and better at something than you.

You should stop doing heroin and reading those fantasy novels.

Cool beanies, roastie.
Women’s only job in the workplace is to undermine men.

Do I think a lot of women work stupid HR and PR jobs? Yeah. But there are actually really smart and talented women who are difference makers and leaders in companies I've worked at. They're just as good as the hardest working men. Life isn't all Jow Forums and Jow Forums memes. I'm a 27 year old guy by the way.

>btw im guy

Anything you want toasty.

user, if you truly believe that absolutely all women everywhere are more incompetent or stupid than you are, then you have serious mental issues. If you want to make a thread to hate on women and showcase your delusions of grandeur, take it to Jow Forums. This is not advice-related.

Women will continue to be in the workplace regardless of what you're convinced of. The world will go on business as usual, autist. Your opinion of women, as I'm sure you've gathered, is irrelevant.

>They're just as good as the hardest working men
They want to think they’re men until you platonically ask them out for a beer.

America might tolerate this but when you want good company you dont hire women. Period.


Is there a question here, or did you just come to rant?

>Women will continue to be in the workplace
As long as diversity quotas exist, maybe.

No, they will be ALWAYS in the workplace, regardless of some silly quotas. Deal with that and move on, faggot.

Good companies will continue to hire women. Women will continue to exist in the workplace. Women, just like men, will both fail and excel at various rates. Such is life. No amount of concentrated Jow Forums autism or incel-powered temper tantrums will change the objective reality that women are an integral part of society. The functional world of men and women will continue to work together to get their jobs done and continue to not give even a remote amount of shits about the gaggles of deluded Jow Forums autists who spend their pathetic lives bitching and moaning on an underwater tibetan yoga forum about how much boys rule and girls drool. There's no context in which you and the rest of the basement dwellers here don't look like incredibly fragile man babies.

You say this, but you’re not a male entrepreneur in the midst of the #metoo movement.

And are you? I somehow doubt a male entrepreneur important enough to get fucked by #metoo shit would waste his time on whinging on Malaysian fur licking imageboard.

In fact I am. I am a business owner. Its relatively small operation with only 12 employees but 80% of my staff are female and nearly 90% of my clients are female. Like I said, reality continues to function regardless of your autistic delusions.

Maybe it's becasue Jow Forums is unironically last bastion of freespeech in western world internet which is large enoguht to accomodate 20+ mil unique ips monthly. But as you said im just a mere nobody.

>Jow Forums is unironically last bastion of freespeech in western world
You mean the last autist safe-haven?

Why do you post here then? Why wont you go to r****? Or perhaps those autistic manchilds are better at entertaning you than those left leaning parasites at r****?

You can say stuff like this everywhere, even on Tumblr. The difference is that here more users are likely to share your views. Jow Forums is a hugbox for poor persecuted men just like Tumblr is a hugbox for poor persecuted women.

>You can say stuff like this everywhere
No you cant.

You can, only people will call you out because your proposed notion is horseshit and one doesn't have to be a raging SJW liberal to know this.

You know an argument has reached critical levels of pathetic when your responses have deteriorated down to the classic "WELL WHY ARE YOU HERE??" meme. Would it make you feel better if I expressed how much of a pathetic faggot you are in a hand written letter? Would that be a more acceptable medium for you or is this "pot calling the kettle black" shtick you're doing right now the best you can muster?

No you cant. Tried it.

Ok, and what happened?

Banned, comments deleted.

So basically you're upset because Jow Forums is the only place left where you can spew your autism without being criticized.

Yes and without being banned.

Consider the possibility that people don't like you because of the stupid shit you say and not because of their fundamental opposition to free speech.

If they dont like it why dont they ignore it.

Just let this thread die. You’re not looking for advice. You came here to complain and argue needlessly. We have enough of you turbo autists stinking up the joint, so why spam advice with more scapegoating for your personal failures?

Because we have freedom of speech as well? Just because someone is within their rights to be a bigot doesn’t mean they have to be accepted and listened to.

OP here.
Got fired from a volunteering job because some roastie thought I was flirting with her. My basic understanding from this lesson is women are not really equal to men and that talking to them or trying to befriend them in a professional setting is a mistake. I was very naïve like the white knights in this thread, thought I got to the age where men and women alike are both just human beings. They are also unreliable as coworkers and will undermine men just to get their way. It was only a volunteering job but it meant dearly to me. I really don’t want to be an incel but it hurts so much.

Same should happen here, and hopefully will. Just more anons have to report your thread as non-constructive.

>one woman was shitty
Well, you are a confirmed incel so I won't waste my time reasoning with you, but you are just as pathetic as some blue-haired SJW who got groped by some old drunk and now cries that all men are rapists.

You roasties think that everyone needs to pander to you? That you are untouchable queens who will get everything they ask for?

>delete this

No i fuckign wont delete this. Also i will tell you what i want to tell you. You're no in safe space where everyone are protecting your fragile ego. Toasty

>Just because someone is within their rights to be a bigot doesn’t mean they have to be accepted and listened to

That's what i said if you dont like what i am telling you you dont need to listen. You spoiled girls need to learn to shut your mouth.

Im here to give advice and if you dont like my advice close browser and go suck cock.

Now we’re getting somewhere. So she had leverage in the workplace you felt you didn’t, which is fair. But to report you for flirting? Did you severely creep her out, or was she just being a bitch for no reason?

I like that you think I’m a girl. Whatever floats your paranoia bro.

>Im here to give advice
Advice about what?

>Did you severely creep her out
>this classifies as harasment in roasty mind

Just fuck off.

Sure thing roast

about your stupid advice. Im protecting those young boys against your weak female mind.

>about your stupid advice. Im protecting those young boys against your weak female mind.
Holy kek, you don't even have a plausible reason for making this thread.

So? Then ignore it. You dont need to respond to me.

But it’s so much fun to see you reply incessantly.

Aww, you DID creep her out! How did it happen? We’re you staring too long at her breasts, or did you crack a terrible joke? Please tell us, so we can prescribe you the right advice.

Not that user. I thought we were friends then one day she complains to me about how I’m being inappropriate and how she’s not interested. I’m being vague because she was that vague about it. Talked to the boss man about it and he was equally vague and explanationless. I think meeting her boyfriend had a lot to do with that.

I have punched her in her face and broke her skull. She is now in coma and probably wont be able to feel her body if she ever wakes up. Becasue of this i got fired. You women are really ungrateful.

OP again. I unironically wish I did this.

Lol whetever you say buddy.