How do I stop hating people who use drugs?

I'm not an autismo who goes around saying "drugs r bad grrrr"
idgaf how people go about killing their bodies
I do my best to go with the flow, if friends are excited to go drink/smoke, I'll tell em to have fun and hype them up

I've never had drugs (weed/alcohol), never have never will
But I just can't help idk if the word is right but "look down upon" people who use drugs. People who use drugs just irk me so much.

I've started my freshmen year and it's been amazing, met so many friends and hanged out so much, but I can't bare how almost everyone smokes and drinks. yea most of them are pretty moderate about it, but the only people who seem to not to do any drugs are recluses who never leave their dorm.

I'm excited to meet people, I want to hang out with new people, add them on snapchat but as soon as I find out they drink and shit it kills my interest.

>"hey how's your day been"
>"pretty okay, just hung over a bit, hopefully, I get through math"

I get it that life sucks but ffs drinking isn't the only way to have fun
I know my mentality is a disadvantage, how do change/stop caring about it?

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This isn't a problem. Users are human trash with no foresight. You shouldn't respect them.

Don’t change your morals to fit others bro. It won’t help you. Instead, look for people who fit them because they exist.

>People who use drugs just irk me so much.
>as soon as I find out they drink and shit it kills my interest.

Why is that exactly?

You sit around on Jow Forums, which is already worse than a lot of drugs.
you too

>>People who use drugs just irk me so much.

Jow Forums isn't a daily habit and only bad if you come here for /pol or /b.
I come here for Jow Forums and /ic/ only anonymous place I know where I can find uncommon advice from

Not OP, but it doesn't sound like morals. It doesn't sound like maybe his father was a deadbeat dad who abandoned them to become an alcoholic or heroin addict or something so because of that he swore to never be like him,

He just sounds annoyed, or irked, by people who have fun.

People with superiority complexes are universally unattractive and generally loathed. Even if you are right no one is going to care if you insist on being a pretentious douche about it. Sounds to me like you want to hate people. The fact that you've found a reason doesn't seem like coincidence.

>Jow Forums isn't a daily habit

Jow Forums is generally bad all around and so is sitting at a computer all day.

No one on Jow Forums is a saint, even if they don't do drugs. They're wasting their lives and money on anime mobile games or something and hunched over like a blind troll while playing fortnite.

first step to improve to acknowledge. I know this and want to change.

Instead of fucking saying "hur dur ur pretentious", tell me how to change/improve

I dunno, man. Taking molly and shrooms at a goth/industrial club and letting the mushroom speak through your body in an ecstatic, dialectic dance with the machines is pretty goddamn fun. But sure, mountain biking is a blast too. Drinkers can often be lame because they're just basic bitches trying to fit in because loneliness is horrifying. "OMG I got SOOO drunk Saturday, and made out with Brian" Fuck that. I candy-flipped at an anime convention and got lost in a sea of larping neckbeards. Shit was tight af. Drugs are fun, man. They can add an extra dimension of novelty and aesthetic appreciation to an experience. Listening to music on weed or psychedelics can border on sexual. Not exaggerating.

First step would be to explain why you hate "people who use drugs" and why you see beer on the same level as opiates.

See a therapist OP. Being this judgemental and douchey isn't healthy. What other people do for fun should be of no concern to you, unless you are invited to participate. Honestly, you sound like a sheltered morality fag that needs to broaden his horizons. You don't need to do drugs, but you do need to spend less time on your fuckin high horse.

what you need is a nice fat line of coke and let it do the magic for you
youre like a child you says he hates broccoli despite he never ate it know he hates it

>tfw I'm like OP and in my final year
>not sheltered at all, it's probably the reason why I don't like drugs in the first place

OP as someone very similar to you, it never goes away. But it definitely starts to become background noise .

Ignore the people in this thread like
They're hypocrites . Genuinely just be yourself and stick to your beliefs . That's what makes a person attractive .
That's not even true user.

>I'm not an autismo who goes around saying "drugs r bad grrrr"
You pretty much just did
>Never done alcohol/weed
Wow, are you a fucking Mormon? Or are you just irrationally avoidant of substances that make you feel different?

>not sheltered at all, it's probably the reason why I don't like drugs in the first place

Why? Are you afraid of ending up some sort of addict?

>look down
From where? What position, exactly, are you looking down from? Are you healthier, smarter, stronger? Are you more popular, more funny, more confident? Are you more successful, more well-off, more stable? And even if you are-- compared to all of them? Is it just mixing and matching your best to their worst without seeing the whole picture?

The first step is the why.

There's also this inkling that you've never really suffered how some people have; for instance I lost my father at a young age and have an inclination to tell you you're full of shit and hot air. I usually get "DONT DRUGS OR DRINX" from people who consider losing a family pet to be a tragedy.

Good post user. I really don't understand how OP isn't baiting, he's got some severe cognitive dissonance if he actually thinks that he isn't being stereotypically naive while edgily saying these people are ruining their bodies (who he's apparently friends with?) and he's never touched the shit so clearly he's a fucking expert all while putting weed and Jack Daniels in the same basket as meth and heroin and oxy

>just ignore everyone else who disagrees
You do realize that you sound like a cliche self-righteous fuck, right?

>I really don't understand how OP isn't baiting,
It's a pretty common attitude in society. As is cognitive dissonance, it's perfectly human.

>It's a pretty common attitude in society. As is cognitive dissonance, it's perfectly human.
I get that but most people these days do a decent bit of your soft substances, given most people that do are fucking ignorant of the risks and don't know how they affect their head all that well.

There are also many people fully aware of the risks who do it anyway.
Why? Because they want to have fun and not be a soppy faggot like you in social settings

I'm not OP I was explaining why I was so there are people like OP you fucking idiot.

I do drugs, fuckin shocker

so surprised*

It's normal to feel that anyone who needs drugs to function normally is inherently inferior, but you shouldn't hate them for it.
Some people need them to cope with problems and pretty dark stuff they don't want to think about. Or you know,for medical reasons.
The faggots 420 weedlords are pretty cringe though

The people who need drugs to function are often the ones you don't know are taking drugs (ie antidepressant or antianxiety medication).
Having a good time on the other hand is just outright better with drugs

So, it's fine to look down on someone just because they have fun in a way that you don't? Could you please clarify your post?

Every last human being on this planet has a reward center in their brain. We are all born with different physiology that stimulates that reward centers in different ways. For some people its drugs. For others its food, alcohol, exercise, women, working, sky diving, sports, caffeine, television, video games etc., Take a big step back and see the big picture. Don't think that just because you lucked out on the genetic lottery that you're any better than anybody else. Addiction and substance abuse is a serious societal issue and the solution to it is based in science and medicine, not pretentiousness. If you give a shit about people then you'll embrace this. Hating people who use drugs or drink isn't about doing the right thing, its about propping up your own sense of self by denigrating other people. So which is it, OP? Do you genuinely care about other people or are you just validating yourself by invalidating others?

>and you don't
You seem to be under the misconception that only those who are high can have fun

How did you possibly read it that way?

Well you need to figure out what, exactly, you dislike about it.

That is not what I said at all. Reread my post, I asked for clarifictaion. I didn't convey any preconceptions. I'm simply curious how someone can look down on someone else for their choice in free time activities. That would be like a football player looking down on a basketball player because they play different sports. Its unfounded and stupid. There is no objective marker to measure what makes one free time activity "objectively superior" to another.