How do I stop being an incel?

How do I stop being an incel?

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Have sex

How to find a girl

search for it


You don't. That wold be like trying to stop being white if you were born white or trying to stop being a certain height.

The real question is
Why are you an incel?


Getting rid of the cancerous idea would be a start.

You're voluntary a virgin, since you didn't obtain/hone desire-able traits during life and didn't get in enough situations for someone to fuck you.


Getting rid of the cancerous idea would be a start.

You voluntarily are unable to fly, since you didn't obtain/hone wings during life and didn't get in enough situations for you to spontaneously sprout wings.

How do I hone them.

Good thing that you have penis and a head already. Learn to use the latter and someone might want to see the former in action.

Generally practice. It depends on where you stand now and what skill you'd want to focus on.
Besides again, a lot is down to your mindstate, so clearing your head from all the incel lingo and train of thoughts would be the first step.

Too bad more than a penis and a head are required to get laid.

You don't. Sorry but the things that matter to women are looks, height, status, and money. Unless you're genuinely in the upper class you're fucked if you're ugly enough to be an incel at your age.

>Too bad more than a penis and a head are required to get laid.
You can obtain the rest by using your head. Quadruple amputees can get laid, there are zero reasons why you wouldn't be able to, unless you actively sabotage yourself.

>You can obtain the rest by using your head
Wrong. Using your head doesn't change your genetic makeup.

>Quadruple amputees can get laid
Correction: one quadruple amputee got laid

>there are zero reasons why you wouldn't be able to, unless you actively sabotage yourself

>Using your head doesn't change your genetic makeup.
Nor is there any need for that.
>one quadruple amputee got laid
Bet you'd find thousands if you look hard enough. Jump to motherfuckers with dwarfism next or whatever counts as "not conventionally attractive". Besides, what's your point, let's even assume a single one did ever, in entire history of humankind. Still proof that you don't need to offer too much physically to find someone.

Everyone can get to fly as a hobby if they apply themselves. No one is an ingoun (involuntary grounded). Fuck you could buy a big kit right now and go soaring if you wanted.

Do the opposite of everything you've done up to this point. Men like you live like losers and wonder why nobody likes them, it really boggles the mind.

Just use the internet. You can bullshit your way into fucking anyone if you're behind a keyboard.


By Right of Conquest.

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Biggest question here is how old is OP

Learn pickup
>inb4 pickup doesnt work
Ur an incel. What the fuck do you have to lose in trying.

Thanks senpai. I'll just be the .001% of unattractive men that have the planets align for them.


Even attempting to become dating material will massively improve any other aspect of your life. In contrast, drowning in your own tears is just a waste of time.

Person who lost 120 pounds and went on a great diet for military purposes and not women here.
Life is still a joke

Dark world fucking Earth. Women won't fix the OP. Only he can unfuck himself.

Whatever that means, all I am saying is the health and fitness meme is fucking retarded, women are too, there's really nothing in this life worth living for except money, money won't ever betray you.

Money won't, but greed can.

You'll have a better time spending the money when you are not a fat fuck.

Fitness meme I agree it. I'm happier skinny but money wont make you happy, it's useful but it's a tool. You need to learn to love yourself

>Ur an incel. What the fuck do you have to lose in trying.
I could get embaressed for one

I dunno about that, being able to enjoy pizza after pizza and not worry about the effects of it feels bretty gud

If you watch your diet and work out from time to time you can do that too, without all the downsides.

THE tool, to living this life. Maybe not happiness, but being content. No chick or "loving myself" (in a mocking voice), will ever help you be content more than money

>if you do all these things you don't want to do you can enjoy pizza
Lmao, idiot.

You act like it doesn't take minimal effort not to eat shit 24/7 and move your ass from time to time.

Stop blaming women for rejecting you. grow the fuck up, either try again or accept it and move on. Incel is a word excuse used by people who HATE Women and have 0 reasons to or need to. Be yourself, just be open :)

Leave the internet. Toss your computer into a river then immediately schedule an appointment with a therapist.

Having been both skinny and fat and lost weight, you don't know what you are talking about.
When I was fat, I didn't eat shit all the time to stay fat. I ate pasta, rice and potatoes, which aren't great for me, but skinny people eat that stuff too.
My problem was my diet was maintaining my weight and then the occasional bad stuff was adding up. A weekend of binge drinking, a pizza or whatever doesn't have to happen often.
Loosing weight was a lot of effort and the initial part was really hard.
When I started, I was winded going up the stairs. Tying my shoes was a fucking chore. You can't just run a marathon in that state.
I got there, but it was not minimal effort.
Maintaining a low weight may be easier.

>I'm so unattractive it's literally impossible for me to have sex

Post pic so that at least we can laugh at the unworldly freak that you

Hire a prostitute

This unironically.

1. Leave Jow Forums
2. Leave the incel cult
3. Become happy and have sex

I need help with step 3.

Try brute force

If you don't mind using a cheat code to help you get started, prostitutes. Otherwise get on tinder, post a few good pics and write an interesting bio, and message girls. Go on dates and learn to git gud.

You forgot the part where I need to become an interesting person.

Unironically an escort

And? You’ve probably got plenty of interesting things to say. Just don’t hold yourself back by thinking none of it is worth saying.

Don't go for a gf first. Have female friends and share things with people. Don't have any expectations for a while. Learn social dynamics better and never take anything personally. If you take those baby steps you will learn the answer by yourself. Remember, no direct advise will help because everyone has got a different -or 0- social environment.

>Have female friends
You say it like it's so easy.

I don't even get matches, though.

But it is. Unless you’re so sexually repressed that you’ll pop an awkward boner if a girl even looks in your direction, then it’s pretty much the same as finding male friends. Have a shared interest or two, have casual conversations, figure out who they are and what they like and don’t like.
>t. high school class was 75% female

>t. high school class was 75% female
That's the thing. My classes are 10% female at best.

Just means I’ve got experience being friendly with females outside of the context of wanting to fuck. My advice is still the same as above, just gotta talk to her and don’t shoot for the moon the first girl you have a real conversation with.

I thought the exact same thing when I dropped from 240 to 180 and started making big money

it's true, getting fit helped nothing, and getting money made me nothing more than betabux, so best to just ignore women

>Too bad more than a penis and a head are required to get laid.

Put your ding dong in a girl

An incel meme. Doesn't exist.

You drop the mindset that being a virgin makes you a shit human being, then you work on the Actual meaningful aspects of life, the character you build through that will be attractive for relationship seekers and a quick fuck just to upgrade your man status will be least to none of your problems

>Stop going to r9k & incel forums as these just make you feel negative
>Stop talking to toxic people
>Do things to improve your own life such as get job, school or hobbies
>Go out with friends
>Join dating apps
>If you have no friends, join a club for your hobbie and get friends that way
>meet girls
>Eventually you'll meet one who likes you

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what if i despise whores and whores-lite (aka tinder)?

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Then you deserve to die alone and bitter.

How does that make any sense?

It's not voluntary. You don't get to choose your face or your height.

Pickup will only get incels into trouble. Girls call their bfs, security, etc etc.

Incels don't blame women. We blame our shitty genetics.

Stop being an incel. If you're still an incel by 2019, you deserve to be euthanized.

Not that user, but you hate whores, but want to sleep with someone. See the contradiction? You deserve a bitter and lonely death.

I want to have a girlfriend, not one night stands. Why is that bad?

Work on your body, hit a gym and tone up. A good body with an ugly face is still better than an ugly face and ugly body

Work on your mind, start reading and finding hobbies that aren't just video games and anime. You want to spend as little time in your house as possible. Your house is for sleeping and eating.

Improve your hygenie, brush your teeth twice a day and shower once a day. Make sure your clothes are clean and you smell good.

Improve your life. Get a job, save up and get your own place.

Realise that things like the friendzone don't exist. Women aren't obligated to give your sex if you're nice or their friend. Women like confident guys, not arseholes. If you're nice all the time, you're boring. Be confident but pleasant.

I have done all of the things you mentioned, though.

I did all of those things and still can't get even a modicum of sexual or romantic interest from a girl.

What now?

i dont want whores, i want a virtuous woman to love and who can love me.
yes, i still cling to the belief that not all women are whores.

You haven't though, you need to reach a point where you WANT a GF not NEED one. If you actually had hobbies that got you out of the house you'd meet people and eventually meet a girl you could date.

I do have hobbies that get me out of the house. I meet plenty of girls. But none of them show any interest in me.

I go through phases. Some days I'm so preoccupied with other things that I don't really care or think about the fact that I'm an "incel". Other days I fall into these dark emotional pits and it's all I can think about.

What kind of hobbies are those? I do various sports, programming and other tech stuff and gaming events but they're basically all-male. What should I pick up?

>gaming events

Found the issue, if gaming is your only or main hobby that you have a tiny chance of getting a GF.

Then tell me what to do.

I just told you I do sports, several times a week even and various events related to programming at uni. If I stop playing video games do my chances increase?

>i still cling to the belief that not all women are whores.
good luck with that

I'm I barely game at all anymore and my hobbies are mainly sports and amateur theatre. Both actually involve a lot of girls in my case. But none of these girls seem interested in me as a potential partner.

I just don't know what to do, it seems like I've done everything I can but it just hasn't happened for me.

The whole point of improving yourself is by doing it yourself. if I told you what hobbies I'd like you'd try them for a week then come back here and complain that you don't have a GF. You're not ready for a GF, the fact you're making a thread asking how to get one shows how desperate you are and your desperation leaks everywhere.

Improve your life, expand your hobbies and explore culture and you'll soon find a girlfriend.

Sports are usually sex segregated, programming/gaming is usually mostly men. Stopping video games won't get you a girlfriend, but when your main hobbies are gaming related then you make it more difficult to find a girlfriend. There's a stigma that's attached to gamers that make them undesirable to women

I've been living my life for the past 27 years with little to no contact with women. I have no idea what any of
>Improve your life, expand your hobbies and explore culture
entails, since the way I live my life has felt right for me but is obviously wrong since girlfriends have never come. Therefore, I'd need something a little more concrete.

Oh so that's what my coworker's ass looks like.
Thanks user!

one thing that'll probably help is not having creepshots of girls on your computer. probably doesn't help your mental health.

Like what hobbies have women then? Shopping/Partying/Travelling?

This post right here, to anyone normal, instantly shows you're an incel.

Then tell us the answer...

That's exactly what the thread is trying to prevent. Why do you shit on people instead of attempting to help?

Stop being a faggot

I shit on you guys because I've never, *NEVER*, met an incel that's actually improved themselves.

Not because they're ugly, or stupid, but because they don't try. They do the social equivalent of running once and expecting to lose 100 lbs. They also expect super beautiful women, and have very strange ideas of sexual relationships.

The reason what they said was incely is because they listed (aside from travel) intrinsically shallow hobbies. "Girls like shopping, partying, and traveling". That's something incels do a lot (consciously or not), assuming all women are shallow/vapid.

Women like all sorts of shit.

I'm not
but sort of agree with what they're saying. The issue is 'gamers' are boring. They're a hobby that isolates you and doesn't frequently intersect with other hobbies. It also frequently ends up being about only one or two games they focus on. Imagine if someone tried to talk to you all night about Harry Potter or some shit. Awful.

By having a wide breadth of hobbies, but a few deep hobbies, you have more of a chance of having something in common with others. Then you can learn more of each others other hobbies.

tl;dr don't be boring

I don't even play games...

I read books and play tabletop games and go hiking all the time, follow current affairs etc.

I legitimately don't know what to do to improve.

Are you putting yourself out there, at all, in any way?

What do you mean by that?

Those traits have zero relevance. You choose to be an incel because you choose to never ask girls our and you choose to be angry and have a shitty personality.