I like to act submissive around women and beta until I get in the bedroom...

I like to act submissive around women and beta until I get in the bedroom, then I throw away the act and get real dominant and rough. Is there a name for people like me?

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A rapist

I know this feel. I love acting beta on purpose and hitting girls out of left field with alpha shit.

What changes in yourself if you know there's a category for it?

A predator, looking innocent until time to strike is psychopathic

Passive aggressive beta male.

Creepy weirdo



softboi (the majority of millenial bros)

lol I like to do the opposite. but only if she is dominant. I can handle being dominant in bed too, and enjoy it as well.

A gentleman in society and a beast in bed.

Neet in the sheets pajeet in the streets

The perfect man.

The flawed man

You wrote it's an act, but which part?

I'm not exactly sure the name for it.

My girlfriend dominates our relationship everywhere but the bedroom. I stick my dick in her she goes full submissive. Love the way her eyes look during it because she's usually so feisty and sassy. Haha.

Maybe you're good at acting like you're more dominant and aggressive than you really are.

Maybe you're a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Male feminist


Maybe neither is an act.

You're well-educated, sociable, likable, respectful to everyone, and you like to party hard in bed, and what gets your dick hard has nothing to do with what you believe in or how you see women; it's just sex.

Maybe I don't want to tell because it's none of your business.

Maybe you're too stupid to properly describe your problem.

Who would call themselves "submissive and beta"? Who would then say "I throw away the act"? So, you're proudly a liar? No, you're describing someone else. If you describe it as "act", then we already know what you believe is the answer. So why ask if not for effect?

You're confused because your question doesn't describe a person, but a bad caricature you made.

There is a name for it. It's called being an individual.

Perfect. :)

>The flawed man.

The dung beetle.

If I was to be judged over my answers to other people's questions I'd consistently fake them.