I want to kill myself, please talk me out of it

I want to kill myself, please talk me out of it

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I felt that way too.

I'm going to die one day anyway so why not just live out my desires?

Why do something that doesn't benefit you? As you will cease to exist?

why user?

The overwhelming majority of people attempt to commit suicide report regretting the decision the moment that they try it. Unless you're in unbearable, refractory pain, literally anything is preferable to suicide.

I feel fucking retarded. Like everybody around me is just faking being nice and shit. I just think that everybody, myself included would be better with me being gone.

tried everything, drugs, sex, partying excessively, everything. Nothing works

you say that but you wont do it

maybe not we'll see

If you say that then you know you're just going to get the same stupid platitudes you've already heard a million times by now, so what's the point?

i honestly just need some people to talk to

Is that some kind of Odin cosplay from the 19th century?

idk, thought it looked cool though

Rather than being a coward, fix your life.

do it

tell us, whats in your mind right now?

Don't do it OP, I have been there too but I got help by going to a doctor and getting referred to a psychiatrist for depression. I now take an antidepressant and I love life and I could never imagine going back to my old self that selfishly and foolishly wanted to end my own life. There are things you probably want to do in your life, I suggest going and doing these things before you die so you are fulfilled. Don't kill yourself, there are better things in life that are just around the corner! Like living with a family and regularly slamming your wife :).

>I want to kill myself
>Please talk me out of it
We don't need to, you clearly don't want to kill yourself or you'd have done it already, and you definitely wouldn't be asking to be talked out of it.

Have you tried not chasing external pleasure in an attempt for happiness/fulfilment

I’m the same boat OP. I just feel like a big fucking idiot and I always have to think my out of a situation. I’m on medication to stop it but I’m not sure it’s helping. I always feel like I’m turning into my deceased father. Like the way he was before death. I just can’t move forward in life because I’m scared. I’ll put it this way: there’s this new ice cream at the store. I keep eating it even though there’s other ones to eat and other toppings and flavors. I choose to keep having the same one over and over and over in an attempt to distract myself from the other flavors. It’s really fucking annoying. I’m probably not confident either but I’m told I’m good socially. Maybe I’ve jerked off to much and now my brain is fucked. I don’t know. I’m 23 though and life has gotten better but I know it could get worse. I think I just need a down to earth, friendly girlfriend who understands my shit. I’ve only had one girlfriend. She was a cunt. So I’ve avoided them since I dated her like 4 years ago. I’ve also been trying to get shrooms to help get me out of this funk.

From my experience, antidepressants don’t make your life instantly perfect, they don’t even make your life perfect/happy and if they do, then it would be a very small percentage of people that it happens to.

Antidepressants are kind of like a buffer for the depression they ‘even’ your suffering out so that you can at least function like a kind of normal person

And also it may take multiple antidepressants at different dosages to have an effect.

read this book

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>Going after instant gratification to find meaning
What about investing in things that really matter and really make a difference?

Recognize you think about suicide to seek attention (which is ok actually) and what you really need to do is find someone who you can talk to. It'll solve/ease your pain more effectively than looking for reasons to not commit suicide in a cambodian hentai forum

Why rush death? You are gonna die anyway. Might as well eat until you are 400 pounds or have as much sex as possible or do a bunch or drugs. Whatever you enjoy. If those things kill you in the process then at least you dies doing what you enjoy instead of just offing yourself now.

Razors pain you;
Rivers are damp;
Acids stain you;
And drugs cause cramp.
Guns aren't lawful;
Nooses give;
Gas smells awful;
You might as well live.

- Dorothy Parker

Nigga you've so much shit to see. I've been there, and it's been a year and I feel awesome. I always know I can just off myself any second, so I can basically do whatever I want (I mean take risks and not murder/rape anyone..ik it's a dump disclaimer, but on this thai dick weaving forum you never know). Do whatever the fuck you can imagine, what's the worst that can happen? You die?

But I don't want anything apart from not existing.

>Like everybody around me is just faking being nice and shit.
you are a piece of shit because no one thinks that.

No ones "faking it". While it may for some, if you dont have evidence that they're faking then that means they're obviously fucking not.

Whats the point in killing yourself if you're gonna go into a worse state then right now, which is nothingness.

>I'm going to quit while I'm behind.

There are some interesting animals, places, girls you can fuck, companies tou can build and jobs you can try. Your options are limitless, and this is pretty much your last chance, I'd try everything that comes to mind before I get on the train.

Why doesn't he kill himself now?

There are exactly 0 girls I can fuck and companies I can build. Traveling is ok but ultimately depressing when done alone. Jobs are something you just need - very few people actually choose to work.

There are about 3 billion girls you can fuck, and you can build a company on any good idea. You can always get a loan from someone, and what are the debtors gonna do? Kill you? Kill your non existent loved ones? Rn you have the rare chance of viewing this existence as a sandbox game, and as someone who's been doing it for a year, it's fun enough to be worth a try.

Is it just one person who keeps spamming this retarded quote in every suicide-related thread? You're not helping anyone.

*talks him out of killing himself*