I told my aspie crush that I have a crush on him and he ignored that and acted like I never said that and then stopped...

I told my aspie crush that I have a crush on him and he ignored that and acted like I never said that and then stopped talking to me
Is that a rejection?? Please I feel like dying....

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Pretty much.

If he is aspie then he got scared and acted like in anime. He pretty much loves you back.

How the fuck are there so many incels flooding this board if there are women who even go for aspies?

I would go deep into politics and into male overpopulation of west by mass immigration but that is for Jow Forums and not here.

Not all aspies are as pathetic as incels

First off, I would be hesitant to date anyone who is on the autism spectrum. It's cute at first, but those quirks will become a problem when you run out of patience. He's already shut down when you expressed how you felt about him. That will happen again.

With that being said, he didn't reject you. He doesn't have the skills needed to respond to that type of statement. If I were you, I would give him space for a day or two and then very, very casually talk to him. Don't go for a "hey sweetie ;) " or something similar, a basic "hello :)" will do.

When it comes to dating anyone with a disability, you have to be prepared ahead of time to put up with it long term. I knew that my ex suffered from schizophrenia months before we started dating. It wasn't why I left her, but I knew ahead of time that I'll need to take care of her when her medication stops working.

If you want your crush to turn into love, take what I'm telling you to heart. It's not easy, but it's doable.

Thanks user

I'm bumping before going to bed. Give me more insight guys please..!

If he is autistic he is probably scared shitless

Of girls?

Yes. But social interaction at all really.

Are there any foolproof ways of fighting the autism and seducing someone like that?
Asking for a friend

>seducing someone like that

That's an interesting word choice that certainly raises an eyebrow.

My friend just wants to nail that cute autistic girl from his college, nothing shady with that

>ass pie
Thats where you fucked up

In case this is not bait: the main cause of inceldom is ugliness, not aspieness.

That's bullshit. Most of them look average as fuck.

Of course only the ones who look at least average will post their pictures online. They are not really representative for the whole community

Even ugly as fuck losers can have a fulfilling, happy relationship. Get better as a person or get rich.

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Cringe and bluepilled

>Get better as a person
give me the steps to achieve this

Got my heart broken by an aspie.

What if I'm both?

Share your story user

Then you hit the deadly combo, congrats!!!
You can always change your incel ways user

>being a good person is what gets you laid


He did not reject you - his brain was probably overloaded and it was the only way for him to react. Talk to him again and be patient

Ignoring someone's confession is pretty much rejecting and should be always read as such.