Girl asks for my number, I give it to her

>girl asks for my number, I give it to her
>girls says she wants to hang out
>I text message her yesterday asking if she wanted to go get something to eat
>no response
>pic related today

Does this seem odd to you? I really doubt she never saw my message yesterday, maybe she changed her mind and was planning on ghosting me and felt pressured into responding when I messaged her again, however her response here implies she wants to go then explicitly ignores my last message even though she's been on throughout the day

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>then explicitly ignores my last message even though she's been on throughout the day
What are you talking about?

Second guessing her intentions already isn't a good sign, in any event.

It says at the top that she was on an hour ago

And it's 8:45 pm where I am

So? Messenger says that if you've been connected to the internet, even if you haven't actually used Facebook messenger.

I see, I didn't know that. That's reassuring. Regardless, it seems odd that she wouldn't have checked to the convo, but I'll just have to wait and see I suppose

No mate, if you're on messenger whether it be because you're on desktop or mobile, you're still able to message. Even then, it'll still give indication of 'Read' if they've read the message i.e they clicked the conversation pop out on desktop/read the chat message on mobile.

There's nothing wrong with having doubts. We don't know him or he girl so drop that idea

Doesn't seem like anyone would be too busy to check a conversation like this, seems like it could be her ghosting

I'd say if she's arranged something, push for more information as the date comes closer. Ask her what she has in mind by saying that she suggested to meet on that day. If she doesn't come up with anything other than 'Let's go to the park' then don't hold your breath over seeing you.

Well I'm not gonna message her again, I'll just wait to see if she responds

just send her dick pics that will get a response

Good call. If she's interested she'll message you. If not, then you know you don't need to waste your time

dude, she's not interested. she is just being nice and unfortunately leading you on. she is pushing things until later later so that you will have time to (she hopes) forget and move on.

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It's true user. No one doesn't check their phone for that long.
It hurts, it's happened to all of us, but it is just one of those things that girls do.

Yeah, that's what I feel in my gut is happening. Thanks anons.

Look on the bright side.
Better you find out now that she is a flake who doesn't like you, than spending weeks or months chasing. This frees you up to do what you want to do again.

still do this tho.


I have to disagree with this, at least in part. The girl I’m currently seeing now did this to me. More than once, actually. It infuriated me because I was so used to my relationship with my ex where we’d ping back and forth hundreds of times in a day, while it would take this girl like a day to respond to a pic of my dog. Eventually we met up, went back to my place, and to my shock I found out she was absolutely into me.

I think different people just have different etiquette with texts sometimes. Some people are just forgetful, or plain don’t like texting, and sometimes they’re busy. Don’t sweat it.

If she dodges again move on

At any given time the average woman has a dozen guys she can date, it sucks but girls ghost guys all the time for no reason.
You can wait a couple days and send another text but mostly move on and play the numbers

Shouldn't have even responded to her after the not using my phone line. She is one of those girls who strings guys along. She is probably hoping you will be another orbiter.

>Does this seem odd to you?
yes, move on she is not interested

Best position you can take currently op is to show that you aren't needy. Move on and don't text her at all until she texts you. If you are still interested in a weeks time, send her another text. If still no response just delete her number and move on

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i'm a girl and i'm generally very busy so i can take hours to reply to a text.
that said i have a bf, and when i first met him we texted a lot. so maybe she has a bf and is too awkward to say so?

Not OP but this is the best piece of advice I've gotten for my current situation with a girl, thanks user

This message is to uplifiting! I've been talking to this girl im interested in. Last week when we were out with friends we ended up making out, I though things would go smoothly from there but I've been thinking that she has been losing interest in me. We started off texting pretty often but in a span of a week she barely puts in any effort, last night she just replied to my texts with haha. I need to play this everytime I text this girl so I dont fall into an abyss of agony. Thanks user

I concur. It's fucking ROUGH. I've had a 2-3 day 'mini-ghost' period happen, multiple times. I panic and wonder either I fucked up, or if something happened to her. She then re-appears, is apologetic, and we get back to life as usual.