Super confusing situation

Alright anons, last night I went to a party a friend of mine was throwing. I was planning to talk things through with this girl that I’ve been having feelings for (she’s kind of been leading me on). I did spend a good amount of time with this girl last night but we never quite got to the subject. However, I did start talking to the host’s friend. I had seen her before: medium height, short dirty blonde hair, big blue eyes, nice breasts/ass, good personality. (I’m usually attracted to tall brunettes though). This girl and I talked a lot too and she was pretty cool, I got to know her a little and she seemed to be acting generally flirty. So what should I do? Should I talk to the first girl and start something I’ve been wanting for years? Or should I try things out with this new girl?
>pic looks like new girl

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Try your luck with both, fool. Go on some dates and pick one

I don’t seems like that might stir a little trouble.

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What're you, in high school? What could happen from going on dates with different people when you're single?

Yeah, I’m in high school. I guess I just don’t want one of them to get upset that I’m not being “exclusive”.

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You're not exclusive until you're going steady. Also
>underage b&

nah am a senior

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I just want to know which one I should pick. Girl A: tall, short wavy brown hair, hazel eyes, thin lips, cute smile, small but nice tits, nice thighs, cute demeanor, prob dom . Or Girl B: Short-ish, medium length dark blonde hair, bright blue eyes, pillowy lips, big tits, nice ass, rebellious, prob a sub

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why are you asking Jow Forums what girl you should date based on a description of their physical appearance
choose for yourself

Idk...I’m just super indecisive about shit like like this. I just thought I would take a gamble...

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Neither one of them is going to date you

ask B out, it is easier to talk to and have fun with her and it actually sounds like A didn't want to be cornered into some conversation about you because she isn't into you. Thats in you head because she's pretty and you have feelings for her and she knows it and wants to save her and you discomfort. SHE ISN'T LEADING YOU ON, YOU ARE LEADING YOU ON.

I can see where you’re coming from, but I know she wouldn’t do that. She’s one of my close friends and is always so wholesome to everybody. They’re both awesome people but I get so upset when I see girl A with other guys. idk

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OP, I'm not trying to be a butthole but help a guy since I've been you. You actually reinforce what I said....always so wholesome to everybody....because she is nice you think she likes you for something more when she's nice to everybody and she's so nice she tries to avoid a conversation that becomes uncomfortable, uncomfortable because she doesn't have the same type of feelings for you as you have for her.

Telling you again. B sounds better for you and more receptive to only you. In fact she might even like you but watches you chase after A and was happy to spend time with you at the party while A had other guys lined up for their turn.

But then if things go south with girl B, I might never have a chance with girl A.

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Don't be stupid here. You probably will never have a chance with A anyway so why reject everyone else for such a slim possibility. I also reject that it would change anything with your chances with A even if you go out with B. It doesn't seem that A would care either way. She treats all guys the same. If things go south with B then you ask C

So you’re telling me to completely give up on A?

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J: Go for what you think is best for you, but it really depends on personality and if she's good or not for you.

M: fuck them both

I’m kind of a shy, but once I’m introduced I’m generally extroverted. I play drums and sing in various bands. Occasionally I draw. I openly despise country music and everything it stands for. I love indie, dream pop, rock, classic punk, etc. Tall and skinny, shaggy brown hair, hazel eyes. Generally pretty rebellious in the way I do things. Kind of a romantic. Low key weeb. Which one would i work best with in your opinion??

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pls help me

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