Is it normal, at least for channers, to avoid any white woman that was with a black dude?

I avoid them like the plague and like they did something unforgivably wrong and I don't excuse them at all. I actually am attracted to some black women and would date them but could never have kids with them because they would be niglets and I couldn't tell Tyrone apart from his brother / he wouldn't look like me. Do you think this is wrong or normal considering I grew up with a racist father but consider myself not really racist at all?

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Wrong board, brainlet.

Which board do you suppose I go to, the racist Jow Forums or fag pedo infested /b/?

Your pick really but Jow Forums is a great start.

No, it's not normal. Even if you don't consider yourself racist, everything you just said and every reason you had to ask this question makes you a racist. The fact that you call mixed children "niglets" makes you a racist. Maybe learn not to be and see how you feel about dating a girl who also isn't racist again.

its normal, and i would also say smart

What are we talking here?
In regards to dating? Yes, that is a pretty normal thing to avoid.
Who wants a single mother?

>preferences are racist
>statistics are racist
>white people are always racist
your pathetic, past partners absolutely has future repercussions

Would you take it on a case by case basis or do you believe all black men are the same?

Yes, it is normal, healthy, and smart.

>makes racist post
>doesn't want to post on Jow Forums because that board is racist
Anyway I can relate. I had a crush on a girl and now that she's been with a black guy I find her to be "damaged" or "stained", I find her repulsive. These women just want to be edgy nowadays.

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What I mean by racist is that this probably IS racist but that I can't help it and I don't think it's bad just because it's racist because I think everyone is racist somehow, deep down.

You can do whatever you want as nobody can dictate your dating preferences. In that sense, they are neither bad nor good. They just are. It's pretty retarded to convince yourself you are not a racist with this mindset, though. At least own up to it, don't be a pussy.

I don't think it's racist to think that it's okay to be against dating a black woman so my kid doesn't turn out black and not look like me.

It IS racist, it involves race. You are associating racism with morally wrong. In this case morals don't matter, you are doing what you think is better. But I still think it's racist. Not accusing you of being bad.

Its best to avoid some women for a variety of reasons, one being the type of guys she dated in the past and that tells you volumes about her. For example why did they date them? Was it a phase they went through or an in your face rebellion or out of convenience or the best she could get or going along with a crowd or was he an outstanding guy? All of that matters. For example I was with a girl for over a year and found out between bf's she partied and fucked redneck carnival workers and got a STD. She got dumped. I also dated a girl I discovered in college dated one of the ball players, I knew about and he was a good guy, so it didn't make a difference but later found out off campus she gave some thug a bj for some weed and for that she was not only dumped by me, no other white guy would date her anymore so all you saw her with were thuggish black guys thereafter. Not even the black ball player or respectable blacks would have anything to do with her.

I think what matters is the reason the woman dated a black guy. People will call me Jow Forums but it's quite clear that some women will only fuck a black guy just because they think it's liberating or like it's a "fuck you" to the white men who allegedly oppress her (even if she was never oppressed). So the fact that a woman would sleep with a certain kind of guy just to make a political statement, even if she won't admit that's the reason, I think that's a legit red flag if you are looking for someone to have a serious relationship with.

>some women will only fuck a black guy just because they think it's liberating or like it's a "fuck you" to the white men who allegedly oppress her
Who has ever admitted to doing this? What is this meme?

No one has ever admitted to doing this, it's simply obvious. But if you don't agree that's okay.

you have a good point user. I was one of two male cheerleaders in a predominately white HS. The only black cheerleader dated white guys since there were so few black guys and the black guys were dating white girls exclusively. On the cheerleading squad all the white girls had at least had sex with one or more of the black ball players even when they said they didn't like black guys (you never saw them on a date together or even talking in the hall at school). I heard them and the black ball players talk all the time about hooking up. Not cheerleader in college but my gf has a good friend, a white girl, that is a water girl for the football team and she has had sex with most of the black players. She volunteered to be a water girl to be close to all of those black players

I heard my younger sister in anger tell my dad this. She was proud of it and said it proved she wasn't a racist like my dad.

I asked my brother thsts a complete normie with black friends and he said he felt the same. My guess is that its unnatural for us.
I would ask a black guy that you would actually trust dince most people bull shit to keep and image0