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You fucker. Why did you ask me to do THAT? Creep into YOUR HOME? AAAAAAAAAAAH YOU FUCKING FUCKER.


You. Are. CRAZY.

Is this what this place has devolved into...

you must be new here

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8 years

can't find it
must have rotted off

>8 years
>not new btw

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I feel rough, lots of stress, nobody to lean on. Want a hug, but that isn't gonna happen.

MRI results are going to be ready in about a week and a half.
I'm not sure whether to long for a dread having brain tumor.

I really regret being aconservative twat that never took the bulls by it's horns.
Could have had all the Gfs I wanted, but choose to ignore qt3.14s in favor of fucking video games.
I have never even lived on my own at age 24, fucking loser.
Deep down I hope the concer will take me.

If this is going to be the case I'm going to burn through all my savings fucking prostitudes and using drugs.

If not, I am going to remain the empty husk of a person that I already am.

I watched Stand by me the other day and fucking cried, last time I enjoyed my summer was when I was 14.

You took something of mine, something you gave me long ago. Makes no difference, I have the words seared into my mind. You accomplished nothing. You’re still a disappointment.

I.. want to help you. I really do. I want you to get out of that house. I want you to take a damn shower(preferably with you). And then I want to make love to you.

M, I think I hate you after that. And I don't know what to do with that feeling.

I will just be alone.


I treat my childhood friend like shit but all this time he has still kept talking to me and being a friend. I always call him things and make fun of him, and he's probably getting tired of it by now. He talks to me less, and hangs out with some other people more.
In reality I would do literally anything for him, but I can't show my true emotions for him, and don't even want to.

I'm scared he'll stop being a friend to me and leave me alone because of how I am, but I can't just suddenly become friendly. I always thought he knew I cared for him even though I called him things and was narcissistic about him.

Whenever he spends time with other friends of ours, I feel like I'd rather have them disappear, even if they're my friends too. Because of my envy, I'd rather have him be all mine.

Jesus... The hell is wrong with me. Is this what it's like being a tsundere?
No homo.

I honestly can't tell sometimes if I want someone to love or just a person to bury my dick inside of

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I know it's not a very nice thing to say, but I am happy that you guys broke up. Please give me a call. As desperate as it sounds, I miss you.


no it isn't nice talk to them instead message them.

You want both?

Ideally someone in whom I want bury my dick because I love them, yes

J, you are not "at war with yourself", you are just retarded and need to take meds. You need to get your head checked. That was embarrassing, that was not normal. Shame on you.


That was a Larper.

I met a friend's sister 3 days ago, I went reluctantly because I don't like meeting new people and I ended up spending the whole night talking with her and had tons of fun, I don't think I ever had such good chemistry with someone on a first meeting. I walked her home since we basically live next to each other but now I feel like shit because I didn't ask for her number and my friend is leaving town in a few days and I'll have no excuse to see her again so now I'm just constantly checking facebook to see if my friend wants me to hang out with them but I know it won't happen because we're not even that close to begin with so I'm just here sitting at home lethargic and depressed because I'll probably never get another chance with her, and maybe it's okay you know, maybe I'll get another chance with another girl, but it's always been like that, I always blow it in some form and fashion and I always end up telling myself I'll get another chance someday.
Fuck, thought I was finally done thinking about bullshit involving girls but now I'm right back at it and I hate it. I know this must seem like menial bullshit to most of you guys and I'm sorry for rambling like that but I have no one to talk to about those kind of thing so I'd rather just vent in an anonymous post rather than let it pester in my mind.

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I fucking hate alcohol 'cOnNoISseUrS' who are trying to make me drink this shit with their goofy smiles and idiotic jokes.
Everywhere. In every goddamn company of people, there is this ass clown who thinks that this quiet glassass will become VERY JOYFUL after a cup of this swill.
Drink this donkey piss by yourself and enjoy your amoeba life, let other people be on their way of happiness, but no, this is so fucking difficult to not ruin somebody's privacy.

You're a larper too.

Go talk to her, maybe? It's like you've already decided that it won't work, and have resigned as a result

It's not really something to be happy about if the person you love is sad. You should be the one to call them first about this and be there for them. Don't be selfish about their situation and see it as beneficial to you.

Yeah, sure it was. He just knew the layout of your(parents) house. :/ This game is no longer a game, you are just out to get me in serious fucking trouble. You are trying to hurt me.

Trust me, I would, but as I said I feel like shit mainly because I didn't ask for her number.
I haven't resigned, I really just don't have a way to interact with her outside of randomly bumping into her in the streets

No, it's not being a tsundere. It's being possessive over him and kinda abusive.

Be nicer to him and work on your envy towards your mutual friends. He's likely distancing himself from you because of how you've been treating him.

Don't be afraid to show him that you care about him. It's better to openly show love towards someone than to put them down and take more than what you're giving from your relationship. See things from his point of view.

According to the rules everyone/thing is.
But no I wasn't larping. Someone piggy backed off my post and started spouting crazy shit.

And you didn't feel a need to say anything to alleviate the confusion? I'm sure it was so fucking funny for you.

I keep procrastinating on doing work and sinking constantly into remembering the past and wanting to fantasize about the future. I feel like my mind is always all over the place.

Its funny that I used to go out my way just to see you and spent some time with you and your bright, happy personality. But now I do whatever I can to avoid you because you've changed and you won't tell me why me.

No, it wasn't. But it would've made things even more murky. Besides I doubt we're each other's (you)'s

because someone hurt them user

my best friend’s gf just told him on the phone that she has no interest in a relationship anymore.
she doesn’t want the responsibilities and limitations, prefers a “having fun life”

they just bought a house a few months ago

he called me but when i heard that story i didn’t know how to react myself. i want to help him but i don’t know how. i never had a relationship i have no idea what i would do.

Ever been in that situation?

you need to discipline yourself and try some methods out to procrastinate less or get on meds.

What happened?

I am not even a woman. I am speaking to you man to man.. assuming you're a man or THE J.

I don't know you, J, but I see you for the piece of shit you are.

Haha, I...I can't do this anymore. I'm kind of hurt that I'm not even an afterthought to you. I'm sorry if you expected me to keep things casual, but honestly I can't. I'm too emotional. I want more with you, I've wanted more with you from the start, and you can't even ask about how I'm doing or how I'm feeling or how my day had been when we haven't talked or seen each other for days. I try to talk to you, but you're so distant and cold that I just end up feeling like I'm bothering you, and it's one of the worst feelings in the world. It's like you'd rather be talking to ANYONE else.

I hate ending things like this, but I can't handle the uncertainty anymore. It would have been so much easier if you could have just said, "Sorry, I'm not into you". If you wanted me to take things slower, you should have said so, but now here I am feeling like a damn fool for wasting so many emotions on you and deluding myself into thinking that you'd come to like me just as much as I like you if I just tried hard enough and showed you that I really cared. As upset as I am that things didn't work out, I hope you find someone who truly makes you happy. So bye, I guess. Thanks for nothing.

Alright. Then at least tell me where the larper entered because the least we can do is clear up this confusion. At least for me because I am fucked up over it. I thought you were in some serious stress, you know? I am too crazy at this point because I really think you are here. And when I see shit like that it FUCKS with me.

Please.. leave me alone... I appreciate you, I really do, you guys are my friends, because I never had any real ones, and you are kind for caring but I want to be alone. I am just getting off for today. I am sorry if this is rude, I hope you aren't offended.

Why did everyone stop using initials


You were my world. I wanted you to know I haven't been feeling bad about our breaking up. If anything it's been good, at least I know you've got him next to you. Take care.

I don't even know how to talk to you when we're not talking about tech or guns or the outdoors, I just know that I like you.


Add her on social media? I know you may seem weary to do that after only one encounter, but isn't that better than never having the chance at another one ever again?

I am form Saudi Arabia, I was raped when i was a child, been sexually harresd for all of middle school and some of the high school i feel i have no friends and everyone uses me and look down at me, i am 20 m , so tired, hurt and depressed..

Oh shit, its schizo user, isn't it? LOL

Well, I am still creeped out he knew his house so well, but its also vague enough to hand wave it off. thank god, thought he was going as crazy, if not crazier, than me.

It’s ok. I just wish you’d tell me so I don’t have to worry about whether it’s for me or someone else.

Its ok, I know you aren't him. So don't worry.

Thank you. You’ll get through this.

We’re all but scared children, unsure of ourselves and our place in this world. The anxiety and depression merge with each other until they’re indistinguishable. All I wanted was someone to hold my hand as I made sense of everything. I tried to give you what I needed, soothe you with what soothes me, love you as I needed to be loved. Now I am alone, and fear is my only companion. I cannot judge you, cannot understand you; I hope you were right and we both make it out of these woods. I hoped we could find our way together, and being happy without you by my side doesn’t seem as alluring. Ah, I’ll sleep for an eternity and dream of you; that you cannot take from me. I love you. I hope you find happiness even if it tortures me to see you happy without me. I am so much weaker without you. You gave me the strength to want to be better: now I’m strong enough to just exist.


Sounds like you should have given them the D, D.

I know your feel user.

>Maybe someday it will get easier...haha

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I watched a drama recently and it fucked me up, I shouldn't have, the ending was bitter, and all it got me thinking was that I'm not living. I've been trying to distract myself from this fact by listening to music and watching shit, playing video games, etc. but this isn't living... I haven't properly talked to my friend in forever, I lost every other friend and made some online, but its not the same, i'm 20 and have no job, I make some money drawing porn but i hate it, I want a real job, something that will make me tired and physically hurt but it will be worth it. I wanna be useful and productive, I wanna meet people, make friends, maybe meet someone, live for that someone.
I don't even know what is this existential crisis all about.

Since i already know that you won't ever love me and you will never take me seriously until I "change", then I'm just going back to my usual self of being a motherfucker that doesn't care for people, you even called me a child because I act like myself in front of you, that's very nice of you knowing all the things I have done for you. You never try to come for help, you never try to do stuff, you don't have the guts or courage to tell someone "I love you" and you think that by hurting yourself you're helping the world when that's fucking useless. I really wish you could be with me, but you will never take me seriously if I don't act like an "Adult" or "My age". If things really get better I'd wish for you to stop blaming and hating yourself. I still love you even when you made me cry and even hurt me. I guess that's it's also my fault since I pushed you to do it and I already knew the outcome of it. I'm sorry and I still love you. For now on I will act however I want, either a "Child" that tries to make you happy or an "Adult" that only knows how to hurt and tries to distance himself from everyone.

I still love you after all you have done and I'm sorry

How do I create a desire to be around people, to try to get into a relationship. Everyone and everything seems so vapid and fake; I feel like my own friends are only my friends because they have no alternative. Every joy is for me transient; mostly I feel nothing. Why should I care about anything? I don't have any reason to want to die, and yet I don't have any reason to want to live. I also seem to idolize depression and anxiety. I'd rather stay my miserable self than try to improve. The whole notion of self improvement seems like a cliche; it doesn't grab at anything truthful, it doesn't strike a chord with me. How do I change this? Can I change this?

>You never try to come for help
How the actual would you help me? You nimrod.

I enjoyed coming on here talking shit, but truth is it's gotten boring.
Now I only fear some sick person has seen me write in this little abyss and decided to join in on the fun.

It wouldn't be the first time I accidentally ruined a place by introducing randos. I just think it would suck.

This place has gotten so fucking crazy. It was fun spewing shit but now I don't know if I am actually hurting people by doing it.

I really want the latter rn

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See, that's what I thought at first.
But then I think some people from my world just saw me type shit and now they lurk here forever.

I care not that I hurt people via text, I care deeply that I hurt this board by introducing foreign and invasive diseases to its culture.

I'm a monster.
I'm haunted by my past and it's ruining my presence.
Where can I buy some lessons to learn that time is of the essence?
How do I read between the lines so that I can receive your message?
I might seem like a mighty king but damn do I feel like a lowly peasant.
Hesitant, depression, a bunch of other shit I prolly shouldn't mention.
All going off rapid fire, in quick succession
Development, arrested. Without fail, slowly devolving into regression.
Stuck in this cell.
They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
Needless to say I need an angel to pay my bail and help me count my blessings.
Cure my ailments now and grant me permission forever into their heaven.

Disrobe yourself. Only then may you ascend.

I really hate you. I hate how you lied about liking that short guy, I hate how you lied about liking me, and I especially hate how you paid the school to prevent me from transferring. The worst part is that you never even spent time with me. You stole my fucking teenager years, for what, cause you're afraid I'd be with another girl? :( I hate you MK I really do I want my teenager year back :(

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I want a new life saturn I can't take it, I only remember bad memories here. It's not fair. If I have to die then so be it.

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I fucking hate it hearing about my peers and theit stupid relatioships, fuck you I never got to experience that. They complain and whine about this and that but at least they experienced it. I hate how I feel old and bitter, I should be naive, stupid, but that's not the case is it? It's hard not to think about reseting everything when I hear about other fucks talk about being young. But I want something, so whatever I'll sacrifice just take it Saturn I don't care anymore

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The worst part is that I try my best to be supportive, but It upsets me how ungrateful they are. They had the experience of being naive with the opposite sex, every girl around my age or younger are fucking intimidated by me, cause theyre so narcissistic. I really hate this fucking place and I cant do anything but wait.

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did you lie about me again to people? it would seem that some people are being passive aggressive and retarded. did you lie so you wouldn't have to confront what you did, how you acted? we both know how things went. you know I treated you as the most important person in my life and that I loved you, loved on you, did loving things for you, and that the one thing that you keep falling back on isn't true. get over your guilt for how you acted and stop projecting it onto me. cause I'll set things straight if this continues.

>Introduced foreign invasive diseases
>On Jow Forums

Only the boring get bored you trash

I think i just found a small Diamond in my hotel room and I dont know what to do with it, it feels heavy and when i drop it in water it sinks right away. I know nothing about Diamonds

What should i do?

Paranoid much?

Why not both?

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why don't you confront your person user, it is best to do that. Get it out in the open with them.

i’d look for a jeweler shop, a small family run one. risk of getting ripped off there is smaller than at pawn shops or jewelery chains

Me lying? You really are a terrible person
>Ask "do you like me?"
>"No I like this other guy,"
>Ok friendzone you forever
>time passes you act differently
>catch you doing creepy shit to me but ill let it pass
>says " like this other guy,"
>no big deal I can move on
>literally intrudes my personal space and looks for excuses to be very close to me
>Ignore her for the rest of my life
>senior year its obvious she likes me a lot
>Im fed up at this point so try to talk about it cause I'm not happy with her at all
>lies AGAIN
>last minute she's upset that I didnt take her or anyone to prom
The girls here are fucking trash.

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If you dont talk to me, don't fucking expect me to ask you out you goddamned primadonna. You've flirted with how many guys then you come to me expecting me to go on my knees. Fuck you.

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I hope satan kills you MK I hope he drives a fucking car into your abdomen and it splits fucking open, that way I can become the lord and punish you for all eternity by poking ur soul with a flaming torch.

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I'm starting my work experience for college tomorrow and its a job I've never been introduced to before, I have no idea if I will even be a good fit and the worst thing is, that I can't change it to something else because everywhere I looked is either booked or they don't take students. I'm really worried and stressed about this, its 3 months long and I'm not sure how I'll handle it, I feel so alone on this, like nobody cares if I fail and if I do, I'll fail my course and then everything will go to shit...I don't want tomorrow to happen

Youre a gifted kid you should handle it right? Yeah!

because they've no intention of talking? talking to me requires that they confront their lies, and that would be a lot. I mean it'd be easy, but it'd be a lot. they prefer that no one knows what they're doing or how bad things are, and they know that I know them to their core. so talking to me is difficult. but I also know that them lying to other people about me is difficult and just pushes them deeper into feeling like shit so I just wish they'd stop.

you gotta tell the truth to someone, little one. you're gonna rip yourself apart trying to cover what's ripping you apart.

Both would be fine. I would accept both. I'm just feeling impatient waiting for the love thing

Me? what truth? You know me user?

tell them this user, ffs.

Go lose yourself to the "big nigger cock meme," because you never listend to those who cared about you for your personality. I'd hate to be the Big brother or father of that cute girl who suddenly fucks niggers and inbred arabs in a shitty metropolitan area full of chinks. I win because your pussy is barren and your child (if you have one down the line) will DEFINITELY have aspergers. Imagine being the mother of an aspie, its funny cause you hated william.

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I did but they didnt listen they thought theyre better than me and tuned into that stupid nigger palestine trap music and npc'd their lives into their phones. I dont care anymore ill let the jews enslave them. Zoomers are beyond saving.
>inb4 pol
If you want a steady, healthy relationship keep trying, just not here in the americas or britain(maybe)

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my buddy went from being a hardcore capitalist talking about starting an international business and exploiting african labor wage levels to undercut the competition, to literally arguing with me about how communism is the best and america will fall for about an hour and a half. all cause of this chick.

girl I'm gonna tell you right now, don't interfere in friendships that have existed since you were like 8.

and to you dude, there's no way I can do business with someone so easily swayed in ambition. fuck it I'll do it myself. hoping you come to your senses, cause that hasn't been you since highschool.

you the male user with the chick going after other guys or some shit? fuck off beta, drop her ass, and I'm not some roastie. I'm a dude, go larp somewhere else. or better yet, just tell her straight up to fuck off cause she sounds dumb af.

and now you can go kys you massive idiot.

Im not the one who will be raising an aspie nigger baby

are you a dunce or make yourself one? shut the fuck up, that male user should confront her, pass that along to him. just some random user you boob.

he confronted her cousin, she probably fucks him too. arabs are fucking weird.

what the fuck, you larping?

Thanks man, I'm still worried I won't be a good fit tho, new jobs always scare me, I always feel like I won't know how to do something

Yes. Pic related.

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imagine incest

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21 yr old model that has a similar mindset to me? awesome. this is either going to be great or I'm about to fuck my life up again. I don't think so though. she seems legit. especially with how she views relationships. we shall see.

strange things on gioyc threads, whatever I don't mind it half the time.

Welp, inbreeding in the mideast is kind of common actually.