Where do actually interesting girls hang out? Every girl I've been with is a vapid thot

Where do actually interesting girls hang out? Every girl I've been with is a vapid thot.

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Art school

>art school
>not vapid thots

good luck

Wherever well-educated, highly intelligent, charismatic and successful women hang out.

Where is that

Interesting girls don't want a guy who calls girls vapid thots and posts milk truck pictures on an Indonesian rice harvesting forum.

I was just trying to grab attention

I guess you gotta define what you mean by 'interesting.'

If by 'interesting' you mean into all of your male dominated hobbies, male targeted entertainment, interested in subjects that attract males, and basically has a man's mind but with a hot female body...it'll be tough. I see this a lot in Jow Forums.

heres a definition

- hobbies are not merely 'netflix, wine, travel (going to thailand/prague)'
- degree or other skilled qualification
- can hold a conversation on some category of high culture (history, art, current events, technology, etc.)

Yep, you are asking for a man.

Women who are 'interested in technology' or whatever are going to be spergs. Real women have feminine interests, not politics or PhDs.

My mother's friend is a phd scientist.
There are some.

girls that aren't like that definition 99.9% times are mentally ill/insane
good luck though

My point is that she's probably a feminist pain to deal with as a wife. Very masculine women who are unsatisfied with their life choices.

The interesting ones don’t hang out anywhere, they’re doing the shit they love. Applying that same logic, thots love being hoes and can be found anywhere. Figure it out homie it’s a numbers game.

ok how about just

- hobbies are not merely 'netflix, wine, travel (going to thailand/prague)'

Sounds like my mother.

I want to meet a 20 year old version of her.

At University you start meeting amazing women in upper division classes. At least ot has been this way in my major

Why the fuck do you care about a woman's hobbies? There are far more important things in choosing a partner than skateboarding or woodcarving. This is not a concern for real relationships.

Actual criteria:
(1) Youthful, no tattoos, no debt
(2) Believes in marriage and has an intact family
(3) Lives drug-free, is responsible with money, and wants to be a mother

I'm way out of uni sadly.

>- degree or other skilled qualification

what is this job interview lmao

cos i want to know if theyre actually fun to be around if theyre going to be around for the next 60 years?

dumb girls are boring, sorry sweetie

I'd argue going to college makes you more dumb . If they didn't go at least they had the independence and bravery to go against the grain and pursue their own life. College really doesn't educate people anyway . I went and I really regret it. OP you're needlessly restricting yourself

>tfw found this
>tfw she has more guns than I do and still uses IRC
>tfw we had one date and it went well, literally my first date ever when I'm almost 27
>tfw I have no idea where to go after "let's go get some coffee"
>tfw I can't stand the thought that I might somehow fuck this up
>all the elation turned into worry in the span of 3 days

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just tell her that exacly

>interesting girls
Unless you're Chad just rent a hooker. It's cheaper and less stress and you get to choose the hole you'll poke and it'll fuck off before it drains your time, money and emotional well being.

What a qt3.14

> no tattoos
Translation: I want to be able to tell a woman what she can and can't do with her own body.

If a woman wants to get a tat, that's her choice, not yours.

> believes in marriage and has an intact family
A clue: 50% of all marriages fail. Real commitment comes from the heart and the will. It doesn't come from a piece of paper or a tax bracket.

> wants to be a mother
Don't worry about whether she wants to be a mother. Worry about whether or not you're ready to be a father. In most cases, it's not the mother that abandons the children.

You mean gets left for chad and forced to pay child support.

women are not interesting, OP. i hate to tell you, but it's true. just look at this thread; nobody on either side of the debate can even fathom women with hobbies other than netflix, traveling, and alcohol. even the quirky not-like-the-other-girls girls are really boring as fuck when you spend time with them.

fact is, you don't have enough male friends; you're supposed to have fun with your bros and treat a relationship like a business partnership. ideally, you give her time, commitment, money (indirectly), and romance, while she gives you sex, children, and respect.

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I also want to meet a 20 year old verison of your mother.

I want momcest fags to leave

where do I find interesting girls that aren't loose or with facial piercings? I don't mind other piercings for the most part, facial piercings just look ugly to me

>Translation: I want to be able to tell a woman what she can and can't do with her own body.
Both partners should be able to tell the other what they do with their body. A husband and wife share ownership of each other in one union.

>A clue: 50% of all marriages fail.
Depends on the race, religion, and body count of the partners involved.

>Don't worry about whether she wants to be a mother.
I will because girls who say that do not want to be mothers are universally selfish hedonistic whores.

The only thing interesting about women is their poosy. Women with pussies exist everywhere.

I have two good fem friends who are really interesting and intelligent. One of them works in national museum. I always had problems with making friends as most people seem boring to me- most of males too, looking at guys from my high school or uni most of them is only into hanging out with friends, parties, watching films in bed /playing some games. So I wouldn't blame it on girls only

>degree, high culture
Try university or a professional field?

More importantly, where can I learn about this shit. I know I have infinite information in my pocket, but is there a tv channel that talks about cool shit like that?

read books, dumbo

Just give up, it ain't happening.

Women into male shit tend to be turbo-sluts though. The biggest whores around are not in brothels but in the military. Some are even so ultra-thotty, they get out of deployments by getting pregnant and still rake in the same salary as the men actually getting shot at by Durka's.

if you're having trouble meeting interesting people maybe you ought to look inside yourself to be sure that it isn't you who is uninteresting and vapid

>buying books
I can just read it online

I used to think like that too, when I was retarded. You can't get quality information, depth, or nuance when reading about things online, when compared to what you can get from a book on the same subject. That's the reason why so many people that are "in-the-know" about subjects still come across as drooling, screeching baboons.

Feel free to remain a dumbass if you wish.

womens sexual power is over 9000, why do you think they are going to lower their power level? people act in self interest OP

If you're with them for 60 years, you'll have kids, and when those kids come you'll rarely, if ever, have time for your hobbies. If a large part of the relationship was based on hobbies, a large part of the relationship will be gone. Simply gone. That's why there are other qualities far more important in mate selection.

>she gives you sex, children, and respect
the men who consider this an equitable exchange are enablers who deserve to be sent to a labor camp

this is the real reason behind mgtow, to shame those men

You're ignoring
What I define as necessary respect is much, much broader and demanding than your average enabler.

Yeah but somehow you always settle for less, amirite?

Your asshole asshole

Likely only in their homes/places of work. Maybe if you're a student you'll be lucky enough to find a cool girl but she'll probably be a quiet loner so it won't seem that way. Talk to the shy girls, even if they're not that cute.

Not OP but what about:

>Hobbies (or not, honestly this is just a bonus)
>Can hold a conversation, topic doesn't matter but not the meme-shit this board keeps spouting
>Loving/caring types, not the type that 'plays games'

University city bars/clubs late night on a weekend or surrounding coffee shops. That’s literally the only place you’re guranteed to meet hot intelligent girls; otherwise they’re in their home, in their car, or at their friend’s house. Women hardly leave their fucking nests without a purpose

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Why is she lifting bleach

I know. Shit, I barely even know any dudes that use IRC. I haven't used it myself since everyone from my old channels drifted apart.

As far as personality, she's literally perfect. She's the standard "male brain in a female body". She's into tech, she's big into guns (we even have similar tastes in firearms), and she wants to get into vidya. She's completely open and honest, absolutely hates games. And to top it all off, she's a genuinely interesting person who's done interesting things.

where do I find shy girls, or how do I contact them since I'm not so likely to physically run into them?

Pretty sure that's milk.

Why do you think all women of one type would hang out at one place?
Shouldn't she, by definition of being worth your time and not a vapid thot, engage a diverse and expansive social life that doesn't revolve around the Friday night trip to Ranchman's?

Holy shit you sound like some sort of leftist retard.


>believes he himself is interesting
>believes everywhere he goes to, he finds vapid thots
>believes interesting girls hang out in interesting areas
>hangs out in vapid thot areas, despite believing he himself is interesting

perhaps you're vapid, op? if you were as interesting as you believe you are, you would be attracted to these interesting places that these interesting women are finding themselves in, instead, you are in vapid thot locations, henceforth you are vapid.

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I don't personally care about tattoos, but if it is too much, I will move on. It is hard to respect a person if you can't respect their taste or choices.

Most people don't want to commit. A failed marriage is typically both parties fault. As for fathers abandoning children, I think some of those cases are the results of the father getting kicked or driven out. Both parties can be selfish.
Acting like it is all men's fault is just as bad as acting like it is all women's fault.
Feminism and inceldom is equally retarded.

Girls don't have hobbies. They just gossip and talk shit about each other.

Sounds just like basement-dwelling incels.

Don't you dare fuck this up user.

Thinking anyone is vapid is vapid itself. People are always so much more complicated than you think you know

fuck me....girls have not evolved to be interesting, if you want that you need a bro, girls are for sex, dealing with children and thotining to make you cum dumpster them.

wh ythe fuck do you need an interesting girl?

Why did she put milk in bleach jugs

>tfw can't find a woman to relate to
>actually going to get an escort for the first time ever
I feel disgusted by myself but I can't help it. I've got butterflies in my stomach the whole day. Should I snap out of it and not lose hope, or man up and screw the used fat assed milf knowing that there's nothing to it beyond that?

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As long as you don't want them to do make-up and dress and behave like your ideal women, too, they are just where the men are.
Not grade relevant or public events/lectures, scientifical excursions, clubs, museums and concerts.

I once met a girl that could philosophize for hours and was really into entomology but she looked like she lived in the woods (and probably did).

You don't have to, your problem is the reason why libraries exist.

Make yourself interesting, go places you don't usually go. You'll find people who are interesting, at least to you.

>should I give up or not give up?
I dont know chucklefuck, what do you think the correct answer is? You're obviously miserable but apparantly you're considering just doing nothing to improve that for the rest of your life?

Here's the flip side - it sounds like she used to be a bit of a thot. So I'm conflicted. I dunno, every now and the. I get a vibe that something is off. But on the other hand, I used to bang hookers when I was overseas, so I just don't know how to feel about it all.

or this one?

pretty sure he means he can read the book on-line
dumb fucking demon

thank you

>has income
>not a sjw tumblr swine
Choose two.

OK where do I find wholesome, interesting girls with no money?

This mess never would've happened if Feminism didn't ruin the world.

For fucks sake, let me play with my makeup, cook and clean for you, go out occasionally and have great sex. I'll watch your shitty sports with you sometimes and in return you'll be faithful and a solid man. Who gives a fuck if I know the ins and outs of particular science, as long as we get along for the most part and can make eachother laugh, the rest doesn't matter.
If I find myself uneducated in a particular area, you can teach me.
Your male friends are the ones you should talk to about your shitty hobbies. Not me.

Whew that felt good to get off my chest.

Sounds like my grandmother.

You only find women with all these qualities together in homes for the elderly

I'm not elderly.

What do you assholes want?

If you didn't sound like such a cuck I'd 100% be on your side.

nice you're a maid you can fuck at best but most likely a useless blob at worst
if the US legalized prostitution society would fucking unravel, because no desperate beta pushover would be willing to put up with you and create more social security payers

Feminism is going to decline soon

Lmao go fuck yourself. Women belong in the home and men should be the bread winners.

>assuming everyone is from the US

I would never date an american male. They're disgusting useless weaklings.

I made 800k last financial year. I have a stable business and don't expect a man to beat or match me financially. I just need a non weakling who is secure enough to let me be feminine through and through.

I would like a wife who earns 800k every year so I do not need to work anymore and can stay at home playing video games.

take your one way ticket to suburban middle class mediocrity and stay there you tradcuck hillbilly

>I am not american
>I made 800k
congratulations on 800000 rubles you angry miserable bitch

>I would never date an american male. They're disgusting useless weaklings.
Explain further.

And also, are you Russian? If so, you're likely seeing the difference in RF safety standards. Males are more strongly affected, especially prenatally. Combine that with a toxic food supply, water fluoridation, and so forth, yes. American men are all fucked up.

>I would never date an american male. They're disgusting useless weaklings.
Explain further.

And also, are you Russian? If so, you're likely seeing the difference in RF safety standards. Males are more strongly affected, especially prenatally. Combine that with a toxic food supply, water fluoridation, and so forth, yes. American men are all fucked up.

I wish we had standards
I hate Canada.

>I would never date an american male. They're disgusting useless weaklings.
Explain further.

And also, are you Russian? If so, you're likely seeing the difference in RF safety standards. Males are more strongly affected, especially prenatally. Combine that with a toxic food supply, water fluoridation, and so forth, yes. American men are all fucked up.



just tell her to go hang out at a botanic garden, golden


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