Permanent modifications for temporary relationships?

So, Jow Forums, would it be a bad idea to get a tattoo, such as a wedding ring, or spouse's name?
I'm against it, but my wife isn't.
She is upset that I don't want to get our wedding rings tattooed onto our fingers.
My reasoning, is that something could happen between us, (even though it's highly unlikey) and we would be stuck with these permanent modifications.
Her rebuttal, is that I'm just planning on breaking up, and nothing else.
So, please, give me some advice on how to approach this situation, aND your own opinions.
Thanks Jow Forums!

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>would it be a bad idea to get a tattoo, such as a wedding ring, or spouse's name?
Holy shit, don't don't do that. That's the most white trash ghetto thing I've ever heard of and I wouldn't hire you for any job outside of flipping burgers.

Stupid fucking idea.

Get a divorce that bitch is about to play your ass.

I don't think she's trying to play me, I just think she isn't thinking it all the way through.

She's your fucking wife. If you are having thoughts about the relation being temporary you shouldn't have married her in the first place.
She's right to be angry.

Get the damn tattoo and show her that your marriage is something you want to be persistent.

It's a shitty situation you're in. Women like to feel like their relationship is forever, and logic, facts, and statistics about divorce rates don't apply to their little fairy tale moment.

But bottom line is, you're right. Every married couple married thinking they would last forever, yet only half of them do (and half of those are unhappy).

If you have no avesion for tattos, know that some tattoo artists nowadays are pretty good at doing cover-ups, so even if you end up bending over backwards and got her name tattoed, you could always get it covered up. Don't tell her that though, you'll ruin the gesture and/or she'll ask you to get a tatto which can't easily be covered up.

Other option is to just hold your ground, but women hate logic so you might end up single.

Well, something could always happen. Like, what if she gets hit by a car? Then what? That's one of the reasons. But anything could happen, that's what I'm getting at.

Thank you, that's exactly my thought process. And don't worry, I'll keep it a secret.

My ex-wife and I played with the idea of getting matching tattoos, possibly of a ring, but never went through with it.
Relationship eventually went to shit when she stopped wanting to have sex, got confrontational about every little thing in life, and started sleeping around, while I paid for rent, food, and basically everything.

Boy am I glad I didn't get the tattoo.

>I'm not getting a tattoo and if that's you benchmark for whether someone is committed or not, you've got a pretty fucking superficial idea of what commitment is.

What do you mean 'then what'? Do you think having a tattoo (A tasteful one... if she's asking for her name across your chest nvm) will somehow ruin your life after that?

Besides that, it is sort of weird to go into a marriage with this much assumption of breaking it apart in the future.

>show her that your marriage is something you want to be persistent.
That's what marriage is in the first place. He's already doing that, and making a huge commitment. Something superficial and drastic like a tattoo doesn't mean more commitment, it's just the kind of shallow thing teenagers do.

I get where you're coming from, but that point of view is just immature and kind of dumb. Life is complicated, people change, and shit happens. And that's on top of it already being a pretty over the top thing to ask for (permanently modifying your body at the request of another person - think about it, is there any other situation in which that wouldn't sound terrible?). It's a lot to ask of someone, and sounds nice in principle (idealism can be great when you feel in love), but is completely divorced from reality. Honestly, if someone feels that strongly about something like this, I'd think they probably weren't even ready for marriage in the first place, because they clearly don't have a realistic understanding of how relationships actually work.

Nothing is permanent, you don't have to live with the modification for all eternity bc you will eventually die.

People in Jow Forums need to stop taking ahit so seriously.

Well like 20082337 explains, people can always change, and not that I'm afraid that will happen, but is always a possibility

That's exactly how I view it, things can always change, but not always, so avoid a mistake while you can, even if it never happens.

A woman like this is why men ask for prenups before marriage. Men can commit for life but it takes the woman one emotional day to take half your finances and belongings and make you seem like the asshole for not bowing down to their ridiculous demands. If you have a wedding ring why the fuck do you need one tattooed underneath it?

Gonna use this one. Wish me luck boys.

sort of related example: you get insurance even though you dont expect things to go wrong because its still better to have it than not
just like its better to not get this even though you expect things to work out

Pretty sure you can remove tattoos; not sure what the big deal is..

can be expensive, painful and you get left a scar so not sure why youre so dumb

Yay! What did I win?

It makes sense why your wife is upset OP. You married her while at the same time thinking that the chance of breaking up is high enough to be your main reason for not getting a tattoo.

If you just think theyre kinda ugly and dont like them, thats one thing and Im sure your wife wouldnt feel personally hurt by that. But the fact you MARRIED her, and you still dont have enough faith in the relationship to get something like a tattoo probably feels really really shitty for her.

How the fuck in your mind do you think a tattoo is a greater commitment than marriage?

>expensive, painful, and leaves permanent effects

Kinda like divorcing if the marriage doesnt work out

Ah, couldn't tell her in time. Instead she got mad about something else and I told her to fuck off.... woe is me

Also, we've been fighting lately because I'm trying to get her to move in with me, but she won't do the paperwork on her end, and complains that no one will take her to where she needs to go. I can't take her beause I'm half the country away, but yeah, life is a little rough, but I'm sure there are posts about relationship advice on her somewhere