So I almost never ask for advice, this is gonna be a greentext so yeah. Sadly this is serious thread...

So I almost never ask for advice, this is gonna be a greentext so yeah. Sadly this is serious thread, make fun of me all you want idc i'm used to shitposting.
I feel fucking pathetic asking for help/advice.
I'm a kissless virgin Jow Forumsack asking here who can't feel for anyone in public very well.
>Never been in a relationship in my life before
>Meet girl through one of my brothers friends who is her cousin
>went in with the info of she had a crush on me in 1st grade just for the shits and giggles
>When i started talking to her my heart dropped (do i actually like this girl?)
>legit me but a chick except a few things(will get to that in a few)
>likes anime, cosplays, a legit catgirl,even bites me like a cat, slightly chubby but i'll take what I can get
>told me she had pretty much had a crush on me and stalked me all throughout my school years
>mfw i never knew (could of been bullshit)
>have gotten lewds so I guess she liked me
>tfw I do to for her personality and she liked me for mine
>our only difference is the fact she is bought into the LQBTQ movement and i'm not
(they just asked me to hangout as i'm typing this and they are here rn gonna make this quick)
>she got really pissed at me for this
>so close to the fact that I thought I was friend zoned
>said "she is not comfortable with a guy who is not with the lgbtq movement" and the "it's 2018 shit" to
>kinda got into an argument about that
>has not talked to me since
>mfw I like this girl
>mfw I don't know what to do or how to makeup
God dammit i'm so fucking pathetic
Gonna find this thread on mobile and monitor it.

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bring up the subject and tell her sincerely you don't want to ruin your friendship because of different points of view and that you don't hate queer people and you would never hurt anyone, if that's the truth; you just have different opinions. might be a friendzone anyway, agreeing on this matter is important. imagine to find out the girl of your dreams is a racist. pretty tough if you're not racist and support diversity.
nothing wrong with asking for advice btw. chill.

>>said "she is not comfortable with a guy who is not with the lgbtq movement"
Dodge t b h.

Op here, im still here and monitoring

>have gotten lewds so I guess she liked me
So she's a leftist and a whore.
As a Jow Forumsack, you should know better--you feel a loss because you went in with high expectations, but practically speaking someone like that isn't going to carry good prospects for a lasting relationship.
>imagine to find out the girl of your dreams is a racist
That's a good thing.
>if you're not racist and support diversity.
Pic related.

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i guess you're a feminist too if you don't think the picture you posted is bullshit.

Calm down, dude, this isn't Jow Forums. This board is a lot slower. Anyways, I don't think it's gonna work out with this girl. She will never accept your Jow Forums opinions, nor you her liberal ones, and I'm sure you disagree on more than LGBT stuff. You're better off finding a girl closer to your politics, unless you want to hide your power level. And even without all that, you seem super inexperienced with women in general.

What did he mean by this?

One reason i went in was to redpill her, she had been abused by her ex so i kinda felt bad and thought i could used that to my advantage

>she had been abused by her ex so i kinda felt bad
You can't save people that don't want to be saved. It hurts, but those are just the conditions we have at the moment.

One of her friends had the same situation, and went back to the abuser. She is a different story thats why i think shencan be saved

It's damage that will almost certainly carry over--in certain situations, it might be worth the risk, but from my point of view I see someone who even if she is fully recovered will simply leave you anyway for the sake of "Current Year" trends.
If you want to help her solely on the basis of encouragement so she isn't abused again, fine, but don't do it in the context of a relationship.

OP, just drop her. The desperation is playing a big part on this, you just described a timblrina whore. You're a self described Jow Forumsack.

You have two options; either forger about your values and play along that fattie. Or stay true to yourself.

She sounds like those extremist people. I would run.
I dated a vegan and it was hell on earth not to mention the memes about vegans tasting good is a lie. She had bad breathe and bad odor.

She’s not to extremist, i mean if half of the jokes we laugh at are jew jokes then i think i might of hit something. Thats ehy i see potential for a redpill. I have thought about it. Her father raised her to hate niggers but her mother raised her to be one of those pansexuals. If injust just get that out i think i’ll be good but what you guys say is true and i have to always think about that and keep that in huge consideration

>Her father raised her to hate niggers but her mother raised her to be one of those pansexuals.
She must have an interesting home life

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Been to her house before, her dad no shit told her if she brought home a tyrone he would disown her

Based dad

Much more interesting than tripfagging all day and night as an NPC with one same program repeated

Sounds like something an NPC would say

Don't sacrifice your morals for pussy, especially fat autistic pussy, never stick your dick in crazy.

I mean, you clearly want social isolation if you fall for Jow Forums memes, so why whine about it? Either accept being alone forever and try to become a somewhat normal human being.

It's common sense to lie and get the puss just for the sake

It's also both degenerate and retarded

U still get the puss


Catgrill puss

OP here, jesus christ why can women be so confuseing sometimes.
>everyone is hungery
>i offer to buy for her
>no user i dont need anything
>are you sure
>no im ok user
>as we are about to leave she wants a root beer
>you should of said something ealier
>but i want one user
>we are out in the car at this point
>she gets pissed off and goes home over a medium root beer
Jesus christ how often does shit kike this happen.

I just looked at it again and i said kike out of habit holy shit

>out of habit


if you're a pol you should realize that you never reveal your power level and also women who aren't married and committed to some one they like are almost always lgtbq people.

Women who have stable relationships they actually enjoy and getting good dick regularly naturally become less liberal. which is where most of the term "dropping the red pill" or "redpilling them softly" comes from.

Try to apologize and say you're sorry that you were being close minded and didn't mean to hurt or be insensitive. if it doesn't work out at least you tried.

>getting good dick regularly
This is a retarded meme and I hate how Jow Forums repeats it so often. If it's before marriage, you are simply increasing the chances they'll end up the ""cool wine aunt"" or cat lady.
They MIGHT parrot your beliefs during the relationship, but when the relationship is based off of one of the most destructive strains of leftist ideology--sexual permissiveness--you can't really say it is meaningfully conservative, and certainly not in the context of supporting family values.

The basic point of the post is true though, revealing your power level early on is not a good idea.