How do I get the U.S. government to legalize rape?

Imagine how much of an impact legalization could have for men! Decreased suicide, increased testosterone (cuz you'd have to defend your women like in the old days), general happiness among males, the ability to focus on things other than sex cuz your balls will be empty. Literally what is the drawback?

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Ahh suicide is a problem that takes care of itself.

Roasties OOOOOOUUUTTTTTT!! Without males who would create the world you live in? The smartphones you whore yourselves out from? The sugary Starbucks you waste your money on?

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The males who kill themselves are low value though... that's why nobody cares about them.

I care about them. Unlike you inhuman roastbeefs.

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I watched a hentai once with this exact premise
That's how pathetic this line of thought is.

Why don't you just become muslim and go to a middle eastern shithole. There you can rape women, children and goats all you like

How do I become high value?

Nigga I was saying society doesn't care about them, not that I don't.
And how dare you imply I would violate an honorable call for a roastie free space, I'll have you know I've never even touched a woman, much less exist as one. Truly a shameful display user.

Do something society deems valuable and not only will people care about your suicide, women will think you're """"interesting"""".

What kinds of things?

Are you encouraging mass shootings?

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Invent a booth like unit that sits over a manhole cover. People enter the booth, insert $50, the door closes and it plays soft music and dispenses a gas that makes them black out. Then the floor opens and they drop into a grinder that empties into the sewer. (You just have to bribe the Republicans, to get it OK’ed).

I'm sorry based roastiehaterbro.

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Why do you hate women OP? Just make do with what you got. No need to rape when AI sexrobots are invented. Or are you a sadistic fuck? It's ok OP. Consider not being such an asshole. Are you psychopath? That would explain alot.

I'm not a psychopath. Men just deserve better.

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If you legalized rape you'd be my first victim, faggot

Nope, Salim will personally chop your dick off with a rusty sword if you touch Salima

Shut up cuck.

get a job or learn to play the guitar, those are the two most common things

*look at her

I have job, now what?

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It's an age thing my boy, look for a girl who's looking for a dude who isn't a financial burden, it's a struggle but women are usually difficult to get. if they were all easy then no one would care who does and doesnt have one

>rape is legalized
>OP gets raped and gets aids
Incels are not very smart.

Why is this thread that is too retarded even for Jow Forums still up?

t. Virgins and cuckkings.
If a woman can dress like a stripper in public, I can use them to fulfill my sexual needs.

False equivalent - You can dress like a stripper too

You virgin cuck incel. If you leave the basement, a gay rapist is fully entitled to rape you.

you know fat people are still pretty easy to beat up. yeah they can take more hits but if they go down there's no way they're getting back up

Ironically rape and bestiality are both punished with death

nope, woman is stoned to death if raped and bestiality is allowed.

As it should be.

LMAO, imagine if the government actually legalized rape haha, just imagine haha

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Fucking idiot.

Lets see. OP is in his living room with him mommie, his sister, his wife and his daughters and there's a knock at the door and 4 big black rapist want to come in and get some pussy, its legal by the way. They dry rough fuck mommie, sis, wifey, and your little sweetheart daughters and you give them a wink, a pat on the back and an open invite to come back for more anytime.

OP, you are WAY too short-sighted here. Forget rape - legalize murder! That's where the real blast of testosterone lies!

just do something that gets you imprisoned and your boipucci will enjoy all the rape you'll ever want.

Wanna know how I know you've never seen a vagina?