Got stuck with something sharp on a soap dispenser. What do?

Went to the public bathroom to piss and when I pushed the soap dispenser I felt a sharp prick. I'm guessing some fucker is trying to spread AIDS. Do I call the hospital or am I fucked?

>pic related, similar incident

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See your doctor or go to ER / A&E, say what happened, watch them set shit in motion to get you tested for hepatitis, hiv and other relevant diseases.

Don't sit on Jow Forums, get up and go. Now.

Also call the police, there may be prints on the rig.

Cut your arm

>not using one hand to push and the other hand to receive
Asking for it desu

Go to the hospital immediately.

Should I call the ER? I dont have a car

Get an uber.

Update: EMS came and I think they might've thought I was crazy or something because there was not sufficient bleeding. No symptoms either so I feel like I wasted a thread on adv and they may have overlooked someone who might be having a serious illness (heart attack, stroke). Now I feel bad

It's dumb to feel bad. You potentially had a significantly life-threatening disease.

I guess but is there another way I can deal with something like that? Is there like a nurse 24/7 number? My doc is obv not going to pick up at 9pm. I'd rather not risk some other person's life when someone over the phone could have told me the same thing. Shoud've gotten the uber.

Next time just get the uber. The chances of something like that happening to you again is ridiculously low.

Ive watched enough walking dead to know the only viable option left for you here is to take off your leg, with an axe

good job, you literally just wasted $1000+ for them to come out to see you

They dont take your insurance so I didn't get billed. If you dont go to the hospital they don't bill you according to the fire department site in the US. I feel more shitty about taking away from someone else with somehibg more pressing. I live in a dense city so I hope that they have the resources to handle the population and didnt get backed up because of me.

no i mean you just cost the taxpayers that much (and other people who needed it like you said)

You know what else is crazy? Some faggot trying to gift give by sticking needles in a soap dispenser

Stfu and keep an eye on your health retard

You're right. I guess this is gonna come back to me eventually.
I learned a bit today actually in terms of health so at least I take something out of this.

OK the thing is if you are 100% sure it’s a used needle, they can start you on medication to help prevent HIV from taking hold and possibly Hepatitis... (hospitals have a protocol in place for accidental sticks, it happens to nurses and police and EMTs when dealing with druggies, squeezing the blood out, helps moments after the stick).

If it was me, I would have ripped the thing off the wall and taken it with me to be tested.

Nursing Student Here:

After the first post suggested you run to the hospital like you just shot your baby in the abdomen, I didn't bother reading the other posts, so if there's any duplications, then sorry.

There's no point in going to the hospital right away. It takes weeks for your body to produce antibodies against ((permanent)) STI's like herpes and HIV. If you go to the hospital now, they'll either send you away (and with a hospital bill for seeing the doctor), or they'll do the test and bill you for something that is irrelevant.

The hospital is for emergencies. HIV takes years to actually affect you. Waiting a week or two for a blood test from your local GP is cheaper and gets the same result.

As for the prick, did blood come out? You can wipe an entire cloth full of HIV Shit piss skeet all over your skin and you'll be fine aslong as you don't keep it on your skin for several hours. If you felt a pinch, but no blood came out, then you should be fine. Aslong as viruses or bacteria don't come in through your skin through a laceration (cut) or open wound, you're fine.

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You’re wrong.

The ER would probably start him on tenofovir and emtricitabine to prevent HIV.

And a hepB series vacation and HBIG.

>Nursing Student Here
Wow what kind of shit school are you attending??
Herpes and HIV are ENVELOPED VIRUSES. Meaning they cannot live outside bodily fluids for more than a couple of minutes. You cannot transmit them like that. You need either intimate contact and bodily fluid exchange or immediate exchange as with passing used needles.

Most of what you said is completely off. Get back to studying.

t. M.D. Immunologist

Ah yes, I see you googled 'prevent HIV' and copied the title of the first article there. Shit, I guess I should have done that instead of enrolling in University.

There is no way to cure HIV.

Medications like these can suppress the virus so that it stays in it's asymptomatic state for a long time, and makes it so that you can have all the unprotected sex you want. That doesn't kill the virus. It suppresses it.

my name jeff

t. mr. doctor professor

The gas pump thing is a proven hoax.
Either way HIV and most bloodborne viruses dont live long outside the body. Unless you saw them plant a needle its doubtful they're trying to spread anything more likely they're just being an asshole and putting needles in random places to poke people.

I wouldn't worry about aids at least, but thoroughly wash yourself off because who knows what gross shit is on that dispenser. See a doctor if you really are that paranoid but dont expect much.

You would have to be really retarded fall for something like that

You are the type of "nurse" that will get put in his place by doctors for being a retard, later.

These two posts prove why

Don't listen to this hack OP