NoFap; could use some help

how do i kick this shit?
Cant stop watching porn.
Stopped for a month or so but relapsed hard.
how long do i need to go without porn?
how long do i need to not fap?
i could use some advice on all this

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i reckon people think im taking the piss

Really depends how long you've been doing it. Could take a few months to reset.

If you relapse just try again. Don't view it as a failure just a temporary setback.

thanks dude.

Nigga just cut the porn. You'll naturally fap less and it's better than that nofap shite.

i think i might be an addict.
i kicked all the drugs even alcohol and now im beating it like my dick owes me 10 grand.

Try doing productive things instead. Like using that energy in the gym instead of beating your dick, for example.

how do i like get rid of the urge to want to watch porn or fap when im like going insane?
i mean most things i kicked was just hell for a while and then it'd die down. this is like waves of hell coming and going.

I don't get you guys. I jerk off once or twice a day, but I can stop for months at a time if I have a reason to. Don't you have anything better to do than tug on your peepee all day?

>what is addiction

Dude, just stop fapping. It's only difficult if you want it to be.

Ive been addicted to lots of shit since i was a teenager.
Kicking it isnt easy its hell, but porn and fapping i cant just stay away from.
I used drugs to deal with my emotions instead of doing it the normal way. I didnt realize it till recently that im doing the same thing with fapping.
also im just trying to find somebody who knows how long it lasts and what not so i can figure it out and all.
whats the point in saying "just dont do it"?
try not eating for a couple days.

Nigga eating and fapping are natural and healthy things to do. I'm telling you to stop having six meals a day and to cut out junk food. Just make it a rule that you'll only fap before bed and without porn, and then stick to it.

Synapses in the brain need to reboot dude.
cant have an alcoholic with diabetes just drink 1 beer a day like they say is healthy.
Doesnt work dude.
i need to abstain but for how long i dont know.

You just gotta make it impossible to access those websites alone.

lol "hey mom can you gimme the password i need a wank"

desu im amazed some incel didnt shoot up some porn convention yet for turning him into a porn addicted freak.

>how long do i need to not fap?
That you are even asking that shows that you haven't even tried yet. Kek You have a long period of suffering ahead of yourself.
There is essentially two loops: The first round lasts one or two weeks and consists of 2-3 days of extreme cravings and horniness, followed by a few days of extreme high testosterone and self-confidence. Once the body realize that you have quit porn and masturbation, withdrawal symptoms kick in. These start after a few weeks and can include alterations of extremely high and low libido, headaches, dizziness, as well as severe loneliness and depression. I am currently in this phase and it sucks (I am two months in my current streak). According to internet reports, this phase can last between 6-12 months, depending on the severity of your addiction. If you are in this phase, omega 3 as well as zinc tablets might slightly help to decrease some of the depression symptoms, speeding up recovery by giving your body hormones usually exhausted during the PMO process.
I am also suffering and it feels like it will never end, but if you search the web you will find that many recovering PMO addicts have gone through the same things. What you (we) need is patience, I guess. In any case, try to not switch on your phone/computer and hang out with your friends and family or go get a job to distract you and to prevent further PMO. You are not strong enough to do this by mere willpower alone. If you sit around in front of your computer all day and don't do anything, you will eventually inevitably far. Good luck, user! We're on the same boat here. ;)

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>speeding up recovery by giving your body hormones usually exhausted during the PMO process.
*vitamins, not hormones, obviously! Sorry for the mistake.

thanks dude and ive dont it for like a month but i know that alcoholics can stop drinking for months too. i failed recently and need a bit of help. Thanks for takin the time to respond cause that in itself makes me feel a good bit better already.
Normally id be looking at something right now but i kinda got a moral boost from you.

JUST DO IT and don't be a faggot about it, okay?

exercise will make you wanna do it more
is your willpower weak in general?

I dunno but my life is fucked.