How do I take a picture of something that doesn't exist?

I don't want to start any arguments and i'm not trying to get you guys to do my schoolwork for me. And I'm not trying to bait anyone. Just trying to get that clear.
Now I'm in an Ethnic Studies class in college and one of my assignments is to send a snap of white privilege to the prof, and the picture cant be of a person. Thing is, white privilege is just a theory, replace the term White Privilege with Majority Privilege and the entire argument disappears. If these privileges are due to the color of your skin they would follow you from country to country. When you point out these privileges are due to being a member of the majority race in a country, you can see why they can be assigned to the majority in any country thus disproving the theory. (Its a construct to create class guilt).
What do adv? Should I just ignore this assignment or? Again, i'm really not trying to cause a debate here, I just really don't know what to do.

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> ethnic studies class
So just take an actually useful class

I'm not sure how your concept of Majority Privilege "disproves the theory" of white privilege. Wouldn't white privilege simply be a subtype of majority privilege then?

Dumbfuck assignment, though. Maybe just a picture of ostentatious wealth, the biggest house in your town or something? The best answer, what he's fishing for, would be a picture which shows some sort of class contrast, like that famous picture that floats around from Brazil showing a luxury apartment highrise with gardens and hottubs on all the decks with the favelas in the background behind it. That kind of shit. But you can't just construct something like that, you have to *find* it. That's what makes the assignment kind of bullshit.

Look, I'm just trying to fill in a credit. The damage has been done.
I'm really considering taking a picture of a blank piece of paper, or an empty box.

Be really passive agressive and send in a picture of a white farmer that either fled or was killed in South Africa.
My buddy's dad got out of there at the last second and he just went off on one the the teachers at my high school when they said something about white privilege.

I'm liking the house idea actually.

>white privilege is just a theory
I'm assuming we're talking about America. Its a statistical fact. Post Civil-War America was specifically designed to make sure that non-whites never gained any kind of superiority over whites. Jim Crow laws were prime example of that. Blacks weren't allowed to invest in the infrastructure of America therefor have less access to things like inheritance, trust-funds and things handed down from generation to generation like businesses and land. Just Google the term "generational wealth" and you'll see for yourself. Also, for example, non-whites get more jail time for identical crimes. Over-policing is another example. Just google "Cointelpro" and read how the FBI assassinated, framed, harassed, spread propaganda and inflitrated the Black Panthers in the 1960's and 70's. I suppose if you were at all interested in actual facts you would've done the research yourself instead of making this asinine post.

A good example of white privilege would be inheritance. Non-whites are statistically less likely to receive inheritances because their ancestors were statistically poorer. Having a piece of land handed down from your grandfather is an example of white privilege because only whites were allowed to own land during the time period that it was plentiful therefore being white, in that context, is a statistical advantage.

>If these privileges are due to the color of your skin they would follow you from country to country
Woah boy. You really need to hit the books, kid. The story of America is very unique one. Privilege exists in some form in nearly every country, whether it be by race, religion or financial class.

>send in a picture of a white farmer that either fled or was killed in South Africa.
Alt-right propaganda. There is no war on white farmers in South Africa. Crime rates in rural farmland areas of South Africa have actually declined in the past 20 years. The South African government itself has gone out of its way to debunk this shitty conspiracy theory at least a dozen times.

White privilege is about statistics, OP. Instead of scoffing at the assignment maybe you should put your ego to the side and actually research it.

I'd honestly take a picture of his classroom. The pinnacle of 'privilege' is sitting around and discussing how much of a problem it is that whatever group you belong to, or don't, has too much of it. Having the luxury to argue about something so frivolous and devote a huge portion of your education, money, and time to it is privilege, full stop. It's not a science, a trade, an art, or history, not philosophy it doesn't prepare you for a job, further your understanding of the world, or give you any meaningful knowledge about its people. People pay money to hear political opinions being taught in college.

Race is represented prominently in economics. It is in indicator of everything from incarceration rates, education and even infant mortality rates. Wealth and poverty in America is, ultimately, a story of race. That's the reality. Understanding how race is represented in our socioeconomic landscape is merely one small piece of raising a new generation of people who don't tip toe around polarizing topics like white privilege because its too upsetting for them to hear. Maybe in whatever fantasy world you live in it benefits kids to avoid uncomfortable topics but the reason abstract courses like ethnic studies exists is because even our forefathers understood the benefit in educating people outside the scope of their selected trade.

The idea was, the thing people are usually complaining about happens in every country. Everyone has their own privilege, and I think its not right to jab at people just for being born with specific genetic traits, despite not knowing whichever hardships they could have gone through in their lives. My take on it being a theory was rushed because, I was just asking for ideas since I am/was genuinely unsure on what to take a picture of.
I never said I was a scholar, I will admit I have MUCH to learn.
If I can find an image of inheritance then that is another great idea. Thank you for your time user.
I did, hence why I wrote what I learned. I'm by no means an expert. I'm not here to debate, I just needed ideas.

I am not sure I agree with you that there is no value in discussing these topics, but actually I think your idea of using the classroom is really, really good, because having the ability to sit around talking about is indeed itself a good example. Point out: how many minority kids will never even get the chance to do that? So, this is the best response in the thread so far, in terms of scoring well on the assignment.

Take a pic of a cop smiling at a white person.

Trust me on this, you’ll ace the class.

You beat me to it. I agree pretty much exactly with what you said.

Something about Palestine or racist corrupted Zionist losers. Not hard to find. Palestinian AND you are golden my friend. You're welcome

It can't be of individuals, this is a good one though.

>I think its not right to jab at people just for being born with specific genetic traits, despite not knowing whichever hardships they could have gone through in their lives

I see that, like many people, your qualm is that the concept makes you feel "jabbed at". That's good, OP. Now that you've sat with that feeling for a minute then look past your own knee-jerk reaction and see the statistics for what they are.

White privilege is statistics. That is it. White privilege is not at all discounting the hardships you've been in your life. You need to understand the difference between macro and micro. For example, black unemployment rates, per capita, are nearly double what white unemployment rates are regardless of education. Meaning that a white man with the same level of education as a black man is statistically twice as likely to be hired for the same job. Now, no one is telling you that you didn't work hard for your job or that you didn't deserve it but, statistically, you are twice as likely to get that job as an equally qualified african american with the same level of education. It is a "jab". Its a statistical fact.

A good analog would be hurdle jumping. Economically speaking, we are all running the same race but the amount of hurdles per competitor is not the same. Again, no one is saying that you don't work hard or that white privilege simply hands you things for nothing. That isn't what white privilege is. White privilege simply means that non-whites have to jump more economic and statistical hurdles than you do to complete the same race.

Do some research, OP. Separate your feelings from the matter and just research it.

"Privilege" is an entirely modern construct. It's not an honest discussion of anything you're claiming it is. I specifically included things like history and philosophy in my list of things it isn't for a reason. Those are all valuable things to learn about, but privilege is none of those. It's not learning about racism, or modern effects of history and the problems people might face as a result of things like what, I assume you, posted here . I do not claim that these things don't exist. But "privilege" is a complete waste of time and has no position in academia or anywhere else. Classes about it are not about historical fact, nor economic fact, nor anything of that sort and are instead political opinions presented as fact. It's a farce and does not belong in any part of college.

I'm not even white, I was born in southern CA, which is pretty much Mexico but with an "America" sticker slapped on. My parents are spics. My dad actually left for meth and never came back.
How do we know the employers who are more likely to hire one race over the other don't have a personal bias? How do we know they are being selected less because of race preferences, and not because of economic assumptions. Ex. Employer sees the name "Jamal Jefferson" and assumes a lower level of education. Same assumption can be made for a person named Joe Dirt. I think to believe biases like these exist simply because of race aren't looking at the bigger picture, and don't take all considerations into account.
I'm probably going with hurdle jumping, thank you user.

And for the things the government did to give whites a "leg up", thats the government being corrupt! The reason for this happening sounds like a better topic for my ethics class desu

>"Privilege" is an entirely modern construct.
It goes at least back to ancient Greece. And it's generally a very simple concept, hence the amount of white kids getting triggered by it is kinda weird.

>don't have a personal bias
It's hard not to develop one living in a racist shithole surrounded by racists. Besides, how is the assumption that someone called Jamar has lower education not pure racism?

>I think to believe biases like these exist simply because of race aren't looking at the bigger picture, and don't take all considerations into account.
Depending on the study, people do. Besides, more often than not, the most obvious answer is correct.

What kind of college allows such a blatantly racist assignment?
I literally just found this.
Its a shame we live in a racist shithole.
Thinking Jamar has a lower education is probably racist, but the same asshole assumption can be made for Billy Bob who hails from Virginia. Whites can be assumed of living in a shithole, or committing incest.

Asscheecks community college. I'm literally in it for the transfer degree. There are better topics about race we could be talking about. Its early in the quarter so we might go into better topics.

>Unfortunately, our website is currently unavailable in most European countries. We are engaged on the issue and committed to looking at options that support our full range of digital offerings to the EU market. We continue to identify technical compliance solutions that will provide all readers with our award-winning journalism.
Pretty racist too tbqh.

>but the same asshole assumption can be made for Billy Bob who hails from Virginia
It'd be an assumption on a specific subset of whites, not that white names are inferior in general. I can't think of a black name that wouldn't be shitted on by whites.

>We have never thought about what we collect your personal data for and we store it unsecured on a machine anyone can access, and can't be bothered to fix it

Post this on social media and let everyone know how racist it is

This issue is discrimination now. You can't argue whites aren't ever discriminated against.

That site is pretty shit desu. pretty much, one university tested names like Jamal, Billy bob, etc. and people complained employers may have discriminated towards names that sounds like the people are poor.
"Hoping to capture the effect of race alone, Koedel and his co-author, Rajeev Darolia, conducted their experiment using surnames that the U.S. Census shows overwhelmingly belong to whites, blacks and Hispanics, while using first names to signify gender."
it later says employers can't even tell the fucking race of the applicants, and there was no significant differences.

differences of call backs

I'd rather get famous from porn than something like this. I doubt it would get much traction anyways.

But what black-sounding names wouldn't be poor-sounding ones? Telling non whites to attempt to pass for whites by picking white sounding names is missing the point.

Gabrielle, Jordan, Caleb, Ethan
I looked up common black names in us.
I actually know a black Jordan and Ethan funny enough.

Ethan sounds like some skinny faggot with a tan and Caleb like a white kid whose parents tried to be open minded. Just googling the name gives mostly crackers too. Tho Jordan is pretty damn black for sure these days.

Apparently biblical names are common. Got that from le wikipedia.
The only Ethans I have known is an asian from middle school, and a Half black half mexican from my old job.

> thousands of photos and news stories
Yep must be fake

>nazis creating fake news
>the amount of it makes it legitimate
Fantastical reasoning, brainlet-kun.

> he thinks fake news is real

Alright I'll be sure to tell him that it's fake.
While I'm at it I'll also tell my grandfather that the death camp his uncle was a guard at didn't exist.
Oh wait, nevermind I don't deny mass killings for political convenience.