Other one is at bump limit. Might as well make a new one.

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Might as well LARP on.

this stupid site has a birthday apparently, never seen the hats before

anyway there's nothing really immediately wrong but I have this endless uneasy feeling in my gut. I can't really focus on life or anything as it is numbing me. not mentally but physically. time feels fast and slow. I'm just content with life.

you ruin every thread schizo.
still not sure why you aren't banned yet because you write nonsense over and over.

I hope my mental torment brings you pleasure. Since you won't let me pleasure you any other way. At least I can be useful to you in that aspect, J.L.

Don't you live with your parents? Or are you in an asylum?

do asylums have internet? they shouldn't. if this person isn't getting help the mods need to actually do something. this person is literally on the verse of a mass murder spree.

No, I am genuinely curious. Do you live with your parents or in an asylum? You speak about how you are captive, is it by your own family? Or are you actually locked up in a looney tunes bin?

I hear what you say, you are going to rule the world. So I might as well get to know you. Maybe I can help you.

Just going to say I'm glad I have given up smoking the grass.

Last night was one of the worst nights in a long time and if I keep smoking I might hurt myself more.

I have made myself anxious and scared myself. It's not a good feeling but after spending the day with a close friend and chilling out, I'm feeling a bit better.

It will take a couple of days, maybe a week to get back to normal. But I have been through worse.

It was a stupid thing to continue to do.

So the good things that have come from this is that I have made myself emotionally stronger and I have given up the grass :).

I hope everyone has had a better weekend then me.

Just remember if you take something good from an experience then it's a good experience.

Fuck this shit nigga, I mean, whats the point? Everything I could have been I'm not, now I just have to acceprt a stupid miserable living and a rather destroyed personality, so what's the point of going on? I've seen enough of life to know its bullshit, I've seen enough of people and myself to know that there is no future for all of us, btfo all this shit, nobody cares for this plane of existance, the small effort of trying to be really alive, to give motivation for your life, is crushed by the other humans who are just as dead in the inside, so fuck this shit, no reason at all to try to make a difference everyday when all of it is in vain, people would rather see you dead anyway, and just as you rather see them dead in the end.

I keep meeting these battered broken women. They always seem cool enough at first but then their issues really start to shine through and they start subtly trying to treat me like shit because I'm a guy and I have to NOPE the fuck outta there. Weird thing is they always approach me. It's like I'm a beacon for the damaged and I don't know why

I don't want to believe I have clinical depression, but it'd explain a lot.

she's the meanest girl i've ever known. she's curt, insensitive, she makes fun of me in front of my friends. she makes me feel stupid. she doesn't care about my feelings. she thinks it's pathetic that i want to kill myself.
i love her more than anyone else i the world. no woman will ever compare to her.

i wonder if she's worth it though.

I was at your place,
I loved the woman who treated me as shit

it doesn't worth it, user

Why does my boyfriend only like to cuddle me after sex when he gets to cum in me?

I keep accidentally putting on my underwear backwards and not realizing it until I've already farted.

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I have nothing to get off my chest. We live in an upside down clown world with no rules and double standards are flipping for women and men.

Women are allowed to abandon their spouses and children to "find themselves" covered in sperm in a third world hostel "traveling for Instagram likes" while men are to take out loans for a maths and science degree so they can work as a beta at McTech company for 80k in an overpriced city filled with gays and liberated feminists while Instagram and Facebook remind the of how boring their lives truly are.

When you adapt to this, only look out for yourself and treat women as the flighty free spirits they are and not call them back after sex you're a misogynist sexist pig and if you're caught slipping you're going to end up with rape accusations and get MeToo'd

Ironically the only way to Get Yours and save yourself as a man is to be a loner with cash and a tinder account. Too many guys in your circle and you run the risk of having a sleeper beta in your ranks. Invite the women and suddenly you're all attending feminist conferences and can't say the word "bitch" anymore.

The women who claim to hate white men are just bitter Chad didn't give them the time of day. When you become Chad these SJWs want you to tie them up and facefuck them. If you don't cuddle them enough afterwards it's rape.

Ghetto dwellers and "wanderers" who don't have student loans and "any direction in life" are winning. I understand why serial rapists, criminals and school shooters do the shit that they do. I don't agree with it, but I 100% get why they do it. I almost don't blame them.

I really wish I could trust my gf more than I do. I'm getting to a point where I'm gonna have keep my feelings in check or take them out things as best I can to avoid the risk of getting hurt.

I also feel like she uses me for sex sometimes. Sex is fine, but I would rather she open up to me and be completely transparent with me

You sound like a bitch, not a Chad. Degenerates deserve whores and their rape accusations because you helped to make them what they are, whores. Imagine if men suddenly stopped using tinder, stopped having sex with every loose hole they came across... suddenly they wouldn't be allowed to be whores because men wouldn't fuck them unless they were their wife. Every whore needs a dick and you are first in line to be it for them.

The only common denominator is you, bb

Thanks for that useless post

This is true

Not useless at all. It's time to reflect on yourself. Why do you only attract crazy whores?

Jow Forums is that way

I'm sorry I have to act cold towards you. Otherwise they will know that I have a crush on you. I just want to keep this feeling to myself.

I hate fags

I’m through trying. I can’t with this...

She’s not... why do you love someone who treats you like shit?

Who is “they” ?

Because low self esteem. Either you feel you deserve it, or you feel you couldn’t find any better.

Bitch. You must be a woman.

Are you retarded? It's not socially permissible at all for men or women to abandon their kids.

The money way? Uh, dab O.o
Migos are pretty epic and litty if I may say so XD, but I don't like Rich The Kid that much anymore after he got exposed by Lil Uzi Vert.

>exam has 150 questions
>100 pts is a pass
>I get exactly 99 pts
Tell me how the fuck am I not the biggest loser on the planet

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For what?

I did everything I could to throw myself under that particular bus I was warned away from it but I think I improved the outcome still. That was the maximum good I could do for you I hope it helps.

>My father lost his job
>depressed, sits at home all day, says nothing, watches tv
>he talks to me whenever he can because he's lonely, we never talked otherwise

>my mother is angry at my dad because of that and doesn't speak to him
>avoids him in her room instead of trying to help
>bitches about him all the time to me and puts me in a shitty mood, complains about marriage, hints divorce

>younger brother doesn't give a shit, doesn't see family much

>older brother doesn't care about anyone but himself

>the atmosphere in the house is unpleasant and tense, everyone seems to avoid one another except me, but then they all bitch about their problems to me

I've my own things to worry about and I feel overwhelmed and their stuff only makes it worse. I avoid being at home any chance I get but need to be here for the coming months. I don't know what to do, its really getting to me lately and I feel like I'm the only person that can do something since noone else seems to give a shit, but given my history with my family. I've the right to just ditch them but a part of me doesn't want that and wants to help out but they all act like children and don't deserve my help. I don't know what to do...

Stop using my initials, faggot, I'm here to laugh, not to get anoyed

I feel so fucking sad without you. I’d rather go back to fighting. I’d rather have you be distant and mean than not have you at all.

You didnt get 98

Oh boy,. Why would you type this? I will now use them every thread.

I know this pattern. I don't care, though. I lost interest in everything when you left my life. I hated work, but video games still had luster. I was eating and drinking like crazy.
You came back. I don't want you now, though. I don't want anything. I don't want to work, or play video games. I drink only some. the only thing I care about now is not breaking my fast and losing weight. I want to be smaller than her. Nothing else is interesting or fun to me, other than being hungry. I hope we never speak again. I hope he breaks me when he fucks me.

Dear G, I am waiting for your call/text. Find me.

No matter what I do I can't seem to improve. I just don't have enough drive. I take the easy way out. I don't have the right mindset. I need to embrace the suck. I just don't have a clear vision of the positives of doing that. Coasting just seems perfectly fine. I blame society.

So I need to outline the rewards:
- better health
- money
- having sex eventually
- being good at something
- genuine and warranted recognition
- contribution
- efficiency, less bullshit in life
- I'm sure there's more

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>Find me.
That is waaaay too much work. Gonna pass and watch some cartoons instead.

>I hope we never speak again. I hope he breaks me when he fucks me.
Well. I believe you are a tad conflicted, young lady.

why does everyone think they can just toss me aside and never look back? if you don't want me in your life then I can't change that, but you're not even willing to have a fucking conversation about it? am I really worth that little to you?

I'm pretty sure that I'll never stop being insecure. I thought that once I got a girlfriend I'd be confident in my attractiveness, but now instead of thinking "I'm so worthless, she'll never go out with me", I think "I'm so worthless why is she going out with me, she's gonna break up with me"

I think I need help, I'm so tired of thinking this way. I am so tired of it, I want to feel good about myself

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poor reading comprehension. I hope person a. never speaks to me again and i hope person b. breaks me when they fuck me. two different people.

What happened user?

>It's not socially permissible at all for men or women to abandon their kids

Uhm it's been socially permissible for a woman to kick the man out of the household for bullshit and the law has been on her side for years. First it started with when black women embraced feminism, then the government started pushing feminism and glorified single motherhood on whites and other races and now we have a feminism epidemic that led to trump.

Non-nuclear households are already being normalized in children's television shows where either the father is just not there and replaced with 3 mothers or some shit or he's a deadbeat with 0 masculinity

I honestly wonder where my life would have gone should I have not joined the military and gone into IT with my friend like my college English teacher suggested. Current job pays the bills and leaves some spending money (75% bills, 25% personal shit), but now with winter coming up my job is going to be slowing down tremendously. I'll be in full Jew mode then. I want out. I want a new job but I have qualifications in dick. I've looked into apprenticeships and nothing starts until spring of next year. Even then, the pay is roughly the same that I make now give or take 5k. Highly considering going into a sales job now even if it means becoming a slimy cunt. I can bullshit with normal-fags, especially when I'm getting paid to do so. IDFK, man. My friend is in fucking Texas making 60k as an IT-nigger with loads of room to advance and here I am with my thumb up my ass still wanting to figure put what I wanna be when I grow up at 23. I swear a part of me died when I became depressed in the military. Things are like night and day nowadays in terms of how I feel now as opposed to then, but I still feel off. If I wasn't fucking poon on the weekends I'm pretty sure I'd be suicidal again. Gotta fucking figure something out

i was dating a girl for a few weeks and all of a sudden she tells me that she felt things were going too fast and breaks up with me. now because we were kind of friends too i want to talk to her about it but she tells me she's busy all the time. i know i can fix it if she'll just hear me out

I’m sorry user, but you can’t fix other people. If she doesn’t want to talk, then I’m afraid, but there’s nothing you can do. You shouldn’t think about her too much. I know it’s not easy, but you have to move on :(

this is frustrating to hear. I mean, I made a mistake. am I really not allowed to make a mistake without everything falling apart?

I think I may have inadvertently made someone feel alienated. And it was certainly not my intention to stumble into the same place as them. All Apologies.

To err is human. But all of them turn out to be lessons. You live and you learn to fail better.

all right thing is it

>am I really not allowed to make a mistake without everything falling apart?
Not with girls since they can replace you easily.

We always framed things as a disagreement, in which we both were to work. Looking back, you were just mean and selfish, and I was lighting myself on fire just to keep you around. Why couldn’t you just be kind to me?

that’s how I feel...

Kinda hate how people always say it's so cool how I'm "stoic" or "always calm and collected", when it's really just apathy and depression.

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The awful part is how I still want to work it out. Where’s my self esteem?

I just want to give up. No amount of happiness that may come is worth the hard work. Why waste all the time suffering, for a moment of “happiness” that would stay for a moment, then push you right back to the pain.

I feel so done. There isn’t my dream girl out there, I won’t be rich, or most likely live comfortably, and I’ll never truly be good at my hobbies. What the point of trying anymore?

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Why would you want him to break you? That sounds painful

I'm going to work in a nursing home tomorrow, its my first day. I'm terrified, I have no idea what to expect and I can't relax, with each hour I feel more and more anxious

I'm so fucking tired of hospitals, and Im done seeing doctors. I'm a good patient, I'm always polite, I never over exaggerate my pain, I shift my schedule around to fit in the thousands of tests they want to run. I don't complain about all the needles, hour long MRIs and CT scans, and I only go when the pain interferes with my daily life to the point when I cannot continue. Yet despite all this, twice now I've gotten no fucking answers. A year ago I had loads of stomach pain, and after months of tests the best answer doctors could give me was "I dont know". Now, I'm having back pain to the point where it caused me to piss myself and be unable to move my legs/arms for 6 hours, and once again the best answer you can give me is "I dont know". Im done sitting in the several different ERs/Doctor's offices for 8 hours only to be told "I don't know, just go home and come back if it happens again". Fuck off, you undergo education for 8+ years, and yet I could get better treatment by googling it or shooting the afflicted limb and letting it rot off.

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I'm just hungry. I don't eat enough.

I know that she was bad for me and that it's a good thing she's gone but my heart (and dick) think otherwise and it's real fucking frustrating that I have to fight my feelings for her knowing full well I shouldn't try again

it’s so hard because the ideal option is always for her to stop being bad for you, but you can’t control that. so you’re left feeling impotent and frustrated, and feeling like you’re settling for a “healthy” option when all you wanted was her to be good to you.

user if you do want to try again you should? Unless there was a reason you didn't the first time and not lead anyone else on.

So turns out a girl I recently met one night at a party, whom wich I connected really deeply and we made out, and she got so drunk and high that ended up later that night making out with another guy infront of me (making me flew from the scene instantly, wirhout giving her my number or fb name).... has found me yedterday through extensive fb stalkering only to tell me she's sorry, after wich we talked it out and brushed it out and decided to gave us another chance.
So far the story was promising
Now turns out she was this weird date a weird good friend of mine had, that she ended up treating him really really badly and i don't know where to stand because of course, I am not gonna let her do me that because I don't let anyone step on me. But I don't know wether to not see it as a "side with one or with the other" or just ignore that shit as an story between the two of them and none of my business. The hell I do?

Exactly! She was great, just riddled with issues. Not even crazy or anything, just damaged. I want her so bad but she's already burned me and I know that if I get back with her I'll be burned again.

She's one of those serial monogamists, the chase-hunter: she really will have feelings for you, and she really will pursue you, and then I guess she "toys with her kill" for a month in a relationship, gets bored, ditches you. I wasn't even used. I just wasn't good enough make her stay. shit hurts man


same here. hearing how im great and shouldnt change but she just cant deal right now, and i gotta respect that but its so hard to throw years down the drain without even understanding what i couldve done better

I dunno about your specific story, but if your girl was anything like mine, it was kinda inevitable. She even told me early on, this is a paraphrase, "I have this bad habit of being really interested in a guy until I 'have' them, then I don't see the allure anymore". I was just another one of those I guess. Can't be helped.

Doesn't make me any less attracted to her though which is the upsetting part

it's our 15th birthday. I've been here for 13 of them. but this is the first year the mods deleted those dubs/trips bomb threads. it was quite disappointing to see "specified thread does not exist" whenever I went to post in one.

>says he doesn't let anyone step on them
>going after a girl who made out with another guy a guy a few minutes after making out with him

I think you have some shit to sort out first.

I've paid my court fine for a retarded misdemeanor charge from out of state. but when I went to check on what I needed to pay the rmv for my license, I saw two unpaid excise taxes. I junked the car 5 1/2 years ago, lost the plates and the receipt from the junk yard.
I don't know where to find out what I need to do in order to prove that the car isn't in my possession anymore. the weird part is that the taxes are from 2013 and 2015 but not 2014..

How many times do I need to re-read the drivers manual until I will be able to take the written drivers test? I am having a tough time... Should I just read it until I mentally snap and my brain snaps so I die from a brain embolism?

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how young are you?

I am 21 user... My high school never offered the drivers course like a lot of other schools, and the drivers course is $500... The only way I can get my shitty permit to start practicing, is to read this fucking manual... I am however not good at tests, and have trouble with the knowledge portion of it.

Usually the DMV has practice tests online practice taking them and re-read parts you get wrong and skim parts of the manual book

My DMV doesn't do this, and I have to use random practice tests online, that only cover like, half of what I need. I legit need to read the entire manual until my eyes are burnt out due to the text.

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there's practice tests on the website. you'd be surprised how simple the written test is, it's mostly common sense questions. I barely read the manual and passed on my first attempt.

>185 easy questions
>115 hard questions
...So remind me why I shouldn't just read the stupid manual?

Ignore this, they recently added them. They didn't have them the first time I practiced for the test...

literally what? my written test had 70 questions and the hardest ones were stopping distances for certain speeds

so read the manual instead of spending time on the internets bitching about it

Oh, and add another 202 problems for the ULTRA HARD stuff... So yeah, safe to say this won't help me for a 36 question test...

I checked my DMV website, and that is what it is.

You do realize where we are right? Also I was asking for help on how to memorize the shit and stuff better due to me not being the best at tests...

Hey E, It's me again.
I Know that it wasn't even one day since you said all the things that could hurt me and since you said that you hate all the things that I do for you. But you know? I got really happy when you texted me today that you couldn't wait until Friday, I still love you and I just let me hatred and jealously get the worst out of me. I just want you to forgive me what happened that day. I got angry because in the time you "can't" take me seriously I'm afraid that someone will come for you, and since I know how hurt you can get that's the only thing I cannot stand. So, E, just forgive and let's continue this, you do not hurt me and I'm really sorry if I hurt you in some way. I just want us to be together.

I still love you and thanks.

Justice League?
I mean I agree, the cartoon gives me mental anguish now. The drawings are shit compared to Superman TAS.

Seriously, it's all hideous and Liefeld like. It only got worse in Unlimited of all things.

At least Justice League ACTION was much better.

>study aids
make flashcards or have someone quiz you

Funny thing is I wrote something like this a while ago.
They know, just so you know.

pleb. jl/jlu is amazing

I feel

really unmotivated to do well.

Expect all that to die within the first week.
Honestly, you people make jobs sound overwhelming. Unless you do them all by yourself, there's nothing to fear.

Even then, a dude might train you.

I mean the cartoon itself yeah, but I had to saturate the colors on the TV just to bear watching it.
LCD TVs make it look gross, so I had to break out the good ol' CRT.

E's full initials
And yours?

why's that user?