Femanon here

Femanon here,
Just to get some general opinions, how fat is too fat for a girl to look hot? What bmi is too high? Is a girl automatically ugly if she's fat?

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If you like the person inside the package, you come to find the package beautiful

>Is a girl automatically ugly if she's fat


>What bmi is too high

above 20%

Anything more than this and I can't love you

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Well, it's all subjective but from my POV:

>how fat is too fat for a girl to look hot?
If her belly isn't flat. Also any kind of flab. The one in the pic is too fat.
>What bmi is too high?
And BMI is a pretty shit metric, though I'd say 22.
>Is a girl automatically ugly if she's fat?
Everyone is.

Fat is subjective, as a girl can be a little fat-looking but it's easy to tell if it's natural or if she's just let herself go. You know yourself and your body best, so stick to what feels normal to you (unless you're mentally ill and think being extremely obese is normal for you). I don't find fat women attractive, because it suggests a lack of self-discipline, which in turn suggests she is disloyal etc.

Uhhhh, as long as if i grab your waist and I can't half a C with my fingers with your fats. It's ok, for the most part

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love is real, and it's impossible to love a fat girl. You'll still be entirely fuckable, and many will keep you around in the fuckzone indefinitely, but you'll never be loved.

Bunch of low test fags in here. I legit am only attracted to big girls. Skinny girls do nothing for me.

>Is a girl automatically ugly if she's fat
Almost always. At the minimum she would look several leagues better at a normal size.

>my desperate non-existent standards mean you all have low test
Fat fucks and fat fuck lovers should be lined up and shot.

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This is true, carry on normalfaggot.

>How fat is too fat
Generally, >30% is too much

But mind you, fat distribution is extremely important for girls. If it all goes to your boobs and butt (as opposed to your belly eg), you'd probably be able to get away with more. Eg 35% in pic related is still attractive to me for this very reason.


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pic related for further reference


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Are you trying to attract black and Latino men or cuck white bois?

>how fat is too fat for a girl to look hot?
Let me make a comparison that might be helpful for you. You know how you want a guy who is tall enough that you can fit your head under his chin? It's not about being exactly 6' or whatever, it's about feeling right.

Guys want a girl who they can
>Lift without back strain
>Cuddle with her on top for hours without feeling crushed
>Easily hook their arm around her waist
>Feel the contours of her muscles - rather than fatty tissue - when massaging her body
These are very tactile in nature but men can determine if you meet these criteria very easily just visually.

Bmi isnt measured in percentage

Weird ass pics. 30% on females look alright while even 25% looks horrible on men.

I just want to point out that the percentages in these pics are generally not accurate, but that the picture labeled 30% is about right.
If I were already dating a girl and she started getting fat, 35 or 40 is probably my hard cut off point if she was making no effort to improve.
Yes I'm 6'0, so according to Jow Forums I'm allowed to be judgy.

>Weird ass pics. 30% on females look alright while even 25% looks horrible on men.