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Is it possible for a guy with social anxiety and depression to get a gf or atleast pussy ? I dont want to die a fucking virgin but it seems pretty grim at this point.Is there a way to pull it of in a legal way or do i have to resort to other ways of getting females ? I really dont mind that anymore

If i need to rape i would consider it because i just could kill myself afterwards

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Dear fucking lord, how old are you? Why is it that pussy is this fucking important to you? Don't you have anything else in your life?

You know its hard to see all your aquaintances getting girlfriends having sex and stuff while i dont even have any friends and absolutely no experience with females not even holding hands or shit like that

And all just because im a social cripple and depressed like shit so yeah

3 things: first of all, I ask again, how old are you? Second, if they are merely acquaintances and not friends, then why the fuck do you care what they do? Chances are you're not friends in the first place because you have different values, traits, goals, hobbies etc. so comparing yourself to them is meaningless. And finally, what exactly is it you want from a female? A loving relationship or just sexual intercourse?

Im 18 turning 19 pretty soon

I really would like a relationship but like i said its not going to happen so after all sex would be easier to achieve (still hard enough) Like i said i dont really have any meaningful relations to anyone except maybe my family

And yeah you are right comparing yourself to people is not really helping but they are lucky enough to have relationships etc so i just envy them

Then get out there and meet some people, make a dating profile, whatever, just take it slow if you want a meaningful relationship. And I mean really slow, maybe even a year before anything happens, especially in your current sex-crazed state. Put off maybe an hour a day, nothing more lest you become obsessed and nothing less otherwise you will neglect it. Try to find the balance between looking for a girlfriend and having other things in life, and if you see something that triggers that gf urge, try to control it and get away from whatever is causing it.

I really really appreciate your advice but in my current life situation there is not much i can do except sitting around and watching others lifes and dating profiles dont work for where i live and when you frmales find you ugly

Well do you maybe have any general advice on how to even approach females if there is a slight chance of them talking to you ? Or like hiding that you are socially akward

With your current attitude I would really advise that you attempt to make the dating side since there the women will all more or less know your intention from the get go. It sounds like you might already see some females as potential romantic partners before you've even begun speaking to them which ruins every chance of having a meaningful relationship. Try to approach them with the intent of making a friendship, nothing more. If you feel that chemistry after a while together (weeks, perhaps even months) then you could attempt taking it to the next level, slowly and causally. If you don't feel it then, hey, at least you will still have made a friend.

Nah i never really talked to any girl i was interested in. I just waited till they got a boyfriend and moved on so thats not really a problem

And to talk about the dating side idea

I am not kidding you and ive even tried it before you wont find any girls in my region which would be interested in me

Then just go out and talk to girls. Litterally that's all you have to do, doesn't matter if you're attracted to them or not. Just keep looking at them as friends until you have at least a stable friendship.

>social anxiety

You're socially awkward due to your depression and that makes you more depressed. You're not alone. It can hit everyone. Even chads and cuties.

Fix yourself before you go into a relationship. You can't love someone until you haven't figured out how to love yourself.


Still wondering why you can't score?

Well yeah you are right probably but that is not working for me because like i said i dont have any real possibilities to even meet girls
After thinking about it i dont know if you can really help me
But like i said above i realy appreciate that you took your time to listen to me thanks for that dude

Its a last resort and i dont really think that it is my fault

If i was allowed to experience exactly the same stuff like everyone else then i wouldnt need to think about it

I mean why should everyone have a nice gf sex and stuff except me

No problem, that's what this board is for. And if you have absolutely no way of meeting women, then get a hobby, doesn't matter what, just something you can focus on and get better at so that it can move your mind away from the relationship wishes. Anyways, hope I was at least to some help, work is calling now.

Because they maybe dont consider rape an option you inbecile fuck.

But you're not alone. You've literally received advise from me for the last hour and I only have slightly more experience with females than you. It simply isn't that important to me, I don't understand why it is to you.

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