Help me Jow Forums. I’m completely and totally in love with my close friend. I’m absolutely attracted to every aspect of her personality and body. Problem is, there’s a good chance she doesn’t feel the same way; but I don’t feel like, at the moment at least, that’s I could ever get over her. It’s not like she’s my best friend in the world, or anything, we’re just close. I think she might have something going with this really sweet guy, but I’m not sure. It’s also not like I don’t have any other girls to turn to, I think I have this one girl who flirts with me, but I don’t think I could get over this one. Should I ask her out, tell her how I feel, give up, or some other option.

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Yes or you will torture yourself.

I don't know my guy it sounds like you cant just have a friendship with her.

Go ahead and try your luck, you're crushing too hard to keep her as a friend desu.


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It's bad to risk a friendship, but if it's really eating at you, you can either avoid her or go for it. Spending time with her as a friend is just going to drive you crazy.

As a guy who is in the same boat as you, you have to consider the risk, and if you're willing to take it.
How long have you been friends for? If it's long enough, you might be able to salvage it even if she rejects you.
Is she part of your main circle?
These are things to consider.

But if she hasn't shown interest, don't say anything. Women are very transparent about their feelings. You can try to flirt or ask her to something casual like lunch and gauge her reaction. Otherwise, you have to move on for your sake.

Tell her how you feel user. Even if it blows up in your face its better than keeping it in

Same problem as OP but she said we should get lunch some time. This was 3 weeks ago. Keeps dodging the question when I try to get her to stick to a day. Like never wants to commit to the day or time. I've asked if she still wants to and she claims that she does. I'm getting to the point where I don't know what I want anymore but I would still do anything for her.

Though she did mention offhandedly that a guy she was making friends with asked her to lunch and she told him she wasn't interested. Think maybe shes scared ill do the same? She may just be as lost as I am for what she wants.

Am I the only one who wants to know how this worked out?

3 weeks is a excessive amount of time to put something off like lunch. Is she super busy? Are you school friends or work friends?

Dick pic? Or something less forward bc you don't know how walk? Tho it doesn't matter how it goes since it's probably too late unless she's weird too(unlikely. Still, even then it would likely be too late. Normie girls give people a window where they decide if they're romantically attracted to you (it's always so obvious when they are). After that widow it's too hard to change her opinion.

So you're best bet is to just tell her you want something more than to be just friends. Or don't if you can live with it. You probably can't if you really like her that much. Do you even like her that much? Maybe you're lying to yourself bc secretly you have a nasty cuckhold fetish.

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Just say "hey i like like you."

If she says yes, you're good. Otherwise follow up with "just had to say it. We're still friends of course?"

Alright fellas, OP here, here’s the scoop. I was walking into school with the girl today, it’s homecoming week at our high school so all week we have to wear costumes. Her costume today was short, hipster, red overalls with paint brushes in her pockets and she let her hair down, which she doesn’t normally do, she was adorable (doesn’t add anything to the story I just thought it was cute). Anyways, my costume was a canadian “Scott Pilgrim” look and I was wearing one of those winter hats with the strings hanging down (pic related). Basically, she grabbed them and pulled on them as a playful joke but she accidentally, maybe it wasn’t accidental idk, pulled me close to her face and I just froze. We looked directly into each others eyes and I could feel her breathing, her lips parted just a little bit...and then she really quickly pulled away. What does this mean? We’re we about to kiss? Should I go for it?

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she says she's super busy, yeah. school friends. we see one another twice a week

bih...this ain’t me
(am op)

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You guys in the same class or something? If you guys are in the same class you might be able to leverage something. I’m assuming this is undergraduate?

We have a few classes together (trig and ancient history)

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I was in a similar situation and since going out for food wasn’t going to happen I asked her if she would like to study together for the class we were taking and I was able to start spending more time with her. Eventually that led to dates etc.

Go for it user, sounds like there is something there but she’s nervous.

Confess or you'll end up hating yourself

Should I confess or just ask her out or continue the flirting?

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Everybody is busy. I'm sure you have a lot of things on your plate too. But no one is ever too busy to commit to a lunch. She's just not interested in you, man.

but then why would she suggest we go in the first place? and then say she still wants to go?

It's a social nicety. Haven't you ever told someone "we should hang out sometime" and then never follow up about it? Stop thinking about what she tells you, think about her actions instead.



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bump bc i wanna see how this turns out

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Don't risk your friendship if you're not sure. If she rejects you, your once close friendship will become awkward and she will avoid you. But an even worse outcome is if she dates you onesidedly just to make you happy. I've experienced this before and it's just too painful and sad.

Since you're posting a bunch of epic memes unironically, I can tell you're going to have fail miserably.

so what happened

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