im a college student and occasionally after class, I'll see this really cute girl. Any advice on how I should approach her when I see her again? I'd really like to talk to her, however she's always walking to her next class. How should I do this?

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>Hey do you think the holocaust happend im not quite sure tbqh

I need this advice too, so i'll just bump for you


"Hey, I'm user! :) Have you been redpilled yet on who Really did 9/11?"

The guy I'm seeing ran up to me and called me by a different name. I said no sorry wrong person and then he introduced himself. It was a smooth move.

>Hey i've seen you around and i think you look really cool/interesting. Can i have your number ?

You could just do some pussy ass route, by complimenting her on something she wears. Like hey, that looks cool. But you want to make your intentions clear.

Walk straight and confident, just ask her. Don't be a fucking sperglord and block her path or follow her. Just be open and honest.

what did he say after that ? Asked for you number or left and then you met again ?

>*blocks your path*
>heh hey X
>uh.. oh sorry im not x
>heh i knew it wasnt heh nothing personell anyways haha whats up

This just proves you can get away with anything if you are attractive.

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>i was merely pretending to be retard

He apologized and said I've seen you around, wanna hang out sometime? I agreed and we exchanged numbers. He texted me as he walked away with "nice meeting you Kate ;)" (wrong girls name)

Wow women are pathetic

I think he is attractive but sorry to burst your Jow Forums bubble, he isn't a 6ft chad.

If a hot girl walked up to you, wouldnt you do the same? Jesus, hippocrites.

No I would never violate my integrity with random filthy thots.


>hippo crites

lmao freudian slip you fat roastie

Just like that? Didn't even talk about anything else?
>bumps into you
>wrong person
>oh ive seen you around, wanna hang out?
>exchange numbers
So simple, I'm going to try this if I see her again.

Cute but not me.

Yep it kind of just happened like that. He actually jogged up to me while shouting hey Kate lol

>be attractive
>literally can get girls wet by autistically jogging up to them and yelling some random shit to their face

Do women have no shame?

I'm sure some women do have shame. It's just not as complicated as your insecure and underachieving mind makes it out to be. Take a chill pill user, simplicity can be a good thing.
If you're interested in a girl, make a move. Approach, talk, joke, get to know her, let her get to know you. It's not hard.

ofc it's that simple if you don't act like a unconfident fuckboi.
If she likes your approach and looks

>just b urself
>haha just run to her and yell at her haha i mean confidence is attractive heh

I wish you'd know what its like to be a 1/10 undesireable, you cant relate.

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If you knew what he looked like, you would probably judge him harshly like my friends did. The difference is that not all people judge purely based on physicality, but your bitter attitude alone is enough to make Christ have a 3rd coming just to beat your ass.
Grow up user, honestly.

Good thing I'm cute/handsome as fuck.

You guys are together now? Is there really a girl named kate that looks like you?

I don't think there is. He said it was an excuse and that I looked like a Kate so he called me Kate to his friends for weeks.

We are dating but taking things slow.