When is it beta to do favors to a girl?

When is it beta to do favors to a girl?

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In college, this one girl had me running around doing stupid shit for her, at the time I never heard of “redpill” and just knew I shouldn’t do these things but did hem anyway.
For example, every time we agreed to meet, she’d be an hour late and this happened twelve times, my dumbass kept letting it happen, think with your brain and it your dick!
Btw what kind of favors? If you mean like fetching shit for them then always unless you’re dating or fucking.

When you get nothing in return

Got to banter right back when a girl asks for something. It she says she wants someone, you want a reward for it. Or something like it. Keep her on her toes and make her realize its a two way street.

When it involves helping her with another guy, or if you get nothing out of it.

If you would do said favor for anyone and aren't doing it solely because she's a girl you find pretty then it isnt beta. But if you're doing ridiculous favors in hopes of getting laid and you're getting nothing in return, you're being a beta moron.

If she is noncommittal with your time and you still pursue her you're being a beta. Drop her ads and actually do something useful, ride a bike, take a walk, etcd.

always, unless she is putting out for you regularly

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>helping friends you don't have feelings for is beta?
Wow what a scumbag person.

If you feel that she's asking you these favors not out of a perception of respect for you. If you get the idea that she's dragging you around to do shit because she thinks you like her, it's very obvious of a giveaway. Some girls (Not all) DO exploit this because they try to mask it as "Oh we're just friends he knows that"

However, if you're only doing it for her because she's a girl, you probably shouldn't be doing the favor. That's pretty beta in itself.
>But I wouldn't do favors for guys
Then you're just an antisocial with no friends. If you want to help someone, the baseline drive for that should be because you're helping another human being, to perform an act of kindness to be kind. You are ruining that by thinking "Oh I better get pussy out of this" and ree'ing when you don't

I got a kiss on the cheek once for doing a favor for a girl. I wanted money but she gave me that instead.

When you gain nothing in return.


>people saying "when you get nothing in return"

This is how a beta thinks. A real man will do favors for people and help them if they need it with no expectation of recompense.

I'm never surprised at the number of betas out there crowing about Real Men this and Real Men that. Thank you for not disappoint user

When you think she's taking advantage of your interest in her. When you are doing things you wouldn't do for any normal person or for your friends. When you're letting go of boundaries and making exceptions.

I had a girl ask to borrow my multi thousand dollar camera once because she didnt have one. I told her to go rent one somewhere. In the months prior she was pretty rude to me but knew I had a thing for her (until I found out her attitude was so bad). A "beta" would have let her have the camera but I don't let anyone use it just like nobody but me is allowed to drive my car.

You must be a total idiot if you think people who do favors and expect nothing in return aren't beta. People are gonna see you as someone to be taken advantage of, why do you think girls hate "nice guys"?

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That's not really why. They don't like the use of Nice Guy as a backdoor to vaginal penetration and they don't like complete pushovers or kissups.

You're not wrong but being a good little helper dog won't get you any pussy either.

Then don't let them take advantage of you? How is this such a hard concept to grasp?

Because it's a non-factor. Doing favors is not how you get laid and any girl who says they like a guy who does shit for other people, is doing that thing where they rationalize who they're attracted to by focusing on their good qualities, the same way that when they say they actually do like nice guys, what they mean is that they like when a guy they're attracted to is nice. Doing favors isn't likely to turn a girl off, unless you're obviously supplicating. Even then, if you are nice, people read into it too much and think you're supplicating when really, there's things that people are willing to do that don't feel like they are "giving" anything, i.e. I offer people free rides to work and such all the time, because I like driving and find any excuse to do it.

If she did't ask you to do those favors and your do it anyway without expecting nothing in return is not beta but if she asks you and it is something ridiculous you are a beta. Women thing like animals, if they see they can control you they won't respect you but if they see they can't control you, they will respect you and it will be easier to have them. This happens on everything, you are not affair of a dog because you can control it but you run away from a lion because you cant control it.

>assuming their friends

Why would you do that?
OP never said they're friends.

I don't get how you say you run from something you can't control, right after saying a lack of control turns women on.

always. never white knight. women dont respect nice guys, they respect men who playfully make fun of them. girls enjoy being dominated and fucked


Favors in the beginning should be SMALL. like hey here's a coffee. Or a ride to the library.

And favors should be returned.

If you have done multiple favors for a woman and gotten nothing in return, you are getting played son.

If you do it because she is your friend then it's okay, but if you're constantly doing it because you're hoping she notices your affection, or if she avoids doing any favors for you (no matter how small), then you're a beta.

When she does not return ANY favors back for you, for example if you buy a bitch food and she refuses to give you a ride to work in her free time.

if she is not returning any favors you need to change up your game asap and become more aggressive.

You do favors "for" a girl. And all favors are Beta unless your dick is in her mouth on the regs negro

When you don't want to.

What kids like you who use this silly terminology don't get is that "betas" are the ones who adjust their behaviour to get validation or out of fear to stand out, while "alphas" just do whatever the fuck they want. It's not some "nice" vs "asshole" shit.

This pretty much.

She needs to put out FIRST, you don't start doing favors in hopes for it.
Don't make yourself available at all times and don't fav her shit on social media, she'll just write you off as an orbiter.
Make her work for your attention, and let her know your time is not to be wasted.

I don't know the intent of everyone writing here, but let's say you decide to pay for lunch for your friends.
There is no sexual or other favors on the table, you just do this because you want to be nice.
Obviously there is an expectation that they will someday return the favor, and invite you to something. It is not a zero sum game where every cent you spend on them should get back to you, but if they never do anything for you when you are giving them everything, they take advantage of you and you cut them out of your life.
If I invite them to an expensive restaurant and they invite me to a homecooked meal, I won't get upset over spending more money than them, I just enjoy their company.

As for female friendships, maybe even a crush, you might do favors just to get to spend more time with them.
Say you work together on a project in school, you may spend time teaching or doing stuff she could learn on her own.
The in return expectation is that she wants this too.
Obviously if you expect a blowjob for getting her coffee one time, you are delusional.
But you could expect her to drink it with you and talk to her.