So uhh... how exactly do I have sex? Like how do I perform the act?

So uhh... how exactly do I have sex? Like how do I perform the act?

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Have her ride you it’s easier,also don’t spazz out and say some shit like how this feels just like a pocket pussy but better

That's quite a high compliment though? Especially if the pocket pussy is modeled after your favorite porn star.

Once you feel those warm, wet, velvet walls, all you'll know how to do is thrust your hips.

> women
> women wanting to fuck dudes who can name all the porn stars in bang chick bang number 5
One is of a much smaller variety my friend

weenis goes into wajina

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Put your dick in a blender to get the blood flowing

Dear virgin,

Do not show fear, women can smell that and it’s not sexy. Rather be honest about it being your first time but be confident about it. Also, do not confuse overdone porn flicks with real life situations because they couldn’t be further apart!!! Furthermore, do not connect the act with feelings, love and sex are two different things but since it’s your first time, make it count and make it special! Try to stay relaxed, be prepared, be safe and enjoy!!! It’s pretty self explanatory once you get as far as you should to even call it sex ;) good luck...
ps. Don’t just count on her being on the pill!!!

Just observe vanilla porn. Make sure you have a good grip of her body when going in, or if you're that afraid, lay down and let her do the work. Whatever you do, just don't imitate the dialogue in porn such as, "You like that? You like my cock in your pussy?"

Make sure u finger her first.

You insert you pee pee in her vegina. Thrust hips until pee pee make big cum cum

>love and sex are two different things

Nevermind that oxytocin is released post orgasm

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What don’t you understand about it? You can love without sex and you can have sex without love.. that simple. Oxytocin release is just a nice side effect. And change your slutty picture into smt more decent so ppl can take you seriously ;) but you’re pretty.. don’t sell yourself too cheap :)

He's right, although I'd wager for the wrong reasons.
>" The results of these investigations suggest that romantic love and sexual desire are governed by functionally independent social-behavioral systems that evolved for different reasons and that involve different neurochemical substrates.

>Nevermind that oxytocin is released post orgasm
I'm glad you brought this up--this is, I'd imagine, a huge reason why fornicators shoot themselves in the foot, because they are conflating the hormone-driven lust with actual love for a person, and when this honeymoon phase wears off and they only have underdeveloped love to fall back on, the relationship is much more likely to drift apart.

This is another reason why waiting until marriage can be so effective--you're confirming that you actually love a person for who they are BEFORE you solidify the pair bond.

Please remember to grind a bit, it helps me cum. Just regular pounding doesn’t work. I agree about the girl on top but a girl new to sex isn’t really going to feel comfortable on top. Kiss her and kiss and gently suck her neck before penetration. Touching her body before is good too.

Gotta try the milk before you buy the cow, bruh

>marriage is sex
No. Any problems that could arise can easily be discussed beforehand without any of these retarded analogies trying to excuse your subhuman impulses.
It's a statistical fact that "trying the milk" is only going to be self-destructive to the relationship and ultimately yourself, and this is leaving aside the obvious point that women aren't objects nor should they be compared to them.

The notion that fornication improves relationship prospects in any way is pure unsubstantiated bullshit that only became acceptable thanks to the determined efforts of degenerates 50 years ago--and now everyone goes along with it like the unthinking beasts they are. Not only is this platitude meaningless as an argument, it's dead wrong.

Sorry dude, I think you just need to get laid...

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It bridges the gap tho. Sex with love and love with sex is ultimate

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Not an argument

Foreplay, if you can convince her to let you blindfold her, bonus points, she won't have to look at your clueless face.
Touch her, you should be gentle but confident, if you start shaking you're fucked, just ask if it's cold in there and excuse yourself saying you are coming down with a cold.
Make out, master breathing, don't breathe into her mouth and if you feel like you can't get enough air with your nose just move your face to reach for her ear and take that opportunity to breathe, not directly over her skin.
Find out what a clit it and get your fingers in there, tiny little circles can go no wrong.
Bend her over, and I do mean bend her over, get her in all fours, then pull her arms behind her back, her face should be pressed on the mattress.
Don't try to be clever and tease her asshole, you are not ready for that.
See that slit? You stick your cock in there, more towards the asshole side and not so much the clit side.
Then you just start working your hips, don't just go back and forth, roll them around a little, and don't fall on the trap of talking the speed up to 11.
If you worked her clit nicely she might cum before or about the same time as you, if you cum first keep on going and you better not go soft.
Don't forget to fondle her ass and spank her, unless you are not confident enough to spank her, spanking is not as easy as it looks it takes a lot of "touch" to know exactly where and with how much force to spank a woman, most of them like that, also grab her by the hips and trace your fingers along her spine, you might also wanna pull her hair and grab onto it.

Everytime my gf tries to ride me my dick slips out, how to fix that?

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If your a chick take pants off lay on your back and spread legs wider than the width of the man your with. If man, take your girls pants off, have her lay on back, spread her legs, put your erect penis in her vagina. If OP, take pants off, spread cheeks, look over shoulder and say "I've never used grindr before"

You know, left, down, rotate 62°, engage rotor

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