Be me

>Be me
>Meet up with old friend from high school a couple of years ago
>We fuck
>Over the next couple of years we develop a really good relationship (not dating)
>I do want to date her
>She said she loves me, but she's not quite ready for dating yet
>She was a domestic abuse victim so she wasn't really ready to trust anyone like that
>Be cool with it
>She did mention that she did want another kid eventually (she had a daughter with said guy)
>According to her doctor, she has to have kids by 35 or else her eggs dry up
>Okay whatever
>Over the years I move out of my parents house, and get a really good job
>About a few months ago she starts bring up the discussion of kids again
>I told her for one, we weren't dating officially, plus I wasn't finanically quite ready for kids yet because I just started out in my career field
>She keeps saying "I want one outside of marriage and a relationship. I wanna try something different"
>I also mention that her current job doesn't pay well, so she should work on that first before having another kid
>Then she starts reeeeeeeeeeee-ing at me
>She keeps giving me ultimatums
>Keep telling her we're not finanically ready for kids and kids are fucking expensive
>She keeps saying "We'll be okay, we'll find away"
>"Okay user, we're not dating, so don't get mad if I get pregnant by someone else"
>Come last week
>Some guy starts coming to her house and is "her friend"
>Later find out that said guy did get her pregnant
>Get kinda upset because me and her traveled a lot, I introduced her to my parents, became friendly with her family, and we became very close and she decided to throw all that away because "muh baby fever".
>"Well user, I told you so you shouldn't get mad"
>I'm legit getting punished for being financially responsible

I stopped being upset because she seems nuts, but did I really do anything wrong? She legit has trouble paying her own bills and she kept going on about wanting another kid.

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You did everything right imo except sticking yo dick in that craziness to begin with. Move on and thank god she showed her true colors before you got in a relationship/got married.

I mean, it's not really the fact that she's fucked another guy, it's more so that I introduced her to my family. I guess it's more of a "she disrespected me" thing.

are you fucking retarded? cut contact with this girl and stop wasting your time.

She did warn you so I guess being mad at this point is kind of dumb but no you didn't do anything wrong having a kid with her would've been retarded. You're better off.

Your only mistake is not cutting the bitch off earlier.

You dodged that psycho bullet like Neo, my negro

>"she disrespected me"

I think you should word it as i just lost some more self respect i didnt think i still had.

>"I want one outside of marriage and a relationship. I wanna try something different"
Sounds to me like she wanted to have all the joys of having a kid while passing off all the incredibly hard responsibilities of one onto you.

Yep. You were financially responsible. But she had and obligation too. Her biological clock was ticking, she had no choice. If you were jot ready for kids when she needed you to be. That's why ur out of luck bud. Too bad.

>did I really do anything wrong?
Started a serious relationship with a girl who has a kid already.

Oh here's the kicker: she said she wasn't even sure if she was gonna stay with the guy that got her pregnant. I think she just wanted to get a kid out of a dude because "muh biological clock".

Every girl in my town is a thot, dated the same dude for a million years, or got married when they were 20. Slim pickings.

Then move

user, I think I'm just gonna focus on myself and my career. If I get pussy along the way, cool; but I'm not gonna commit to anyone for a long time.

>She legit has trouble paying her own bills and she kept going on about wanting another kid.

Classic woman for you, get rid of her seriously.

There's a woman that lives not far from me, 3 kids, all living off welfare, what little money they get she blows on stupid shit.
The kids legit starve, social security doesn't give a shit.
Cunt is almost 50, get's a 20 something arab guy for a boyfriend, guy gets with the dry hag for residence.
She's afraid he'll go away, decides getting the 4th kid is a great idea.
All dried up nothing springs, gets all the money she can get to pay for ultra expensive fertility treatment... other kids still hungry.
Gets pregnant of the 4th.

Seriously, the one in your life only seemed to warm up to you as soon as you started to show earning potential, go find out who that guy that knocked her up is and you'll see he probably makes some decent money, she's just monkey branching trying to find a supporter, and that domestic abuse is probably bullshit.

Remember, 2 alimony checks from 2 fathers is more than 1 check from a guy for 2 kids.

>kid with another guy
>pregnant with a different another guy
move on, fast, especially if you live in one of those retarded states where the chick can become your "common law wife" just by living with her. Get the fuck out, don't look back

>she seems nuts
and you aren't? She's been upfront about everything and yet you keep thinking she's the one for you. All the time you have wasted and its not her fault.

You just lucked out you fucking retard. Girl has trouble paying bills wants to have a kid outside of a relationship? You have a decent job? She wants you for your money idiot. One night of sex and she could have up to half your paycheck depending on where you live and how much you make.
The thing you did wrong was ever thinking this girl truly liked you or it would be a good relationship. Move on. Now.

>Get kinda upset
dumb the bitch

You stuck your dick crazy user,to too bad. What's worse you caught emotions for crazy too

OP here. The domestic abuse thing was legit. She has scars. And I'm actually doing better than the other guy. I work in IT and he is a stock boy for some farm supply store. She simply wanted a kid outta somebody.