I want to get rid of my girlfriend

I don't actually trust her in the least, or any woman for that matter, to not cheat and cuck me.

Personally for years I've always kept at least 3 fuckbuddies on rotation and didn't give a shit about any of them.

But my faggot friends kept guilt tripping me about "settling down" but I cut them off and they just bombarded me with calls and malls till I caved

Its been 4 months of not having other girls on the back burner and putting all my eggs in one basket should I just fucking ghost this bitch?

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>I don't trust women to not cheat
>So i cheat

w e w

She's probably cucking you right now retard. Break up with her and move on

So you're a genuine cuckold eh?

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You like to watch, don't you.

Her getting filled by another man's thick root makes you feel alive, doesn't it?

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1v1 me jabroni fuckboi

Your brain is broken and you're a male Thot. Are You proud of yourself, OP?


>should I just fucking ghost this bitch?
You're the one fucked in the head, your gf is the innocent party here and not a bitch. However, if you prefer to be single that fine but be honest and tell her instead of taking the cowards way out and disappearing. You blame her and your friends for your bad decision.

Just break up with her move on with your life and so she can move on with hers. If you're not going to be honest be fair.

>If you're not going to be honest be fair.
If only women did this too

>if other people are shit that means it's ok for me to he shit

>thinking playing by the rules and being a good little boy goes far in life
>thinking the world punishes misdeeds appropriately

Oh honey, you've got so much to learn.

Well it's coming from woman so theres hope

Kek, guaranteed you're no older than 16

1vs1 and you're watching, right?

>y-you must be a teenager

yes that's it keep going

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Lol doesnt matter my when I cant prove it

I'm happy for your ex, she can fuck now whoever she wants without having to worry that her retarded bf will keep asking her to let him watch

>replies to the wrong person

>believes another person can't be trusted not to cheat.
>doesn't investigate or just snoop a bit to put these allegations to rest.
>just cheats instead because another person's suspected ans unsubstantiated possibility of moral failing gives me permission to be an asshole.
>makes a thread about being an asshole on Jow Forums
>breaks off a committed relationship cause some anonymous fag said to.
>acts like that's not a sign of being a beta hoe.

you can fuck off, I will reply to whoever I want to

>OP always kept at least 3 fuckbuddies on rotation
>a committed relationship
user, you tripping

That's true. But I'll bet it was a committed relationship on her end.

Regardless, she is better off alone than dating a piece of shit manchild cuck like op

Oh yeah, obviously. I mean, if OP's cheating just on the OFF CHANCE she is, and broke up with her cause some user said to, then there are clearly way better catches.

Just break up and stay single and honest.


Holy shit yes its working

It's not about what the world wants, but what you want. I don't expect a reward for being good.

Leave her so she can find someone who isn't a piece of shit.