I got a boyfriend and very much care for him...

I got a boyfriend and very much care for him, been with him for a while now but there is a super cute guy at my job and I'd like to speak to him...I even had a dream of him and my attraction grew even more

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Is this fucking troll post? I dont know anymore.

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Or, you can talk to me, OP.

it is a troll post.

Could you not

I really am so attracted to him I tremble just talking to him

You will tremble when i punch your face you whore. Now send me nudes you harlot.

Might as well lay back on a table at work and spread your legs cause obviously this guy is not going to stop shitposting about you til he fills you up with baby juice.

Hey I'd honestly would, he's cute

Come back when you're sober

I am ): I want him to keep approaching me

Oh so you also make the fucking smiley faces here

Son I am disappoint

OP if you want to fuck this dude then at least have the dignity to break it off with your bf before. Nobody deserves to get cucked.

All too true. Got cucked once when my ex decided she'd had enough of men and decided to scissor some chick from her ceramics class.

This is a test and you're already failing. Cheaters have to take the first step to begin their journey. Turn back now or lose your soul.

Guy in the pic looks like he needs to shit

Whatever faggot

Most likely a troll post, but anyway...

Youre attracted to the other guy. Instead of being selfish and using your current boyfriend as a safety net, just bite and break up with him. If one guy is enough to make you think differently, then think of the next guy showing up. Just end it and save the man from yourself.

Why are men makings these threads? are they cucks?

Kill yourself worthless pathetic whore.

Break up with the bf and go live your dreams.