Pic related

>pic related
>still lonely
>still ugly
>still only one friend
>still actively excluded by people socially

Why even bother, honestly. People are so fickle, it seems like unless you've got 'the knack' for people you're consigned to a life of loneliness no matter what. How do you make people want to be around you?

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Is there any way you can use that money to improve your appearance? Not necessarily plastic surgery, but buying stylish clothes, skin care products and getting a cool hairstyle.

I'd love to tell you that appearance doesn't matter, but that's not how things work.

I honestly find it very interesting that a good chunk of the population constantly seek attention and need validation for their life. A friend of mine is like that, I never got used to it and thought it was over reacting for a long time. But overtime I came to understand people more and more and realized how different we live our life.

One person is a NPC that needs others to validate they are not NPC. Others are self-functioning being and can live out by themselves.

As a NPC, such as yourself, your constant need can be affixed by being around other NPC more and diminishing the NPC effect on your identity.

Buy a nice car, chicks won't give a fuck what you look like

If you want to kill yourself I’ll take the money off your hands OP. And I won’t be a whiny fuck.

I'm not that ugly, I'm just very average looking. I just have social status that requires me to chase attractive women, and don't have the looks to back it up. Especially now I'm aging. Realistically yes, I should just hit the gym and go shopping more, but looking good still leaves me sitting alone at home looking good. Being at the ass-end of my 20's it really seems impossible to make good, close, genuine friendships.

Because there's only so much you can get out of life without exploring relationships with other people, and eventually you realize that all the escapisms that would otherwise leave you content with your isolation are really a callow substitute for the richness of experiencing life with a group of people around you that care for you and want to share their experience of life with you as well; whether they are a collection of close friends, or a partner.

Redpilled post. Focus on yourself, OP. The rest will follow.

I'll take 20k off your hands. I need it for my loan. Thanks.

>Because there's only so much you can get out of life
Only a NPC would think like this. Seriously. Even a life of a single ant is filled with mysteries that human mind cannot comprehend. A single full human being has so much experience in life by themselves there isn't enough lifetime to digest it all.

Do you get it? The problem isn't you aren't an interesting person, the problem is you're not looking hard enough at yourself. The key to a fulfilled life is living the life of as an awakened one. Material goods, external relationships, even the clinging to features of the body is just a side show. The real life can only be had internally, in your own mind.

If all you're doing is seeking that experience outside, you'll simply be a slave to your other and have no will of your own. This is why I call these type of people NPC. They cannot function by themselves.

While looks and bank account (which isn't even "in-your-face-impressive" unless you're really young) can be great boosters if you personality isn't attractive, it's all worthless. You don't need any fucking "knack" for people; just don't be completely off-putting. So it's really curious how you managed that just one guy can stand being around you. Any details? Why doesn't he/she invite you to hang with their friends?

Based and redpilled.

You're average looking in your late 20's and almost 300k in the bank and still can't get pussy?

You need a lot of work...

Before anything forget about anything meaningful, if you haven't got anyone yet, you won't, thots will want you for your money, you wanna get laid you use that money and social status.


You say fuck up and you stop depending your happiness on female validation, enjoy yourself (don't mean necessarily fapping) and you spend that money on you and things you like, besides pussy.

There's a lot of hole in this world, and sometimes over a tiny hole you can find yourself in a big hole, so don't be that guy.

Someone craving validation from others is one of the worst way to live a life. Its basically a child's mindset. Someone that always seeks a daddy/mommy's attention. Never being truly independent and living the life for themselves.

At this point in life, you're simply a prisoner.

The point of the money isn't that it's impressive, it's that it represents opportunity - such as the opportunity to not live the life of a wageslave; to travel; to enjoy materialism; to facilitate experiences with other people.

He's the last person I'm in touch with from high school. We're best friends. We both get one another. We both got wealthy young, have a taste for fine things in life, and indulge in similar vices. His friends are my friends from high school; we had a falling out. He wasn't friends with them in high school. I'm not invited to any of their gatherings cause I'm not one of the 'cool kids' from high school and they will never see me away from that light despite being a completely different person. He's also actively social, while I let social anxiety isolate me from all the people I was close with in high school/when we were younger.

I can get pussy; my bodycount is in the 40's. I'm tired of thots. Casual sex is leaving me hollow and after each encounter now leaves me feeling worse than before, because it just makes me long for a real, meaningful connection with someone. I've been single 3 years and all the women I've met that thought I was good enough to date, I didn't want to date, and all the ones I wanted to date I wasn't good enough for.

I'm not seeking validation from women (or anyone else). Validation is not the same thing as sharing a meaningful connection, sharing experiences, sharing a life. This isn't about validation. It's about wanting to explore a facet of life - having meaningful relationships with other people - that I've mostly neglected or shunned through life up to this point.

I don't just want yes men to validate me. I want to have people in my life that mean something to me, and that I mean something to back. Not just hollow acquaintances. Whether that's a romantic relationship, or a friendship. I don't want to feel isolated anymore.

I've never needed attention, because it's always seemed to me it's inherently temporary by nature; therefore it's always in my interest to be as self-sustained as possible or else I'll be counting on things that will someday not be there.

But my dad died when I was very young, and that really fucked me up famalamadingdong. It forced me to be emotionally detached and to generally laugh at life and through that I found people very much enjoyed the alleviation of life's woes that I brought with me.

There is no key simpler than that you have to learn how to live for yourself, by yourself. Counting on-- much less needing-- a partner or dependant in life is a great way to render yourself helpless. Like this.

With 270k I'd be in school, pursuing a career while having a house paid or paid towards, as well as having a nest egg. I would also be able to update appliances and fix up the house to better order, and I could have it done professionally to the utmost.
It's important to recognize that you are the first step of your problem, and you must overcome the obstacles you set forth for yourself.

Do something with it that makes you happy and appeals to your values. Help an animal shelter maybe volunteer somewhere. Just be more active in general would probably help.

>to travel; to enjoy materialism; to facilitate experiences with other people.
Nothing stops wage-cucks from it. They can't go on as freely about it but that just increases the importance of the experience.

>while I let social anxiety isolate me from all the people I was close with in high school/when we were younger
Well, therapy is a thing. Also what did you even do to meet new people? If you're not a completely asocial fuck who actively avoids people, it shouldn't be nearly as hard to find someone just while living your life.

>my dad died when I was very young, and that really fucked me up famalamadingdong. It forced me to be emotionally detached and to generally laugh at life
Mein Neger.

>Mein neger
Nothing holds the same value that other people seem to see, to me, for most things. I've been dealing with the simple truth that I will outlive, or be outlived by anyone and anything I consider support.
Therefore, for me to gain consistent support, I have to provide it for myself. Anything else is leaving me at the mercy of circumstances, of which I am no fan.

Dear op: I have been struggling with money and anxiety and depression and not being wanted by woman, I have been feeling better, what worked for me was stopping drinking and smoking, then sports, I even got a cute girlfriend who happens to be a wheatly MD., what I still struggle with is money, I have debts and I'm fucking tired of if, I want to start a business, but lack the capital... So if you want to know any details, let me know

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>Financially sound
>lonely with one friend
>no mention of having any hobbies or being part of any clubs.
If you're struggling to fit in, get a job, join an activity club or sign up to meetups and talk to people until you stop being a social outcast.

you've got me beat OP, as of yesterday my liquid net worth just reached $268,389.02 at the age of 25

be glad you at least got to have sex
I never will

What did you do to acquire that wealth?
Did you study something and made yourself valuable if so what was it that you studied?
How did you grow your money?

i know someone who spews the same rhetoric as you and he has weekly mental breakdowns
just another NPC

i will be your friend genuinely user. for a one time price of 3k after a year of our friendship :) lol

I feel your pain. I've basically neeted it up for a couple of years before I got tired of that and started going out. I've gotten girls since my neet days but the bitches can smell money so I've basically dumped them after a few dates and haven't found any love yet. These days I just build model ships and play with ham radio.

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howed you get it though?

bitcoin + inheritance. the other half is in managed stocks and i the house i live in i inherited

man you are lucky.

>What did you do to acquire that wealth?
I got a full ride to engineering, graduated on time, and lived frugally
I inherited nothing and I certainly didn't speculate on shitcoins

>How did you grow your money?
stocks and bonds

>Look guies I know how to edit webpages!

I have hobbies, I have a good career. I hate confected social interaction like meetups etc. It feels so unnatural. That's part of the problem, I want to have real, genuine relationships with people that want me just because I add to their life, not just find other desperate lonely people.

The OP pic is just my cash holding right now, I'm between investments and really need to find a few places to stash about $250k. All up it's a little over $400k.

Mostly plow my money into ETF's and mutual funds. Currently targeting Japan and SEAsia outside of local holdings. Budget is for a 10% return, I'm doing a little better than that at the moment thanks to one fund pulling in 18%. Cash is held at 3%.

About half of it was inherited, the other half, have a well paying engineering job and very low cost of living.

Its not even that
Ive tried to be a normie but in the end everyone of those fuckers is as lonely as you are sure thet have the company of other normies but they cant trust each other thise friendships are superficial based on alcohol when given the chance they would betray you in a heartbeat