My girlfriend of 8 1/2 years moved out on me a few months back. I cut contact w/ her about a week ago because I followed advice I received on this board.
And I appreciate all the advice.
She cheated on me 6 1/2 years ago and I never truly got over it.
I would ask her 'what did you do today?' when we hadn't seen each other and it eventually wore on her,
I still love her madly, and I wanted to settle down and start a family w/ this woman. She's 7 years younger than me, so maybe we're just on different paths... But I don't want that.
The thing is, we work together. She's had the job 10 years, I've had it 13. I have to see her everyday. She just came in w/ her 3rd new tattoo since we broke up, since that seems to be all she cares about now.
She put wrote a note saying she's cutting off my ComEd/Nicor, which I already had switched over days ago.
I can't take this. I love her. I'm trying to stay strong, but she's just going to ignore me away until one of us gets a new job.
After 8 1/2 years, she acts like nothing happened.

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What advice did you take the first time?
Have you tried talking to her since?
Have you considered therapy?

I told her how I feel. That I don't want to 'date' anymore, because that's what we were doing even after she moved out. And that I would only talk to her if she wants to get back together.
Haven't talked to her since...
It's horrible.
I have considered it. I just don't want to be out on pills

*put on pills

go fuck ten other women

I can't even bring myself to do that. I think of her too much

She's fucking dead dude. She's gone. That person doesn't exist anymore. Move on.
Go fuck ten other women.

There's multiple angles to approach this from but it sounds like you want someone to tell you to make it work or something along those lines. You could go full /b/tard greentext story and slowly drive her insane over the weeks by messing with her in a way that could not be traced back to you (assuming you work in an environment that would support this) putting tiny toy frogs in her work space or moving items on her every few days for months until she quits. You could open up to management and ask them to keep an eye open for you about relocation opportunities. You could also start going to therapy if you don't, being able to talk out your stress with a doctor would probably make each day more tolerable. You could be shopping your resume around while you do any of these as well to try and get something else but I'm assuming you like your job since you've been there for 13 years so while it's not optimal there's always that one in a million chance you get a better opportunity.

>My girlfriend of 8 1/2 years
>She cheated on me 6 1/2 years ago
Congratulations on wasting a tenth of your adult life

You should also consciously remind yourself that you are only human and emotional attachment is normal, especially for any of the reasons you can provide, but that doesn't mean you need to actively spend time and thought power on thinking about how terrible this situation is, acknowledge it's a temporary point in your life that will be overcome if you put in the effort to find a new thing or person to fill the void.

while not advice or helpful in any way, i'll give you a (You)

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I just hate the fact that she's going to give birth to and raise someone else's children. Not mine.
Someone else is going to stare into her eyes until their life ends. Not me.
I feel like I'm pretending when I try to get over it

I appreciate your advice greatly. I know this is over. I guess I just need to cry to a fucking therapist. That's my answer

Try hitting her

I totally agree w/ this too. I wasted my life and her life. I should have let her go when she did that. But I wanted her and still want her so bad. It's bullshit

Yea that's really it then man you don't need advice you just need time to get over some thot who all but ruined your life. Cry in therapy and get ready to cash a new lease on life, find a better woman or do whatever you want instead. Imagine if you did have kids and she cheated again and you'd feel even worse than you did the last 6 years and (obviously idk your moral integrity as a would be father but I imagine everyone would-) have to constantly debate yourself over leaving her and the kids, fighting for them, or staying with her and going insane. It's not worth the angst, just finish your big plate of shit that life served you and get ready for the next dessert.

this nigga knows what's good
hit women

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You're awesome! That's good advice.
It just takes a lot of time and I'm going to have to watch her improve all the while

believe you're better than her even if you're not, you probably are. speaking from experience on that one.

>acts like nothing happened
Key word 'act'-- she's busy trying to forget you too and the moving-on is part of it.

True. She even told me a few months ago that she's distracting herself from me. WTF?!

I know I am. She's just gorgeous and I'm an ugly, intelligent, older dude. I dunno if I'll ever get a girl like this again. But a pretty face can only go so far, I guess.

Because good memories that no longer hold true in reality will make just about anyone sad. It's a reflection of what you cannot have.

I just know I could have made things better if I'd have known she would really leave me. She never fell to her knees and told me she loves me after she cheated. But I did that for her after she moved out on me. Behind my back I might add. She lived w/ me for a month and a half planning to leave w/out talking about it.
She signed a lease and everything and then I came home from work to all of the shit gone in the house. Outrageous...

I guess that's a plus

dude that cunt isnt worth shit to you.
You want her back cause you want things to be as they were but that ship has sailed.
Move on.
There are plenty of whores to fuck and precious Beautiful angels to meet.
She is gonna die old and alone with a bunch of cats cause she was too stupid to see what her worth is.

She is gonna regret this ahahaahah.
Go fins your buddies and have a cold one and try and fuck a couple sluts.
Go to a strip joint who the fuck cares dude.
She took out the trash and left you with a Fresh start.
The old cunt smell will stick around for a while but open a window and it'll be gone in no time.
^hey look there's a window right here

|/| |
^opened it for ya

dammit i fucked it up.
Ah well win some you lose some.

We all have that one who got away. Truthfully? You'll never get over it but you'll be immune to the pain.