Tell me about the last date you went on Jow Forums

Tell me about the last date you went on Jow Forums

Did you learn anything from it?

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>If you're a workaholic do not date girls with the >same profession - you quickly become boring

I went on a date.
t. 26 khv

My last date with my girl was a movie night. The movie itself wasn't bad. We liked it, but we did snicker at the silly parts. We sat at the back because we're edgy as fuck(not really). My girl was thirsty af for the female lead. She's Bi btw. After the movie we walked from the theater to the nearby pier. It was night so all the minnows, and the fish feeding on them, were night the lights. We walked along and at one point stopped just to watch the fishes. I held her there as we just chatted for a while. We then walked to a nearby public art exhibit where a taco truck is setup 24/7. We got like 8 hotdogs. They were cheap af and the bacon wrapped kind. From there we just walked all the way back to our place. Talking along the way about a bunch of stuff. Oh! We stopped by a park along the way and decided to raid the playground. It was like 1AM by this point so nobody was around. We swung on the swings, climbed onto the rope nets and jumped around the jungle gyms. She made me do a bunch of pull ups and stuff on the bars. My arms got tired from it, but at least she found it hot. By the time we got home we just wanted to sleep. Thinking on it, it was actually a really nice date. Damn do I love my wife. She's awesome.

Lucky you.
t. 26 khhd(dateless)v

>she turned out to be SJW; I was "pretty good for a straight, white cis male"
Only the white male part is really true anyway, but I wasn't really there to argue with her
I ghosted. Nothxz man, I got better shit ta do than be judged for shit I ain't got any agency over whatsoever

>the lesson: social justice warriors.... not even once

We ate at my place and watched a movie on netflix. It ended in sex and then she confessed she cheated on me with her ex by kissing him. We were engaged. I ended the relationship because I had always caught her texting dudes all of the time and I thought she was cheating. It was fucked up and I loved her to some degree. I later told her I was in love with a girl much more than her and I didn't realize it until then. So I guess what I learned was to be more open about my emotions to her in general because I stayed with her for about 2 more dates or fuck meetings I should say before I cut contact. She wanted to be fuck buddies but I told her I couldn't be with her after her cheating while engaged. It wasn't as tough as most people thought it would be but I learned to be a better person from it by being honest to myself; I wasn't quite ready for commitment myself and she had crossed a line that I wasn't comfortable with when she had been saying for months she loved me and wanted to marry. I was 18 and it ended. It turns out it was wise to listen to my inner wisdoms of the time and found a cheating vid on the internet 6 years later randomly on XNXX with my ID in it. It had gone missing during our relationship for about a week when she would sleep over. Yup, I dodged a bullet with that one. I might have AIDS from her because she fucked a black dude. That's life.

The last date I went on was about four years ago (it was also the first and only date I've ever been on) and it was terrible. She talked literally the entire fucking time. Nonstop. I think during the entire date I said two sentences worth of words. It was like what I had to say didn't really matter. There was no second date.

Now I'm still a fat 30 year old nerd who's never had a girlfriend and has to rely on strippers and escorts to get that touch. I, despite my moderate material success, am a fucking loser.

I stepped way outside my comfort zone and asked a girl for her number. Against all odds she seemed into it and actually responded to my texts. We wound up getting breakfast together and chatting. It was kind of awkward but overall I had a good time and was looking forward to getting to know her better. I paid the check and returned to the table, and she immediately proceeded to tell me that while I was a 'cool guy' she didn't see this going anywhere romantically. I'd never wanted to crawl out of my skin more than in that moment.

All I really learned from the experience is that I'd rather not do that to myself again.

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Never been on a date. Probably never will.

I don't recommend it. It's awkward as fuck.

Oh yeah. Entertaining females is an arduous task I take no pleasure in. I've yet to meet one that does not annoy me, and I'd rather not be bothered with them.

I learned that males are generally very boring and put a play mask on during dates.

Went out for sushi and to watch my hero academia in theaters last night. He paid for everything, snuck a small bottle of Jack into our shared coke with popcorn.

He got laid. A bunch.

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jesus, that was what... four years ago? that was my first and last date so far.

she was like me in all the ways i didn't appreciate - neurotic, introverted, stubborn, and just plain unreasonable sometimes. we'd get along just fine in the morning and argue about the stupidest shit at night. all the time. it got tiring.
she called it off after a week but we ended up still flirting with each other for the next two months. never went anywhere beyond handholding and kisses on the cheek.

i guess i learned i don't wanna be with someone that's too much like me. i also don't want others to be with someone like me. currently trying to improve myself before i play the game again.

I've learned that women are boring as fuck and if it wasn't for wanting to put my penis in their vagina I'd never interact with them at all.

Well I choose not to interact with men at all because of this. They can't even provide anything worthwhile. Not even sex.

Well toots we aren't really missing out on much are we?

Coffee with a really fucking lovely girl. I learned I'm a bit too nice and not mean/flirty enough. Got another chance with her next week tho

She was fucking crazy.

Went to the movies and she was hilariously terrified of the crappy horror movie. We made out a bit which was not bad. She's just a really really weird girl. Tried to convince me to run through some sprinklers with her late at night while her ride was waiting. The ride who by the way came with us to the theatre. I feel bad for the guy he got cucked really hard because he drives her around expecting to maybe get some. I feel bad because I made him third wheel really hard since she and I were kissing and stuff. We did leave at one point during the movie so we could be in private. But we won't be seeing each other again.
It made me learn that I am a more valuable commodity than I had thought and I shouldn't be selling it out to trashy girls

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Definitely not

I thought it was going to be a date but I guess it wasn't. I assumed it wasn't as soon as I saw that the chick showed up wearing the least flattering clothes she could find, with her hair in a probably intentionally unattractive braid, and with no makeup. It was the opposite of what I was dreaming of (I had a huge crush on that girl). My excitement turned into a giant disappointment.
We had a chat but it wasn't that great, though it helped that I wasn't in the mood anymore. After we went to our homes I texted her a (sarcastic) "I had a good time, we should do this again" but she replied with some random topic.
Idk if I learned anything other than "always expect the worse".

>has tons of sex but can't find "love"
I wish this stupid trope would end

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I've only been with one girl lmao and it was in the confines of a solid, long term relationship

I got rejected...

Date 4 I had held her hand while we were at the park, and "date" 5 she said she only wanted to stay friends and said she realized it while I held her hand. She was ridiculously innocent and that was the first time she had held anyone's hand let alone go on a date, so I don't think there was much I could've done. She probably will have to open up more with guys she sees in the future...

In the meanwhile, any mistakes I may have made were looking like a crazy person. I remember saying "I wish we got to hang out more" and immediately regretted saying that because she followed up with a "I mean we see each other like once a week"

Oh sorry, I was talking about the pic and getting mad at it, probably for no reason. I should have read your post.

ohh haha got it. It is a good pic tho. I love the dude's "well it just feels like I took two hours and burnt it"

Gfu user have a (you)

But yeah I actually agree with you totally. I find people just try to force relationships with people they date. My philosophy is to just stay single until I'm swept off my feet and other people would be way happier if they did that instead of just dating and having countless sex partners non-stop

It made me feel like a chad no doubt but I also never brushed my teeth more vigorously that night

Never had brushed more vigorously than I did that night*

You two should fuck

Ya sure. user how do you feel about fat guys with small penises that will last maybe 5 minutes cause that's what you're gonna get.

when I was 22 I went on one date
she was way fatter than the pictures so I sat there for some time, shook her hand, and walked out

I am now 26 and will never speak to another woman again

Depends on how we're defining 'date'.

The last actual bonafide "this is a date we are both going on" was last year. We had dinner somewhere and then a hot drink/cake afterwards at a cafe, just chatting mostly. She was nice, but I don't think either of us really had a great time. There wasn't much common ground and she wasn't looking for a relationship so it never went anywhere.

I arguably went on a couple of dates with a friend in January/February that were really nice. When I met her she'd been really shy but then we hung out at a few smaller things and she really opened up. The second time we did something I was a lot more conscious of how much it felt like a date, and because she was a really nice person I started to get paranoid about whether we'd be long-term compatible since I'd recently left a 6-year relationship and ended up hurting my ex pretty badly.

We're still friends but I didn't ask her if she wanted to hang out again, though last time we caught up I got the feeling she was still pretty friendly towards me. She did openly admit on one of the 'dates' that she could never work up the courage to ask a guy out so idk, maybe something's there.

No. I don't mind fat guys but the sex needs to be decent.

I've never been on a date. 27.

I have no qualities of a person worth dating.

Last date I was on was with this girl I was seeing who moved to the city and pretty much she doesn't want to see me anymore, I don't think. I mean besides when she crashed my birthday but mainly it seems like she's not up for the 1 hour distance thing... Took her to a bar near my house, then went bowling. Didn't even tell her I was taking her bowling, which she pretended to be upset about but I could tell turned her on. Was really fun, afterwards we ended up drinking with our mutual friends. Then we came up to my room and messed around, watched some netflix, cuddled, fell asleep iirc.

This was like 3 months ago. Could be going on more dates but planning on moving soon.

Well I'm sure the second round will be a lot better than the first round. Just give me a chance, ya?


I prefer using you to get off then give you your 5 mins of pleasure.

Relationships are all about compromise so I'm sure we could come to an agreement...and come, too.

Holding hands and even kissing on the second date was "too fast" for her.

Then she dumped me a week later because there was no chemistry.

Have fun being cheated on, lol

>wasn’t supposed to be a date since he was just dropping by in my city for some weeb expo, but he turned out to have a lot of spare time afterwards
>the date was unplanned so we were just walking around the city and stopped by a pretty good burger place to eat
>learned he didn’t actually have any romantic interest in me and only sees me as a friend
This was back in June
t. 26 female KHV

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You must be fat.

I’m not

Played 80s dress-up and went to a concert. Got tendies at the venue. Solid date night. Learned nothing.

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Probably a 5/10 then


he's cheating on her too, he's a channer

>girl I knew from like 10 years ago
>didn't keep in touch except the occasional memebook interaction
>she had a bit of a thing for me back in the day but I was focused on someone else
>she's a qt but massively shy and introverted even by the standards of regular introverts
>she replies to a story I posted on instagram
>haven't spoken directly to her in like 5 years at this point so I'm a little surprised but roll with it
>decide to try and make a go of speaking to her
>eventually she actually asks me out

>she wants to see deadpool 2
>is a big nerd
>I'm not
>we meet up
>she hasn't changed since I last knew her, still too shy to function
>we grab dinner before the movie
>struggling to keep a conversation running with her
>she seems like she's trying really hard so I don't judge her on it
>mercifully it's time for the movie
>it's okay, first one was better
>feeling zero actual real life interest in this girl despite the fact that I can see her glancing at me in my peripheral vision, probably hoping for a kiss or hand holding or something
>movie ends
>walk back to her car
>chat a bit
>kiss her
>feels like nothing
>get home
>have a text from her
>>I had such a good time tonight user
>the feeling is not mutual

I don't know that I learned anything. I knew she was shy and I guess I was hoping she'd have changed but it was super painful trying to talk to her. All my relationships have been with people where it was just natural and easy to spend a lot of time with them right from the start. Kinda mad because she's really fucking good looking, like out of my league kind of good looking, but at the end of the day I'm not gunna force anything.

i'm curious. who does she look like to you?
also is kissing your date even after the first obligatory?

A girl actually being intelligent is such a fucking attractive trait. Actual smarts btw not pretentious university kids who are good at one topic so im supposed to ignore how much of a political, ethical and emotional autist they are.

>who does she look like to you?
What do you mean? I can't think of anyone famous that she resembles if that's what you mean. She's like an 8-9/10 and I'm MAYBE a 7 on my best day.

You kiss a girl when it seems appropriate. That doesn't always mean on the first date, but as I said she asked me out and I could see she was trying to keep up with me so I knew I had a green light. We were standing at her car talking about the movie, it was pretty late and she was fiddling with her keys rather than trying to say goodbye so I went for it more out of curiosity than anything.

Yes. Dumb girls turn me off.

>so I went for it more out of curiosity than anything

She's hot and I was looking for excuses to make it work with her despite the fact that we had nothing really in common to talk about.

I honestly can't remember. It might have been getting sushi at our favorite sushi place. I'm sure we did something lewd afterwards. Living with your boyfriend makes every day normal and special all at once.

>meet her at the train station
>take her to my car cause we are going bowling
>get there 30 minutes late due to traffic
>have a good time bowling and she actually beats me 5 - 1
>be a pusy and never initiate any physical contact
>we are both hungry and decide to eat at a nearby place
>talk some more and agree that we should cook together next time since this was the 3rd time we ate out
>drive her home
>hug in the car and she kisses me in the cheek

Overall pretty good. Wish I had been more physical. Also we won't see each other for a while since she is busy. But it feels like I didn't fuck up completely since she invited me to her place the next time we meet.

i was like a chad, i did everything right and she fucking melted and we fucked like rabbits
i do not know why cant i be like this always

oh shit, how was it
she asked me out for a coffee, then i asked her where she wants to go, so she told me to be a man and pick a place
i picked a place, an open air pub basicly
we didnt drink coffee, we drank beer and took a few shots, we talked alot, we flirted, we took a walk, i kissed her, we drank a bit more then went home and fucked
im not american and i dont do dates like some stupid acitivity, i want to talk and see their eyes, their smile, their face

Stop asking about past relations, when i hear that she describe herself that there were many guys and with arab, niggers and whatever. I´m not even anymore interested in knowing anything more about her and i could have saved the 50 i´d pay for the dinner.

Never had one lol

Went and got dumplings then ate some ice cream at a frozen yoghurt place, talked for about 2 hours then on the train home she wraps her arms around mine, as she gets off she kisses me on the cheek. messaged her afterwards saying "tonight was really nice". Spoke heaps afterwards, still havent been on a second date (first date was 2 months ago.. :/ )

> Did you learn anything from it?
That I am socially retarded and incapable of relating to other people.

Though I already knew that.

>went on vacation with her and her friends on an island (europe) for a week
>learnt that she can't handle her anger and was/is a thot, smokes pot and did coke, even danced on the counter in a bar without underwear
>as soon as we got home, she broke up with me, accusing me of being a lier

that went aweful

I learned that if you come off as too keen after the first date, she might think youre really clingy (in this case i think she does, and i fucked up) Dont always force a conversation online if theres no meaning or intentions behind it

>cutie at del taco starts giving me extra
>ask if she wants to hang out and do
>go to saturday night car races
>too loud she says and go to car
>del taco girl gives me an awesome bj

Take a girl to the race track

Oh yeah I learnt I'm a fucking retard when it comes to getting out of my comfort zone. Also that my anxiety and overthinking is still the same.

How much did you text afterwards?
Im and I'm afraid of not texting too much actually.

Met up with a guy from high school I matched up with on Tinder. A lot of mutual interests and decent conversation. We went to a brewery on a Sunday afternoon and had a few beers and talked for a few hours. He said it was fun and we should do it again. I enjoyed it, but I just got out of a LTR and didn't necessarily feel a *spark.* Conversation was a little lax over the next few days, and he eventually texted me explaining that he doesn't want to pursue anything romantic although he does think I am beautiful and smart. He said he would understand if I didn't want to see him again but that if I did, I could come over to watch an anime we've both been wanting to re-watch. I was kind of relieved, and thanked him for his honesty and agreed that a romantic relationship was off the table but that I'd definitely enjoy being friends. I learned that honesty is really the best policy when it comes to basically any relationship, whether familial, romantic, or platonic.

I'm 33 and never went on a real date. Don't particularly want to either. I'd also be a bit scared since anyone would expect me to know what the fuck to do on a date at this age but I don't. My only chance is finding some non-stacy college freshman that asks me out which has almost no chance of happening. At least I look like I'm in my early/mid twenties so that could at least theoretically work.


Come on man, you can‘t always get this shit right at the first time. Do it again.
Note, don‘t go on dates midday. That‘s basically another way of saying „yeah we are just friends“.


Why don‘t you wait for her to open up. That shit can change.

Dancing lessons.


Never have and most likely never will.
Turns out people prefer to avoid the severely mentally ill like me.

My entire life has been nothing but loneliness and abusive depressing situations.

[spoiler]I just want love anons.[/spoiler]

You will find love once you know which boards support spoiler tags

Last date was really bad, but a good story. At the end of it, I played Love Live for her in the car (Snow Halation) and even sung along. She seemed so fucking weirded out after that. Haven't spoken since lmao. Lesson? Either 1 don't do that again or 2 date someone who either wouldn't care or likes that shit

Does that mean I'll find love now that I know r9k doesn't support the tag?

Fuck, guess I'm still somewhat of a newfag lmao

Well I don't even remember.

Never went on one.

It means once you have lurked moar you will find a lovely gf.

The last date I went on was two years ago where we had a great time and ended up making out in the car but I never went any further because I didn’t want a relationship/thought I wouldn’t be good enough and that’s where I’m st now, that I’m not good enough for anyone.

Never have gone on a date. never really found someone that genuinely interested me, well except for once, but I don't like the idea of getting involved with people in relationships.

i love both of you right now. what a post.

I took her for a walk around a lake then to a pub for something to eat, we went back to mine and she blew me.
Once you have been on more than a few dates there's not a great deal to learn, you might find a new place to take women to, learn about the logistics of taking her somewhere > getting her in the mood > not being far from somewhere you can fuck or you might even realise that taking up something together e.g. dance classes or even starting a TV series together works great.

If you're dating women and not getting another date out of them, best case scenario is you're being used as a free meal ticket, worst case is you dun goofed.

Girl I've been going on "friend" dates for a while honestly don't know what we are.

>go to a Karoke thing, she says that she can't drink a lot and doesn't want to sing
>end up getting drunk together and singing, have a great time
>can't stay long as she has to get her train, walk her back to the station as I do after every date
>give her my jacket as she's freezing, she's pretty drunk so babbling happily along
>reach the station, go for the usual "high five" she gives me, tell her to keep the jacket until next time
>she grabs my shirt as I walk away and says " you want to come back with me?"
>find a seat on the train, she cuddles up to me and falls asleep
>keeps muttering and saying I'm warm and I smell nice
>wake her up when we get to her stop, manage to get her address out of her as she's sleeping
>get her back to hers, have to carry her out of cab
>never been to her place before, manage to find the key in her bag
>drop her in her bed, wake her up to drink some water
>leave a bucket near her bed and some water
>crash on the sofa
>leave early the next morning, get a text from her saying "Thank you"
>no contact since

Maybe I should have made a move, but with her being so tired and drunk it didn't feel right.

>Girl I've been going on "friend" dates for a while honestly don't know what we are.
If you're not stating your intentions and dating her, she will be content with you going out as friends, there's no progression past that if you're friends because it seems like you're giving her a hard sell when you try and date he with romantic intentions, which is manipulative.

You shouldn't have made a move when she was drunk so you didn't do bad, but you should have told her before you went on any "friend dates" (which you know only means that you hung out) what your intentions were.

Her asking you to get her home was because she knew she was vulnerable being drunk late at night, don't get any ideas.



The lake. You said walked around a lake.

We went out for coffee then I ghosted him.

well she texted me first asking how i thought the night went and if i got home safely, then we kept talking for a bit that night, then it went from everyday to every second day then further and further apart, thinking she just straight up wasnt keen. A month went by and she randomly messaged me out of nowhere seeing how i was. we talk maybe twice a week because i work with her every monday

8 hotdogs?

>high school
I confused.

Last date was roughly 2 years ago.

I'm absolutely shit with women. Play nothing but vidya and shit like that in my spare time so I don't think I'm the most attractive thing. When I saw we were into the same music on OKC I hit her up.

1st date went fine. 2nd date somehow we started talking about exes. Briefly though. I think I must've brought up how my ex is a man now, and just asked if she had any funny stories about her ex.

Next day cut off contact from me for months.

Eventually talk to her here or there, nothing too extensive. I asked this year what made her cut me off and it turns out it was questioning about her ex which she admits was pretty dumb to do.

Meh, I'm kinda reaching that point where feeling alone is my new normal. It's not as bad as it sounds.

i don't.

t. successful business owner