So I've been dating this guy for like a month now, we really liked each other and had great chemistry...

So I've been dating this guy for like a month now, we really liked each other and had great chemistry. The thing is that I've dated his best friend before I knew him, he wasn't really happy about it but he said that he's fine with it since he really likes me. Last week we have been fighting a bit because he didn't give me as much as love and attention like he used to give. Even though he has more free time now than he had in the beginning. I don't really ask a lot, I just want to talk a bit with him everyday on the phone for example to tell what has happened and ask him about his day. Since we live one and a half hour from each other we can't really see each other as much as we like to. Like I get that he has his own things but just keeping me up to date or even act interested in me isn't much. So we have been arguing and every time he said that I was right and he would change. This happened at a span of 4days. He broke up with me on Monday, he said that he truly loves me but can't get over the fact that I've dated his best friend before. I was upset that he didn't tell me this earlier and that he wasted my effort that week to get him to be honest with me, he could've just say it right away. So like he told me that he didn't want to hurt me and we're better off separated Because it would never work out anyways. But now recently he has been messaging me with how I'm doing. And like it's nice of him but I just wanted to get over it as quickly as possible since I can't afford to be depressed about it atm. He asked if we could still be friends but I didn't really want to since it would only get me distracted and keep me at the place I am rn. Like I said I wanted to move on. He blocked me afterwards,


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I got sad about him acting so childish desu. But I just tried to go on with my day, till he messaged me again saying that he had wished to never have met me since I'm toxic for being so "mean" to him. And that he would never talk to me again and that he hasn't slept for days Because of me. I just wasn't having it and wanted to end it so we could both move on with no hard feelings. We called I explained that it isn't as easy for me like he thinks it is and that I'm also struggling. We ended the call and imminently afterwards he texted me saying that even though it's pathetic of him he wants a second chance. I told him that I would think about it, but I can't seem to get my mind clear and I also can't ask anyone for advice. So can someone tell me their opinion if I should give him another chance or just move on, I find it very hard to make this decision and I don't want to choose the wrong one.


>fighting a bit because he didn't give me as much as love and attention like he used to give
This is an 18+ site.
>messaged me again saying that he had wished to never have met me since I'm toxic for being so "mean" to him
Okay this was funny, totally worth reading the poorly formated wall.
>I told him that I would think about it
>should give him another chance
No. That nigga is even more childish than you are. Save you the time.

How bout some fucking greentext

Well I'm 19 and he's 20 but yeah I already knew that we're both pretty childish

Next time, format this or TLDR. Ignore "Reddit spacing" posters. Reddit not only auto formats paragraphs into walls but it also has nothing to do with proper writing form. There's a reason it's used; because it fucking works, God damnit.

As for your sitch: ditch him, honey. He's indecisive because he's chasing something else. Just keep him as someone you'll say 'hi' back to if they say it to you, and move on.

Also if I can just mention that online shit sucks because it's so artificial

Sounded a few years younger, specially his dumb reasoning for breaking and then blaming you, is just beyond appalling at almost any age.

message me, maybe we can talk about it...

You don't expect males in their 20s to be solid partners do you? If so then sorry to burst your bubble...

Have a good time with young guys but settle with a man or they'll damage you and by the time you're older, you'll come with all kinds of baggage that a man doesn't want to put up with. Sorry. It's the truth.

>he didn't give me as much as love and attention like he used to give.
I doubt you'll ever have a stable relationship with this attitude.

Doubt you'll ever have a stable relationship ever. Don't comment on threads you're uneducated in khv.

Okay roastie. I bet your flaps are big enough to fit a cup

>dating for a month and already whining about attention
I'm not the one asking for advice. If there is something wrong with what I said, feel free to point it out, otherwise keep irrelevant speculation out of the thread.


Assumptions are not your thing hun. Go back to online data. And take your minion with you.

Please refer to your speculative post

>slut it up and then settle down afterwards

I don't know the guy, and I've made very clear that my hatred is directed towards whores (and manwhores) rather than women.
The difference is I'm speculating based on fact, as opposed to treating speculation as fact.
You still haven't answered the question of whether or not it is a good attitude to have, expecting constant "attention" just one month in.

Having fun in their company, not sexually. My apologies. I should have been clearer.

Not op. What she is expecting is commitment from a 20 year old boy as a needy young girl. They're both fickle and she needs to understand he simply does not have that consistant capability at his age.

Your speculation is not fact and in fact you are treating your own speculation as fact. Unless you're a fortune teller...can you see the future, user?

>been together one month
>we love each other

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The user you're talking to has never been in a relationship in his life. He just comes here to shit talk people who have love in their lives because he has none.

I noticed. He tries to appear autistically intelligent while most likely googling data to back up his points.

>your speculation is not fact
Thanks for repeating what I said. To repeat, OP dates for a month and already is upset over "lack of attention", which is not a recipe for a healthy relationship. Is it possible that I'm wrong in assuming OP will have trouble with that mindset. But not likely. This is an anonymous imageboard, and nobody here knows everything about anybody else. The only one expecting clairvoyance is you.

You people are just blinded by rage at me.
Also, notice how you unquestioningly agree with the speculation about me here . This isn't about standards, it's about grasping at what you can to win an argument. Don't pretend otherwise.

How dare I search for information!
You're right, it's much better to just insult an opponent's character than to actually use data,
Feel free to use google, after all you'll see the same data I post.

Thanks for the compliment, though.

No you're just a try hard loner who is trying to portray himself as something he is not lol which is why most of your "advice" is trashed.

My god, could you be even more of a hypocrite? Hitler is correct. The op is wrong to be this clingy after only a month of dating and this mentality is going to hurt any future relationships they could have, anyone can see that no matter who is behind the op with the information the op gave us.

please message me :(


>I've dated his best friend
There are girls that would never consider this and there are girls that routinely date every friend in a group, bouncing from one to the next to the next and they know that some of the guys will fall for her.

OP you knew when you started dating this guy it may effect his best friend so my suggestion is find another guy within their friend group and go fuck him.

Well I didn't know that they were friends since I broke up with him last year and it lasted like 2 weeks so it wasn't anything serious