What's a job where i can make a lot of money for not doing a lot of work? preferably in a cushy office setting

what's a job where i can make a lot of money for not doing a lot of work? preferably in a cushy office setting

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Prostitution is a safe bet

no it isnt

Being President of the United States probably, just have your twitter account open all day long

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It depends on what you mean by a lot of money. There’s a fair amount of livable jobs that are relatively boring and let you sit around, but the more you get paid, the more pressure is on you. I don’t really recommend marketing, which is supposed to have good work life balance, but has been hell for me ever since my career took off.

I'm a software engineer at a big tech company in SF. My work is not remotely close to stressful. I get in at 8:30 and leave at 5. I've been working in this industry for three years and make $175k in cash and another $75k in paper stock a year.

Don’t remake the same thread a couple weeks later faggot. You have to work for money.

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Damn you make $15000 more than my annual salary in paper stock. I'm a junior software engineer in Canada. How do I become you?

get out of Canada

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That's it? I'll get $175k a year from just applying somewhere with that wage as a junior software engineer?
Where did you graduate?

yes work somewhere else, I graduated in the school of hard knocks.

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oh so you dont make that kind of money with a stress free job

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Become a priest...

Junior is a mindset and attitude. The most important advice I've ever received in the professional world is this:


If you don't like the way something is done, it's your fault for not fixing it.


Take ownership in everything you do.

Did someone else's code break prod? It's your fault for letting it slip through.

Tired of being paged every night for the same issue? Go fix it then.

Is this codebase a mess to slog through every time you want to add one small feature? Then refactor it.

Also in all seriousness, get the fuck out of Canada. Devs get paid pretty much nothing there. It's no surprise that every good Waterloo grad makes their way to the valley as soon as possible, even the nontechnical ones.

Same guy making essentially a quarter million again. I graduated from a fourth-rate state university not majoring in CS. Went to a coding bootcamp. It didn't teach me my work ethic, and 90% of people who go through it aren't remotely close to as intense as I am when it comes to treating software engineering as a craft.

Resort driver or chalet. Piss easy work for the amount if money you earn.

Human Resources

Become a landlord, easy money

what job should i work to acquire enough money to purchase property?
how do i go about becoming one of these things?