Grills, would you freak out if the guy you met online was 3 years younger than he claimed?

Grills, would you freak out if the guy you met online was 3 years younger than he claimed?

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I meant 3 years OLDER. Sorry.

Depends how old I am.

If I'm under 21, probably creepy.

Only if I was underage because then you’d be a predator.

No, I'm 27 and claim to be 24 online.

How old is SHE

Yeah, but creepy. I’d wonder what else he’s lying about. Why, op?

18 and up

18 is too young for you. Stop being a creep.

It's a red flag that you felt you needed to lie in the first place but it's not worth freaking out over.

I'm embarrassed about being old.

27 isn't old
Be embarrassed about being a liar instead


18... AND UP.

Stoo being a vague piece of shit and tell us her age dipshit.

How old is the girl?

No it isn't. That is legal.

I'm not talking about just one.

Don't listen to that roastie/carl the cuck anyways.

Stop being a creep. 18 to 21 yo are too young for you.

No, they aren't. Fuck off.

I married a man 10 years older than me. Why? He was stable, had his career already in order, he knew what he wanted, and he was more interesting and wise than the ones my age and actually ready to settle down, which 90% of men my age back then were not ready for. There is absolutely nothing wrong with dating someone younger or older than you.

I wouldn't 'freak out' (and your use of that phrase indicates how young you really are), but I would doubt everything he'd told me about himself.

Yea, without a doubt. Not only shows that he's a liar but also shows that he's willing to lie to work your emotions. Get outta there.

This is more likely to happen than them being upset about your age. Its not the age gap, its the lying that would turn them away.

Well how old was he? That's important.

I was 21, he was 31. We are now 33 and 43. Don't be so shallow and accept that your narrow world view isn't absolute. If it works to protect you, great, but don't blanket everyone else with it.

>where to find a daddy
Pls help

Not a girl, but regardless, if a person I'm interested in has a different age than they claimed I'd reconsider the whole thing, even if I am perfectly fine with the true age on principle.
It's not a problem of age, but that of lying, lying right of the bat about something this simple is a red flag.

Uh, I wasn't looking for a daddy. Just a decent man who didn't want to spend all weekend getting drunk and partying and that was the polar opposite of my father LOL. I was 21, not a child. I was perfectly capable of making my own choices at 21.

Obviously not all young men are immature and not all older men are mature. You should just date and be with people you have good chemistry with and enjoy being around. Shocker, I know.

Damn right sister user, my husband is 12 years older than me and is my soul mate. I dont give a fuck about age difference.

Freak out no, but I would drop you. Catfishing is pathetic, it shows that you're dishonest, immature, have some major issues with self-esteem and generally a big red flag

I wouldn't have freaked out, just cut my losses, I do have time for garbage. Now I never did online so take that into consideration but if you lie about your age you are definitely lying about alot more.
>27 isn't old
I think its nice you're looking after the elderly.

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My fiancee is 10 years younger than me. It works perfectly because we aren't learning the same things. I already know how to function in a relationship, and I know how to deal with career problems. It's a great relationship where I can help her with life problems that I have already gone through and she can keep me alive and out of my shell.

27 ISN'T old. I'm 31, I turned 27 in 2014. 2014 feels like the old days now.

You sound cunty af desu.

yes. not because you're older but because you lied. it's one thing to have the age different on your profile to attract more interest but if you're to the point of meeting up with someone you should definitely tell them beforehand. she's gunna find out at some point and the later she finds out the worse it will be.

there is a difference between legal and ethical

I'm 28 and my girl is 19. What the fuck is wrong with people continuously trying to extend the age of childhood? Sorry but she's a fully grown adult capable of fighting in war, acquiring debt, and choosing who to date. Goddamn fucking pathetic zoomers man. Want to be kids forever with no responsibilities

3 fucking years? Who gives a shit?

A girl looked at me like that once...but apparently she lied about liking me or something. Idk she was mean to me the entire time I knew her. :(

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