ITT God Himself offers you advice

What ails you, my son?

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Just broke up with bf


What is the mechanism of sexual dimorphism in the human skeleton? Im in the wrong field to do the research myself so if you dont tell me ill die unfulfilled

I can't sleep and I have to work every day I literally just want to go to 7/11 and get NyQuil to chug

Please help us Jesus

I'm horny

Yes anons, what ails you?

I dont know. Maybe you could help me out ?

God why are some women rational while others arent? Why wont rational women stand up agaisnt the crazies?

Still a largely understudied field. There's not much people doing research on the human skeleton. But recent research says that it's mostly about how the bones adapt to the environment.

Source: I am studying the human skeleton

Get over him and get back on the saddle.


Get your sleeping schedule together and get the NyQuil at decent hours that aren't going to sleep hours like an adult.


That's Jesus not god tho

There's plenty of irrational people everywhere and plenty of people that won't stand up for others, such is the way of life, deal with it.

Theologically speaking Jesus can be considered as being an incarnation of god himself, not just his son.

will you help me ?

Well fuck you too crab god I am moving on to Squid God now!

I don't know, ask for advice first?

Can you give me advice which advice I should seek ?

Me and Squid God have broken up, now me and Lobster God are best friends.
Your betrayal shan't be forgotten heathen.

According to trends on advice you should be asking some dumb shit that starts with the premise of making a generalization about members of one of the sexes or advice related to how you should kill yourself or relationship advice.

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But I want to fuck something irl

Im sorry user. I cant ask for this advice. Any other advice on how to ask for advice ?

They have ads for that, juts click them and sign up. No scam or you don't get your money back guaranteed.

It helps to have a specific topic of advice in mind when asking for advice, keeping the post short and clear, not using 'sexy' images for the OP picture, knowing when and how to greentext and not being one of those confirmation bias fags who say they don't want pity and then proceed to ignore legitimate advice in order to create a support thread for their bullshit which won't actually help them besides gulling them into a false sense of security; instead of meta posting about advice asking.

Ok ill try-
Do you think it is a good idea to think about if it is correct how you behave in a social situation in order for others to like you and not to look weird, or that its better to not give a fuck in order to reduce the focus on the own persona and thus actively engage in social situations without a meta layer in your head that gives you anxiety ?

Good I hope you take a long hard look at our happiness and SEETHE!

That's it, you're not getting a christmas postcard!

Why either and not both?
First off get rid of the anxiety, then what matters is choosing how you act to fit in with each situation while remaining consistent with who you are as a person.

Why did you put me here? My family always say I'm a piece of shit and compare me with my cousins asking why I'm not like them.

Fuck you, dickhead. Pray to yourself I never make it to Heaven or else I'm gonna rip and tear, until it is done.

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You're here to get over your bitterness and get your shit together or die booty bothered.

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I hate you so much.

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Not my postca- i mean I dont need your post card!

>23 hours no fap
>feeling dizzy
>holy father help me

>with who you are as a person.
who am I

>pic related

I-it's not like I want to send it or anything anyway!

Only you can help yourself with that.

Take a cold shower and go to bed.
Tomorrow you shall start a new.

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Let's see how smug you are when I meet you up there in your cloud.

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S-shut up stupid crab god... its not like i believed in you any ways....

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Answer my question.

I'm blessed in terms of attractiveness I think, but I'm so shy towards women.

Dear big G upstairs, why do things be the way they do?

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Cause adam sinned thats why.

Y did he do that tho?

Cause eve became satan and he loved his wife

pic related


no u.

bitch I live at the bottom of the sea.

The only way to un-shy yourself is to talk to women, since you're attractive half the work is already done because they'll start to swoon you so all you have to do is build the confidence to reciprocate.

Eve was actually enticed by Satan to eat the big apple, so god being a New Yorker didn't like that and sent them to the Bronx.

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How do I convince my bank to front me the money to build a new home on some vacant land I own?

I miss the good old days where you could rape a woman (or "a snuggle with a struggle," as I like to call it), then buy her off daddy for 50 shekels of silver. Fucking libtard atheists.

Yes eve got satan in her mind(possessed) and satan took xirs female form. Remember, elohim is both a guy and a girl so uh yeah.