How to explain women to my son?

How do I explain women to my 6 year old boy? I had him via a surrogate mother, so he's never had a major female influence, besides his grandma. How should I explain female nature to him and also how to interact with women so he gets the most out of them?

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There is no right way to do this because of your situation.
Being a single father is difficult because you need to take on both masculine and feminine parts of a parental relationship with your child. It's not as bad as single mothers; but it can still fuck a kid up.

They're still only six years old; so let them find out from going to school what they're all about. The more he's around them the more he will adapt and learn. If he's afraid to be around girls until puberty that's absolutely normal. Girls are icky.

I don't plan on putting him through private or public school at all. Since I am retired I've been homeschooling him for the last 4 years. I put him into local community sports like baseball and football so that he can still socialize with other boys his age. But since he's never really spent substantial time around girls he's started getting curious. He asked me about them yesterday.

user, you need to let your little boy interact with girls. He's been alive six years and doesn't know any. Of course he's going to be curious. This doesn't mean you have to go full Jow Forums and redpill him on how awful women are or some garbage. Just let him learn.

How would you want him to act? He isnt an animal so you have to let go of the idea of control. Children absorb things like sponges and so use common sense when it comes to things like logic verse emotions.
Teach him that women are equal to men but there are times where it looks like that is not the case. So on those cases teach him what is socially acceptable.

you dont explain anything, you maintain a close relation with your son so when he has a question he asks you, means he trusts you and worths alot more than propecy from dad god almighty teaching underling son

I want my son to grow in to the kind of man that can do pic related with any bitch that he meets.

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But women aren't equal to men. Can you tell me how I can ensure he slays lots of pussy when he becomes a teenager?

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MILF pussy, teen pussy, grown women pussy, I just want him to be able to have the things I never had as a young man.

Don't pass your frustrations to your child

Trust me, all males that are 13+ want nothing more than to pound cunny. I couldn't do it because I was fat and short. But by the time he's 13 he'll be a miniature Chad that the neighborhood mom's will be licking their lips when they see him. At least that's the plan.

>turning your child into a manwhore just because you're a bitter virgin

Are you a woman by any chance? Does seeing men be sexually successful hurt you?

If you want your son to be a wise businessman, open up Jow Forums and Jow Forums, otherwise buy him an iPhone and download the r*ddit app.

I've already started teaching him about forex and crypto trading. Financial lessons are priority in my house.

Nah, I'm no woman. I'm actually a victim of another father who shaped me up to someone I didn't want to be just because of things he missed out on.
And I also just think sexual promiscuity is bad on either gender.

Excellence both academically, financially, sexually, and sportwise can only ensure that he leads a wonderful happy life. I'm sorry that your dad pushed to be great.

I feel sorry for your child. Gl.

I'm sure he'll feel sorry for you when he's making six figures and banging every bitch that catches his eye.

>How should I explain female nature to him and also how to interact with women so he gets the most out of them?
You should let your "son" out of the basement and probably turn yourself in to the police. How the fuck has a 6 year old never interacted with girls? He went to preschool and kindergarten right you damn pyscho?

No I've been homeschooling.

Then it doesnt matter what you teach your son, you've already ruined his life

The only school he'd ever go to is private. Even then they don't teach what's important.

Yeah I can tell exactly what kind of person you are. I reiterate my previous statement, it doesnt matter what you teach your child. You've already ruined his life.

You're just mad that my kid's gonna have a better life than yours. It's alright, we're not all meant to have fun fulfilling lives.

Kids are SO much better socialized in public school. All the homeschooled kids Ive met are fucking socially retarted and wierd same with private school kids (although they are just more arrogant but still super wierd). Please think about what the fuck your doing.

He's delusional, don't even bother.

>single parent
>Jow Forums dad
You better kill that dream you have real quick.

What's delusional? I know exactly what I need to do to ensure he's living the life that most males only dream of. Not my fault you fags want him to have an average existence.

Have you ever thought about what your child might wants when he gets older? You cant make ALL his life decisions for when he gets older when hes fucking 6. Have you ever considered he might resent you in the future for homeschooling him or sending him to private school when you didnt even ask what he wanted?

Life's not a Disney movie. Rich and successful people usually raise their children this way to ENSURE that the children become and stay rich and successful. My child is normal, he has a group of male buddies that he hangs out with, he runs and plays like a normal child. When he gets to highschool age I'll give him the choice of whether he wants to continue homeschooling, or attend private or public school. But I need to make sure he sees the big picture of life, and that he knows how to build and maintain wealth. That's why I'm homeschooling. I don't need him to be concerned with the hottest chick in school when he could be banging supermodels when he's in his 20's.

More often than not owning a skyscraper and being surrounded by wealth is only good for jumping off the top of the building.

LMAO, I should've known.
I bet your the kind of person who believes "money is the root of all evil" or some stupid shit. Keep wageslaving all your life, I'm sure it'll be much better than I or my son's life 10 or 20 years down the road.

Lol I know life isnt a disney movie you moron.

Your view in life is very narrow minded. Its not all about money, fucking bitches, and being at the top. You seem very arrogant. You honestly seem like a cunt and an awful parent. Stop enforcing YOUR wants on him. What if he decides he wants to live a slow paced life? What if hes gay and doesnt want to bang "supermodels"? You have it all planned out yet you havent even considered all the alternatives.

Tell them they're there to comfort you but dont be too dependent on them. Also, your son will be a chad because without knowing his mom, he views women differently.

I hope this is a larp, because if not your son will either become a flaming fag or commit sudoku before he hits his 20s

>"my child is normal"
>needs his father to explain women to him because he has an atypical life and upbringing

You're assuming he'll be as fucked up as you. I'm assuming he'll be a regular male.

>a regular male
Highly improbable given how you go about his upbringing, project your own failed ideas and wishes onto him and poison him with toxic worldviews from the cradle. Usually a dysfunctional parent = a fucked up child.

I'm giving him a realistic world view. I can see why you'd dislike that, but I must insist that everything I'm teaching him will be beneficial to his future and overall outlook on what's possible for him.

damn boiioo
you seriously think he'll be any different from you?
every child resembles his parent in most categories.

gl with ur virgin angery r9k type child who'll kill himself before reaching adulthood

>I know exactly what I need to do to ensure he's living the life that most males only dream of
he said in a thread where he asked how to give his sons one of the most basic human skills.

Tbh i will probably homeschool-private school my kid as well. Public schooling in europe is now poisoned by hordes of mudslimes and gypsies who only enroll for benefits and bring the entire class down (kind like american niggers) and of course SJW leftist bullshit. Fuck that shit, i will also enroll my kid into sports so he is socialised as well.

Yes, I've learned from my mistakes with women. The question is more pertaining how to get him to understand the differences between men and women. Obviously I can't explain it Redpill styled because he's still a child. So that's what I was asking.

>men are better single pare-

(if not bait, of course, but these days who knows?)

Single parents are a mistake, how can you struggle and fail at something so natural and instinctual? Tell him that girls are human beings just like him, but they have different thing between their legs and often different hobbies and interests than most boys. Obviously this still sounds weird and somewhat unnatural, but he should be able to figure on his own what are the differences between men and women, but for that he has to be exposed to interactions with his peers of both sexes.

You guys need to give OP a break. I think hes too redpill for you.

Not OP but
>Human beings
Pick one

>bitter incel
Pick both

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This, OP is literally making a Chad from scratch.