What happens to girls who sleep around when they get older?

What happens to girls who sleep around when they get older?

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they realize that b being used by tons of guys and thrown in the trash was not empowering but unfairly take it out on nice guys instead of the feminists that promote that behavior or the chads that used them

they marry some beta careermax loser who throws money at them lol
pretty bitches have it easy in life

Imagine goatse but with a pussy

>A girl who has sex once with 50 different men once casually
>A girl who has sex 100 times or more in a multiple year long committed relationship

Tell me user, which one will have the looser pussy?

>>A girl who has sex 100 times or more in a multiple year long committed relationship
easily this for two reasons. 1. its all loose after the first time and 2. there is no way a girl has sex with just her bf or husband in a years time, there is at least one lover and likely a guy with a big penis

They take it out on nice guys because they see us as weak and then get pissed when we deny them dick and marriage.

Fuck off to >>>/incel/

what if the bf has the greatest penis? Will she be loyal until he is on his death bed?

They quickly marry some beta and get a child or two to consolidate the marriage. While sleeping around behind his back, of course.

Nothing? Like what happens to a dick after fucking around. It gets smaller. Old men have shriveled worms from fucking so much. Vaginas are made to stretch and stay tight which is why old women still get laid.

The first one because its statistically likely that some of the guys she slept with had bigger dicks, some substantially so, than girl #2s boyfriend.

Nope. She will always think there is a bigger/better and have to try

fuck off to >>>/childless at age 35 couldnt settle for normal guy, had to ride cock carousel, cool wine anut support/

Nothing. Literally nothing. The miserable cat lady is a myth incels and betas tell themselves to make themselves feel better that they're not getting laid. Plenty of these chicks can get their cake and eat it too.

As a man you can either opt-out and go MGTOW or just never commit to one person, that's the only way to adapt and Get Yours if you're not the top 5%

I warned my friend at work when he told me his bitch was preggos. He laughed at me and told me she is different and I'm just a virgin (which I am).
1 year later she says she met someone better and is raising the child support over his head. I feel sad for him. Some men are just too stupid.

>The miserable cat lady is a myth incels and betas tell themselves to make themselves feel better that they're not getting laid

Y-yea those incels are just stupid. W-we will be fine right?

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So what if the boyfriend has a significantly above average sized penis?

You're telling me that a girl who has sex every day or couple of days with her committed big-dicked BF for, say, 3 years, is going to have a tighter pussy than a girl who sleeps with a couple dozen different guys casually? You're a dumb ass bitch.

Better question: how does that relate to this board

better question is why do you ask this question when no one cares about your shit ass opinion?

They never learn beforehand.

Nice try, but except for a few overly-neurotic women who hold out hopes for Bill Gates types and kill themselves in their 30's, it's quite true. And even supported by the "women are better off single than men" studies.

>chill out man were just having fun

>Nice try, but except for a few overly-neurotic women who hold out hopes for Bill Gates types and kill themselves in their 30's, it's quite true. And even supported by the "women are better off single than men" studies.

This. Even women who are fatties can easily find dudes with fat fetishes online to fuck their rolls and buy them shit

This. W-we girls will be always desirable unlike you inciels! It's in male genetic to procreate with females no matter how ugly or neurotic they are. H-ahah. E-even if i hit 30 i will always have partner!

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cope :v)


They keep doing it or get married.

You don't have to be young to sleep around, kiddo.

>this is what happens when you fail 7th grade biology

They’re happy to have sowed their wild oats, that’s what.

Idk why you're upset men literally shoot up schools because theyve never been inside a vagina you have NO idea how desirable the average "2/10" woman is

Yea! Everything is about us women! Y-you incel!

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I'm not saying an opinion, I'm stating a fact. You're not asking for advice. This thread belongs in Jow Forums.

>someone insults me
>immediatelly call for deletion of thread

Roasty pls. This might work in real life with beta orbiters and white knights but here your complains fails flat. Like your ego

SHIEEET. You told her! Now go back to your contaminated board.

Don't make me attack you roastie. I know your tricks

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Just fuck off already. There is a dedicated board for your tears.

absolutely nothing to worry about, sweetie. Don't let these incels prevent you from discovering yourself!

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>unironically believing that women visit this board just to argue with a bunch of virgin autists
>unironically using the word "roastie"

Not lookin good there, user.

OK friend

Girls will always find someone though.

They get called cougars and score dudes into cougars.
If I were single I'd do it. I'm not quite 30 and I look young so I'd probably turn a couple cranks and those bitches gonna give me a juice box and snack bar when we finish.

I mean it's not untrue. There will always be a guy with standards low enough. The same is not true of girls' standards since they're smarter on the whole, apparently.

That said, I know a few cat ladies personally. It's not as if they can't get friends or socialize, but romance always fails because they're stage 9 clingers.

>in after incel fantasies of roasties wanting to settle with you and you get to BTFO le toasties by telling them that you're Going Your Own Way

they just get older, like girls who don't sleep around

cool advice thread

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>because they're stage 9 clingers.

If Dylan Roof or Nicolas Cruz had stage 9 clingers in their lives they wouldn't have tried to play IRL Whack a Mole

Women who behave like sluts become unable to form long lasting bonds with men.

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Where is your trip? Banned again?

Happens to men too.

Polygamy is more traditional than monogamy. Stop being an Anglo centric christcuck

That's not an argument, facts don't care about your feelings.

The grass is always and forever greener, friend.

>Happens to men too.
Thats true. You can also see it in pic related, but the effect is more severe in women and OP asked specifically for females.

The facts don't imply that multiple sex partners is inherently bad, just that monogamy is shit once you get a taste of something more traditional and true to your biology

>if you didn't inject yourself with cyanide you wouldn't have died

Women report lower overall happiness the more sex partners they have had.
Pic related.

It doesn't say that in the CDC data. Are you making shit up again?

Imagine the cool dude who sat around making a collage of all this Christian pseudo-science in MS Paint. He must have an incredibly happy marriage himself.

As I said the source on which I base my statement is in the image.


"This chart shows the inverse relationship between personal happiness and the number of lifetime non-marital sexual partners. The greater the number the non-marital sex partners, the lower the probability of personal happiness."

not Jow Forums

>the heritage foundation
>institute for family studies

cool absolutely non-biased sources that totally don't have an anti-feminist pro-conservative agenda to promote

This would be like a leftist showing a Michael Moore movie

Would you care to dispute the numbers, instead of playing genetic fallacy?

It's not a genetic fallacy I'm saying you have to be an idiot to take only a few surveys from radically biased sources as the absolute objective universal truth. Those numbers aren't worth disputing.


Why do retards believe bitter men have to go on Jow Forums? Jow Forums has always been like this on every board, you triggered newfag with a loose cunt.

t. 19 year old basement-dwelling incel who discovered Jow Forums in 2016

old doesnt equate traditional on its own, idiot.

alright frien, if that makes you sleep better at night

>100 times in many years

Most couples will hit 100 well before the first year is through.

>Jow Forums has always been like this on every board

Jow Forums used to be filled with "normies" and it also had girls in it at one point and not just gay traps everywhere and dudes shitposting as Stacey

Extremely true. 52 weeks in a year, about twice a week. My longest relationship was a year and a half and we would have sex like two three times a day like 3 days a week

I've been here since 2011 and the normie invasion only began in the last few years.

Here since start, Jow Forums was originally created as a failed attempt to leech the relationshit out of Jow Forums.

If you showed up later than January 2011 then you missed out on Jow Forums getting deleted, good times.

>I've been here since 2011

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You lie. Jow Forums has always been a normie site. The incel invasion began a few months ago. You were not even born when Jow Forums was created.

>self reported data about how someone feels is to be taken seriously

Holy shit batman

What happens to guys who sleep around when they get older?

stds such as herpes , aids or syphillis is much more important

They get blessings from Allah

>there's any way to gauge people's happiness other than self reporting.

They continue to sleep around or they decide to settle down with a girl half their age.
OK that's an exaggeration but you get my point.

ultimate hapiness. For a man spreading their genes is most ultimate sucess.

My mom slept around a lot in her youth. I only heard about that bit by bit. She used to smoke weed every day for decades. She had sex with people she picked up on the bus home sometimes. She lost her virginity at 15 to a teacher at her school in his car.

I also heard she had two abortions before she had me. She was an okay mom, but she hit us when she got angry and she left the family ten years ago when I was 13 and my sisters were 10 and 6. She found another guy she lives with now.
So I guess this is what happens to them when they get older. She and her family are also poor although she has an okay job.

my grandma was exactly like this as my mother said. She left my mom and uncle when they were 8. She cried every night. When i was born she said it was like someone turned on lightbulb. Same with my uncle when his first daughter he was unable to leave her crib becasue he fell in love with her and his trauma kicked in hard. We are very close family with my cousins (they are banging hot fuck me lmao).

So i guess everything bad is good for something. Let the roasites be roasties. They might never learn but their children will.

Forgot to add. My grandma married some black guy. He ditched her later. She died alone on some sickness. Told my mother we should visit her grave but she was burned and put into unnamed grave because she had no family to bury her.

So yea roasties if you are reading this. Go on and fuck around like animals. Your fate is more cruel than being slave.

Nobody gets syphilis anymore

Aids is for fags

Herpes is harmless

Thank you.

Your mom's dad was a piece of shit, wasn't he? Alcoholic, abusive, abandoning? Some combination? Treating a little girl like shit is the quickest way to create a dysfunctional woman. Whatever happened to her to make her this way happened when she was a kid.

>alcoholic, abusive, abandoning
Yeah he was, all three.