Best way to find a decent husband?

I'm a 24y F who is newly single after a 4 yr relationship. I'm decently attractive, a lil thicc but not obese by any measure. I'm financially independent and in the process of growing my own business as well, so I'm not looking for a sugar daddy or anything; I just want a life partner who I'm emotionally, spiritually, and sexually compatible with. I'm not trying to get into a serious relationship really soon but I had planned to marry my ex and now my whole life plan is thrown off. I'm close to my grandparents and would really love for them to be alive when I get married and for them to meet my future children. I don't like casual dating or sex, so I'm just wondering what things I should be doing to put myself out there and a find a new mate when the times comes. I've been going out with friends more and accepting invitations to things, but is there a way to be more proactive about this? Obviously dating apps are geared more towards hook-ups which I'm not really looking for.

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You really can't rush looking for a life partner, that's how you end up in a messy divorce in a few years.


naw, trying not to be a thot so I'm worthy of a good husband

Youre already used goods and about to hit the wall

Yes, true. I'm not saying I'm just going to settle for the first available dude I find but I don't think it hurts to be doing things that will increase my chances of finding a decent dude. I just want to know what those things are.

if someone doesn't want me bc I had sex in a committed relationship then they're not exactly good husband material in the first places are they

Lose weight

already working on it, thanks for the suggestion. lost 12 lbs in the last 6 weeks

You sound like a vagina edition of me. I guess we could get in contact with each other somehow?

This. Dating to marry is a recipe for disaster. Date people you like and love will eventually blossom

Try to hit shy guys.

Op, never do this. Shy guys are inept at life and a horrible idea if you want to have a guy you can rely on and build a family with. I'm not telling you to pursue Gigachads, buy shy guys are bad news, you'll have to initiate and take care of pretty much all social stuff.

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>How do I meet the perfect partner?
1. Meet lots of people
2. Don't settle easily
3. if that fails, lower expectations.

Whatever you do, you recognize it's going to take at least a few months. If you put out in under 30 days I'd say you're on the wrong track. If that sounds absolutely insane to you then it doesn't sound like casual 'isn't your thing' as much as admitting that it is isn't something you want on record.

It's going to be a long term investment. The good news is, the older you get, the more upfront people will be in general.
Remember lots of guys are perfectly fine lying to you to get laid in short order. You want the one who's gonna be happy chatting or hanging, just so long as it's around you. Watch out for the ones who constantly find excuses to touch or be close.

Waiting at least 30 days doesn't sound unreasonable at all. Too many fuckboys and thots to complicate things with sex too soon.

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I mean I'd hope not. Waiting a year doesn't sound unreasonable to me, but then I'm old-fashioned as fuck. Or probably just archaic, I'm guessing hookups have never not been popular.

The thing about sex is that it really is further down the line. You're exposing yourself to someone and if you're not absolutely sure they're worth your trust, that exposure can easily be your undoing in many ways. Furthermore, a lot of people go just TO get sex from dating-- so, if you won't provide it, you'll start to weed them out excessively quickly (for both genders, promise).

No, they'll never take it well. If you're dating, be prepared to be on the receiving end of a bunch of immature tirades-- or learn how to use your block function, and the report function on any apps or sites you use.

Shhh... come here Stacy... just rest your head on my shoulder. It’s okay, I’m the one you’ve been looking for all this time... we can finally love each other now.

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>a lil thicc but not obese by any measure
These aren't even close. Are you fat or not?

Also you're utterly fucked because that's not how any of this works. Romance finds you. Looking for it is rarely going to end well. Just follow your goals and remain social, so you don't minimise your opportunities.

>kissless virgin incel giving advice on dating and sex

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You still have the mindset of a child. No self-respecting adult would wait a year to have sex. Only teenagers and religious people would.

If you know what you want you should firsthand go to events which such people likely attend. The chances of finding a compatible partner increases tremendously once you find your own niche.

I've lost all my grandparents and maybe for that reason I don't understand why you want to rush having children. I feel like your way of looking at it is weird.

>newly single
>already wants to hunt for a new potential husband
Bitch, what? Do you want to get married just for the sake of getting married? Coz it sure sounds like that's what you want
Take a chill pill op

how so?

>I'm going to project against people because I'm a bitter boy on Jow Forums
Nice dude
8y deep in my relationship though

Sorry. The world doesn't obey your rubric of 'WAHMEN BAD, MAN GUD'

Sure, how

>I'm not trying to get into a serious relationship really soon
>want a life partner who I'm emotionally, spiritually, and sexually compatible with

did you miss those parts? i'm not trying to jump into a serious relationship all of a sudden for the sake of getting married. I just don't want to close myself off from opportunities. I rarely went out while dating my ex and it's a hard habit to break. you're clearly a dude and don't realize that girls who want children and a family can't be as lackadaisical about finding such because we're on a biological clock. i would prefer to date someone for a few years before considering engagement/marriage, and kids after that eventually but if I sit on my ass waiting for someone to find me I could be 30 before that lengthy process even starts.

And you still haven't had sex while she is fucking Tyrone every night.

Just install tinder you basic thot

>Obviously dating apps are geared more towards hook-ups which I'm not really looking for.

>Obviously I don't know shit

Nigga we both know telling her "hit on unattractive guys" would be bad advice, so why would you tell her to hit on guys with unattractive personalities, when that's arguably more important.

Eharmony, match, other apps geared towards real relationships. The Jow Forums thread on /soc/. Find hobbies that people with your mindset enjoy and join a meetup group. If religious, Christian mingle and church. Craigslist personals if you can deal with weeding out weirdos and bots.

Shy guy is rich as fvck. No honey you dun want dat.

>Should have laid your v card face down.
Honestly going out looking for a husband just after a 4 yr relation ship will make you look really desperate and nowone will want you. Just focus on your business for now.