For a basic minimum wage job do you really need references? Cuz I don’t have any

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If they ask for some I'd put some down. Odds are they won't call them but not having it there may give off the impression you don't really care. Doesn't really matter who it is, flub up your relationship with them as professional on some level.

What do if I have no one to put down. Not even family

Are you sober?
Will you show up on time?
Pizza will hire you.

Have you worked a job before? Use people from there. People will be flattered unless you were useless and a burden at your last job. Seriously I've used professors I talked to once as a reference. You know people. Use them.

I’m usually high on marijuana, and I usually show up 2 or 3 hours late.

Can only come up with one person

I got fired from my last job for coming into work 7 hours late and drunk and high on marijuana. I also never show up on time. I usually come in at least an hour late and I also never shower.

Fix your life asap, then get a job.

I have a job sitting on the couch and smoking weed right now. I’m a professional stoner. I get high at least 6 times a day.

Then stop that and get sober.
It is easier to apply for jobs when you don't have to lie about being able to perform the job.

If this isn't bait then get a grip. I smoke weed everyday and have a professional career pushing six figures. Quit making excuses. Being poor sucks.

I have no choice but to smoke weed though. Alcohol and weed are attracted to me. I can’t do anything without being high or drunk or both.

Is there anyone who would pay me to smoke weed and drink alcohol?

Why did you make this thread if you don’t want job?

Because I’m a 40 year old virgin who doesn’t have a job.

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That is why you need to do live without it.
Find meaning in other things that doesn't prevent you from living a happy life.

You either want to change or you don't. At the end of the day no one but you can put in the work to make it happen. If everyone could do it it wouldn't be a big deal but it is so either get on the saddle and ride or sit around and feel sorry for yourself like you've done all your life.

That’s not op I’m op

I’m OP, and I’m a 40 year old virgin.

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Stop tryna derail my thread you old smelly piece of shit. I leave for 30 minutes and you gaslit everyone

Look at the timestamp