I decided not to buy the textbook for a class and just print it from a pdf I found online...

I decided not to buy the textbook for a class and just print it from a pdf I found online. It's about 240 pages and I have no way to keep it all together. A stapler won't go through that many pieces of paper and neither will a hole puncher. Any ideas?

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Also I need the book in class so I can't just read it online, there's shit to fill out in it.

Are you retarded? Why didnt you double side print it? Just split it in 4 or whatever

You know you can hole punch multiple sheets right.

You get the stack of paper... later the whole puncher..... listen close now.

You divide the paper into stacks you can make holes with.

Hole punch a couple of sheets at a time and put it in a thick binder, it isn't rocket science...

On every single uni or near it is a "paper shop" where they will print and sew together any amount of papers together.

Also just for your information, many students print books with ratio: 2 or even 4 pages fitted into single real paper page.

And the whole service is fast and cheap.

This sounds weird but:
1.You don't have to punch all the pages at once, like five at a time (or use the punch feature on the all in one when printing) then ring binder.
2.Staple chapters not the whole book.
3.Pic related, if you see one of these. Not sure about 250 pages.
4.Learn book binding.

Forget pic.

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Why the fuck did you not just immediately hole punch the entire thing a quarter at at time like a normal person

Why didn't you send the whole thing to kinkos? They'd professionally print and bind the thing for you.

Break it up into sections and staple them separately

OP here, btw the book is called Hole Punching 101: How to Effectively Bind Large Volumes of Paper, but obviously I can't read it in this state.


Hole punch them in smaller batches
Alternatively just file them by chapter/section/subject/author or whatever. Carry the relevant material with you.

But seriously just break the stack apart and punch holes. 240 printed pages is bush league and you can find shit to hold that at wally world.

wtf, this doesn't exists on your country?

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use a drill to punch the holes, trust me I have a Master's degree in engineering.

KINKOS! They will bind it for you.

used to work at a fedex office in college.

go to one and ask em to drill 3 holes in your shit at binder levels. Then buy a binder, and throw that shit in the binder.

Each chapter

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Three ring binder, hole punch pages.