I’m going to get coffee with a male colleague after work tomorrow...

I’m going to get coffee with a male colleague after work tomorrow. We talked and kinda friendly with each other at work. But he got me confused sometimes that I don’t know if he was flirting or just friendly. Now he wanna get coffee so I suggested go for it after work and he said yes right away. Mind you he kept mentioning about coffee several times already.

How do I put it? What is this? Just normal colleagues activities?

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He wants to fuck you you dumb fucking slut. How many hints do you need? Cock in front of your dumb slut face?

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How do I process from there? I’m interested so fucking is not the problem. How to make him engage is the problem, because sometimes he’s hot and cold

Don't shit where you eat, dumbass

Literally ask him if he wants sex. There is no need to play smart games roasty.

Can you be more helpful? If this is something I can do then why would I go on here and ask you guys?

To seduce dude you need to set up scenario where he gets boner and is alone with you in private.

Just touch him. Arm. Leg. Smile at him. Ask him to help you with your bra. Get creative: the goal is to arouse him. Most men are "dominant" by default so really all you need is to signal you are ready and they will do the rest. Generally cuddling and kissing are good starts. Just make sure he sees you aproaching him. You dont want to startle him only for him to punch you in self defence because he didnt expect it...

In the rare case he is shy / autist or worse, then just grab his hand and lead him to bed, undress him and then pretend he is living dildo. Dont even bother asking him what he wants or likes, just do him in way you like.

And dont do this it is anti sex behavior which has potentional to kill his boner on spot.

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Because you're a dumb woman who is somehow playing even dumber.
Be direct as possible, men like that.

Im a man for many years and i get boner if woman asks me for sex. If it was some stranger female asking me for sex that is indeed turn off. But if it's someone i know im ready to go. So shut your mouth female.

Sweety, adults are talking. Go mow lawn or fix your car.

you dont need to be adult to have sex. Just sayin.

Bro I’m just having coffee after work. If you think I can have sex with him in the coffee shop then sure, I’ll be famous soon.
What I meant was how to let him know I’m interested or how to know if he’s interested, nit co workers but as men and women.

Some actual advice. Just be a bit flirtier than usual. Don't be afraid to make a little bit of contact here and there either. If you guys are across the table from one another, gently put your leg by his and make contact with it. If he doesn't pull away (or makes the contact more evident), chances are he's probs into you. It's the subtle things.

Also, be interested in the guy, for god sakes. Ask him about his life, learn about him. We live in an age where people talk SO MUCH about themselves that when people actually take an interest in your life, it can be said that they're into you. So if he shows interest in your life then chances are he's into you. If he doesn't ask at all and he IS interested, you probably wouldn't want to be in a relationship with him anyway. Who wants a partner that has no interest in you?

Hope this helps.

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Yeah it helps. Thanks bro. Does this count as friendly? We sometimes casually holding hands for a few seconds when we bumped each other on the hallway or he pat my head or lately we hugged each other, every time during the conversation he would reach out for a hug, out of nowhere. I’m confused as fuck.

Honestly, I don't know who this guy is. But I can 100% confidently say that if I were the guy in the situation doing all those things, then yes, I'd definitely be into you.

I'd say there's a good chance he likes you.

I'm quite sure any confusion will be cleared up after your coffee meet-up.

Yeah I don’t know what it is cause he’s been doing this for awhile already and still haven’t made a move. Maybe he’s not sure about me so that’s why he only vaguely mentioned getting coffee some time?

>Don't shit where you eat, dumbass
Disregard this user, shitting where I eat worked for me. Been together for 2 years now and it's great.

You see, there's so many perspectives to it and honestly coming from a guy, he's probably just scared of rejection, or too shit scared to make a move because of what might happen. Remember, if you reject him, you two have to live with that awkwardness between you two for the rest of your lives working together. That alone is enough to make a guy scared shitless of rejection. Let him know its okay to make a move. Make sure he knows you're into him, just as much as he is into you.

It depends how experienced he is. If he knows his shit, you could flirt little and he would already get it and escalate things on his own. But the more inexperienced or insecure he is, the more direct you have to be, because men can be unbelievably dense. I remember doubting every signal I got and because of that I fucked up some legit opportunities.

Things you can do: Lots of eye contact, wear noticeably more make up than usual, smile a lot, laugh at every shitty joke he makes, stand in close proximity to him, touch him sometimes, maybe when he tells a joke and you laugh (e.g. his arm or even his chest) play with your hair, invite him to another date, straight up give him your number, touch his dick over his pants and wink, lift up your skirt and give him a nod that says „fuck me already“. Jokes aside but the rest should do the trick.

„When in doubt, escalate“, alright? From the looks of it he likes you anyway.

Escalating how?