She blocked me on everything after this

She blocked me on everything after this.

Could any normal human even interpret this as an attack, or is this just a crazy bitch? After 3.5 months of dating her...

I seriously cannot believe I did anything remotely that bad

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Sounds like bitch has no chill at all

It's pretty weird. If you're this autistic all the time I can see how this could be the last straw.

I assumed that whatever it was would stick out immediately after opening the image, and I was right.
Try not being autistic.

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Turns out people don't like to be patronized OP. I'm sure it wasn't just this alone that caused your breakup. Do some self reflection OP because based of just this little excerpt you come off as a sperg.

Looks like normal American woman. Angry all the time.

She was probably itching to leave if that’s what set her off. You were a bit patronizing though

You were needlessly and autistically patronizing and she overreacted a bit.

holy shit what a pissy bitch. might've been on her period
hope you smacked and choked her during sex

OP i suggest you punch this bitch face as hard as you can then she can be angry. I know i would.


she wasn't i know her cycle by now, that's the sad part. imagine her on it.

You sound autistic as Fuck in this convo, I cant even imagine how you must be irl

yikes dude, she probably was just looking for a reason to flip out and block you. don't be mad about it, hoes will be hoes

Lmao what an autistic mess you are
As other people have said, it's patronizing and typically done with dogs or your children

it's called humor. i showed this shit to random tinder chicks i have on snap and they have the same reaction as me. they laughed their ass off and asked why she is even mad, and said that good girl is flirty like daddy is for guys

Is this your girlfriend or just a girl you’ve been talking to? If anyone other than my boyfriend said “good girl” to me, I’d be pissed.

well we've been dating only eachother for this long, I was gonna bring it up but she's been bitchy lately

she met my parents already too at her request (lol)

Is she a feminist?

lol smooth moves wario

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no just dont call a girl like that in convo, maybe when your fucking but nah

yikes. maybe it's time for you to get off the internet my guy

ur so dumb bro

Ah, the good ol' lizard part of the brain...

Now you’re being a dick

Stop trying to validate yourself as a victim. She probably was bitchy because she got tired of your shit.

>it's called humor. i showed this shit to random tinder chicks i have on snap and they have the same reaction as me. they laughed their ass off and asked why she is even mad, and said that good girl is flirty like daddy is for guys

Holy shit you're cringy as fuck.

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>Could any normal human even interpret this as an attack
not an attack but condescending.

I call my gf good girl all the time. Not petting thing tho. Looks like shes crazy, you dodged a bullet mate.

OP, be a good little boy and answer my question:

Do you like being talked to like above? Feels like I'm belittling you, huh? Maybe you should read your message and figure out what you did wrong. I'll give you a nice head pat if you do!

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Good girl? You're a fucking moron. Its hard to believe that patronizing people and talking to them like dogs makes them upset. I also get the feeling that you're hiding quite a bit from us and steering us towards the conclusion that she overreacted and you did nothing wrong. It happens a lot on this board. We only have a small snapshot of this conversation so if you thought saying "good girl" to her was a good idea who knows how many other autistic, insult things you've said that she's dealt with before getting to this point. You seem like the kind of dude that says incredibly dumb shit like "good girl" and then calls your girlfriend bitchy when she justifiably tells you to go fuck yourself.

Some people don't mind it. Some people do. Being able to tell the difference is called basic emotional intelligence. Also, if she was actually being moody like OP says you'd be an actual idiot to say something like that when you consciously know the person you're speaking to isn't in a good mood. At that point I'd suspect that you were saying it to purposefully piss her off. I don't think its a coincidence that OP is now here second handedly gas-lighting her and trying to portray her as this crazy, moody bitch after purposefully saying things to piss her off.

OPie, be a good lad and tell us, are you underage or just retarded? Who the fuck texts like this?

wtf would you say to that

that part of ur brain will help u get laid desu honestly

It totally depends on whether the girl is submissive or not. ONLY a submissive girl would enjoy being spoken to as if she were a little girl or in a patronizing manner. Normal girls would find it insulting.

“good girl” is only appropriate in the bedroom during sex imo. it sounds creepy outside of it.

not like it... ok... but flip the fuck out and block all contact instantly while less than a week ago you were all excited about getting a dress for me to take you to an event, and making all these other plans with me?

I can understand the upset from the comment you dropped but breaking up with you over it? Sounds like you dodged a bullet, any sane person would calmly say they dont like something being said before freaking out and leaving.

Best thing to do in the future is ask if your partner likes pet names and if they don't respect their wishes.

Buy her a box of chocolates and ask her out 1 week after this. Do not attempt to communicate with her before that.

If she accepts and you fuck the same night you are back to normal. If she doesn't tough luck m8, you got dumped. Deal with it.

Well, you're a patronizing autist but her reaction was a bit overkill.
Any questions left or are we good here

she blocked me on everything

i've said it so many times already, and she always makes fucked up jokes about me too

So we still have questions, gotcha. At least you live up to your title of autism.

All I can say is stop drinking the kool-aid. If you're so god damn great and good, why the FUCK would you be on Jow Forums for girl advice?
Not that you're in the habit of answering questions but more for my own sake than anything I'll pose it

If you just use this screenshot in a vacuum sure she's flying off the handle, but something tells me OP is a little weirdo and she finally got tired of his shit.

Or OP is right. Not enough context here.

What is real life for 500.

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Even on the phone? Go out of her place, call her and say 'it will just be a minute just come down ' then give her the box of chocolates and say 'thank you for all the beautiful moments you gave me' and leave.

If she doesn't talk to you at the same day just move on. I've tried this with 3 different women and it works like a charm. You don't have anything to lose, just try it.

she’ll probably unblock you after she cools down, but we’ll see. i’m a girl and i tend to do shit like this when i get really upset. it’s an immature coping mechanism for sure. how long have you been blocked for?

she cried once because she thinks shes not good enough for me and isn't able to do enough for me

and she found a blonde hair on my bed once after we had a party in my dorm room (senior in college) and she ignored me for a week even though she knew about the party (but couldn't come), until I said "are we done talking or what then? No answer by tonight and I'll assume that means yes and behave accordingly"

so yea I should have heeded the red flags I guess but too late now

im venting and ranting to everyone mainly

her parents haven't met me I don't want to cause more trouble/drama

that's both what I think and what my more credible friends are telling me, but they're also saying don't take her back...

>be OP
>act like a giant sperg
>hear from people that while your gf overreacted you were a patronizing piece of shit
>that's not the response you expected
>keep bitching about your ex just to show that YOU are the good (reasonable) guy here
Honestly op, fuck off. She dodged the bullet, you sound like a braindead moron with all these ..... and wut and cringy good girl line, and now with shitting on her just to get anons' sympathy and slaps on your back.

Then you are fucked. She sounds exactly like my ex as well and let me tell you how that turned out:
-Date for a year
-She extends her job stay and moves next door to me even though she fucking hates it here
-Eventually after a couple of these situations we stop having sex and we break up
-We even met recently, made out and went out and on the same night we go out i hear her getting fucked by a different guy over next door
-Do what i should have done earlier and delete her from everything

So, not worth it. It's really, really hard to do but do it. Focus on yourself now. Improve, and don't ever talk to her again. I mean it. I wanted to call my ex a whore and a bitch but i didn't because it would give her the moral satisfaction that she made me angry because i still care about her. The worst thing you can do to her is see her with her new boyfriend and go 'sup dude how you doing' It will devestate her, i assure you.

So in conclusion, delete her from everything and move on.

it’s up to you if you can or not, don’t let other people decide for you. just remember that you have to forgive others if you want them to forgive you.

>he wastes his effort trying to reason with someone who unironically doesn't see where they fucked up here
Don't bother, my dood

Lel I met her on tinder and she's a massive whore but I didn't really care if she wasn't doing it while with me. She's had late 40s aged fuck buddies and she's 23

True, I'm just going off a small glimpse into their relationship, either way it sounds like the situation would be better if they both avoided each other, too much drama over petty shit.

You're right, it's just another "my ex is a crazy bitch and all women are useless whores" thread pretending to be something more. Fucking OP, man

well the girl I was dating was not a whore and she still did all that so imagine what your girl will do.

its over bro, move on. she probably wont come back but even if she does ignore her.

if she does i will know she's taken 50 dicks in the span of one week, is also a thing here i'm taking into consideration here

>tfw no bf to call me good girl

Op you don't want to be In a relationship with a woman like that. She seems childish as fuck. Don't listen to these white knight faggots, that comment was harmless and she went overboard like many times before.
Leave the relationship and find someone with a sense of humour.

t. enabler

Welcome to Jow Forums.
I'll show you our full list of threads
>I'm depressed but I refuse to diet, exercise or break the cycle
>tfw no gf, but I have all the social tact of a fucking cluster grenade and refuse to acknowledge it
>tfw no gf, but I'm miserable and have immense baggage I've yet to address in my life besides by being sad
>I've encountered a completely mundane scenario, please validate it as unique and aid me
>Please advise on this life skill as I am unsure and I cannot differentiate between the BS and the truth on the internet about it.

As you can see there's gonna be a minuscule fraction of threads that are worth, or encourage, discussion; that being said Jow Forums is kind of on its own cuff to offer genuine replies or else just be a shitty board.
What really happened was we just kept getting >tfw no gf threads and a bunch of people started hating on women, so now all the dialogue is broken down into miniature hugboxes. I mean, we get threads where people start a thread and say, "Ask for advice!" As if there aren't already A) advice generals, B) ten pages of threads waiting for advice and C) posters in threads saying 'not op, but I have X problem too.'

If you're expecting significance-- intelligence, adaptability, the notion that one could very possibly be mistaken-- you're doing yourself your own injustice to expect it from the internet. The internet is just a den of the idle curious, and then those who use it to run away from their problems and flaws.

The internet was, well and truly, a fucking mistake.

This is exactly what I thought when I read that.

i'm not, i only said that because it was like pulling teeth getting a straight answer from her (and it kind of always has been in general)

Your actions say you care: adv thread & tinder.

Just stop, man.


Your autism has rendered you a very unreliable source of information. Your entire goal from the moment you created this thread was to paint her as unstable as possible and excuse every last bit of your behavior with some justification concerning her. It doesn't matter why you decided to be an asshole and talk to her like a dog; you did it. There are several options to chose from when not being able to get a straight answer from someone and you chose the one in which you thought patronizing and insulting her was the best course of action. Personally, I don't believe a word you say. If you're autistic enough to think what you said was okay or justified then chances are this event is the straw that broke the camel's back. I have a hard time believing that she just flew off the handle at you for just this one thing you said.

you have autism and are probably a virgin

+1 for screaming
That’ll show me

>Your entire goal from the moment you created this thread was to paint her as unstable as possible and excuse every last bit of your behavior with some justification concerning her.
This exactly. And he did this to get some sympathy and understanding (You)s from fellow bitter billies and incels. This entire thread is here just to ridicule that chick and have other spergs validate OPs autism. It's pretty pathetic, to be honest.

The "good girl" isn't what seemed autistic, it's the doubling down afterwards that's a problem. She clearly didn't like what she thought you were insinuating, and you decided confirm he suspicion. Now it doesn't matter if you thought that joke would diffuse the situation, or if you decided you wanted to piss her off, the fact that you said that and then came to Jow Forums to ask why she got pissed is evidence that you're some kind of weird.
Yeah she overreacted to the "good girl" bit, but you didn't even try to recover.

>but you didn't even try to recover.
that's why i asked what she meant

It was pretty obvious what she meant, bud. If you didn't get her, you are autistic.

She obviously felt you were being condescending, and you decided to tell her that she's right, you are being condescending, and then you asked her what she meant. Clear autismo.

is it an overeaction, sure but it's a douchey thing to say. what if you were mad about whatever and your gf basically called you dumb? you just might be in the mood to say fuck you

>68 replies and he's still not over the fact that he's a patronizing autist

You're a moron dude, I'm sorry. You're in the wrong here, you acted like a passive-aggressive asshole and she responded accordingly.

Based on the way she types and the "sinus infection" question she might not be the best person either but you definitely sound like the bigger blockhead in this situation. It doesn't help at all that you're cherrypicking and responding only to posts that support your actions instead of, y'know, taking a step back and thinking critically about what you've done and how you can improve yourself.

I wish he’d call me a good girl and I’ve requested virtual head pats. Guess I’m old fashioned...

short answer yes it's belittling

"good girl" isn't as patronising as anons here are making it. She was just a dumb cunt looking for something she could flip out over. Count your losses and move on; she's a dipshit.

Good for her. You are such a condescending prick and she tapped out.

You're fine OP. These fags saying that being patronising is somehow grounds for this is a little presumptuous.

Nah but if he's this patronizing all the time and she's even a little emotional (as in she's a woman) then you'd expect this eventually.

Good girl is a bit of an odd choice of words to use, paired up with a pat on the head sounds like you're talking to a dog.
You were being patronising because she didn't want to see you.

The relationship was already circling the drain OP, you don't sound like a great catch, it's probably for the best, now she can meet Chad.

Ahahahahahahaha how can you not know what you did wrong?
Alot of anons are right, it isn't as bad as it seems. It still is mildly autistic and severely patronising but she is just not digging you. If she was sh would've set up plans with you for the weekend instead of avoiding the question. By patronising her you gave her an easy way out and she took it. Take the blow, learn from it and move on.

Some girls just constantly think that you are belitteling them.

>Yo someone help me out please she's fast at responding and well obviously texts first but still the messages are dryer than the fucking desert
Especially when you say something as condescending as "good girl". Jesus Christ, learn how to talk to women like a person

Jesus Christ I don’t even know what to think of this desu. On one hand you sound like a moron, and on the other hand she overreacted, not by confronting you on the issue but by blocking you. Seriously though you act like you have some sort of “daddy” relationship with her and if I’m as intuitive as I think I am that’s probably your fetish to have a super submissive girl, and this was your autistic way of wedging it into real life. You fucked up dude, but I have the solution for you: tell her you were joking and hadn’t had much sleep so you’re perception of what was appropriate was a little skewed, and you for sure should apologize sincerely (if you can manage that without pulling some shit like this again). That or congrats bro you’re single and can now find that submissive girl you want

came off as a condescending cunt 2bqh but if actually cut all contact with you over this then it's probably more than just this and this just happened to be the last straw

Women don't like being talked down to. I suggest you never do it.

I'm not saying you can't yell at a woman or blast her, but you don't talk down to her when you do it. You make your anger about what she did specifically not her as a person.

So if in the convo she was being moody, I would have said "You seem moody, is there something we need to talk about?".

Like I said above, it's okay to hammer women sometimes but it needs to be well deserved and you direct your anger at their actions, not them personally.

It's a 2 way street user.

How would you feel if you just went through some really bad shit and were sad, and your woman starts breaking your balls about how you are weak.

I learned the hard way you need to be careful with humor and women. Better to avoid a comment you think may upset them.

Learn from my failed relationships user.

>act like a Daddy Dom before finding out if she's into it or not

>blocking someone for something as petty as what you said
either dumb, or was just looking for an excuse to break it off with you

TLDR ya both dumb (just like every other relationship thread on Jow Forums)

all these white knight in here
Make Jow Forums gr8 again

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Initial questions was disgusting. Going at good girl was an overreaction. You are both idiots and it's better to end it sooner than later.

>call her good girl
>she's obviously upset
>"have a pat on the head"
>she's clearly mad and says why, wtf am I dog

Seriously the question mark? Are you a dick or just retarded, pls explain

Those are roasties who go tired of Jow Forums red*** and tum***