Is there any video game without any challenges?

Is there any video game without any challenges?
>inb4 interactive films
no, i don't want them since they lack control that video games give

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They're called walking simulators and they're a blight and a cancer upon the industry.

truck simulator?

Doki Doki Universe

i mean, the game in which you still improve your character, stats and fight, but you're literal definition of unstoppable force

Prototype, Infamous Second Son, Assassins Creed 1-4, Ace Combat: aasault Horizon.

Pretty much every video game is easy these days, just go pick a random one up and you'll be fine.

If that's too hard for you, hit up "Press Space To Win"

>implying they're easy enough for me

I'd say Fallout (3, NV, or 4) and Skyrim, or wave shooters on lower difficulties.

Fallout and Skyrim in this case both have a "work your way up" mentality. You start off regular much like everyone else, but if you try to do everything there is to do in these games (especially on easy difficulty) you'll eventually become a godlike figure and just mow down everything in your path. (If you do a premade build from the community you'll usually end up with godlike powers half way through and everything else will just be more icing on the cake).

Games like PAYDAY 2 and Killing Floor 2 both allow you to customize skills to how you want, but your skills are unaffected by the difficulty of missions. So if you're a max level player in an easy mission, you can pretty much breeze through it as if you were a god.

>wants control
>no challenges
Are you retarded

I've played bethesda games on very easy and wasn't able to go further than tutorial area without cheating

Doesn't sound like a game. Doom?

>this faggot again
Don't waste your time, this guy just wants whine.

Then I'd suggest wave shooters. I know PAYDAY 2 has a very easy mode that can pretty much be breezed through, even if you aren't at max level. Hell, if you still can't do that, join a random lobby with people who are also playing on very easy. Unless you're doing one of the more convoluted missions or every single one of your teammates happens to be literally braindead (or all level 0 with no experience in the game whatsoever) and doesn't understand the concept of "grab money, run back to truck" you should have a fair time levelling up and getting to god-mode. From there just stick to very easy as all heists can be done on very easy difficulty.

I'd start with just the normal Bank Heist mission.

I'm bad at fps, I'm looking for game that doesn't have any challenge yet doesn't get rid of stat, character improvement

I don't want to whine, i just want a game which allows me to be unstoppable force

At this point, I'd suggest any of these:

You're not supposed to be unstoppable. Nothing easy is worth doing. Not to mention stats literally dont matter if you cant die.

>impossible to fail
what if i failed at one of these games?

Easy things are only things that i like to do otherwise it's just pain and besides i like surpassing the infinite and achieve extremely huge numbers

You're not surpassing anything. You're "playing" cookie clicker.

As someone who played these games as a kid, I'd need to ask how.

For Lego games it is ACTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO LOSE. The only win condition is getting to the end of the level or the next cutscene. Seriously, look up a guide on how to go through each level in the Star Wars lego game and just follow it. There is no possible way to lose unless you yourself decided to quit and go back to the main menu, forfeiting your progress in the level. You have an infinite amount of lives. iirc if you can't kill some of the enemies, the ai does it for you.

If you can't do this, just play FO3, press "~" key, and type "tgm" without quotes.

But that's the only thing that feel really nice for me

How do you ever get adrenaline going if you're invincible? No risk = no reward = utterly unenjoyable

I know how to use console command, but i just wanted a game that doesn't have any challenge as default, also it was first harry potter game (couldn't progress after 1 hour searching where to go and was unable to bring myself to continue it)

Rogue like games

If there is no risk involved and i get absolute reward i feel nice, but whenever effort or challenge is involved and no matter the reward i get or odds i overcome i feel miserable

I've spent about 300h on isaac afterbirth and it wasn't nice experience, also i don't like factor that is rng which is almost always present in rogue likes

Then that's not the game's fault. That's your fault for not wanting to progress. While I understand how it can get annoying searching for the next place to go to (especially in the Harry Potter game because my God that game could not have had a more convoluted overworld), sometimes you just gotta push to keep going forward once you find it.

The whole point of rogue-like games is to be this weakling going up against all odds and die trying to eventually beat the game with nothing but the powers you got along the way. I don't think this is what OP is looking for, despite them actually being good games. But I dunno, maybe rogue-like games would satisfy OP seeing how most times the objective is to die until eventually you become better whether by skill or items.

See this The objective of Rogue-likes is fun in dying

Enter the Gungeon is a very easy rogue-like compared to the rest, OP. I'd suggest giving that one a try unless you already have. You get some crazy overpowered weapons and there are so many that eventually it's unlikely to get a bad weapon the more you keep playing.

Also, nothing easy in life is worth doing. You gotta push forward, no matter how much you don't want to, to reach the light at the end of the tunnel.

Yeah but last time people told you your best option is normal single player games with cheats enabled, but you just whined about how you don't want to cheat.

Pushing forward never earned me anything

Because i wanted game that have it as default, also most cheats i wanted in games involved editing hardcoded values which wouldn't be easy

It's not necessarily about earning things, though. When you play a game, you usually play it with the intent of finishing it, but that's not why you play them. You play games because it's about the adventure, the skills you learn, the world you explore, the characters you come across, or the stories the game has to tell. It's like the old saying, "it's not about the destination, but the journey." Some of my favorite games are ones that don't necessarily end or have any conclusion or post-game. It's about having a fresh experience in a new world, alien to your own, trying and perhaps even failing at first, but overcoming obstacles and succeeding in the end. If you want a game to hold your hand all the way through, then you'll have to enable cheats, otherwise you're completely missing the point of why you even play a game in the first place.

This goes for whether or not you're looking to invest yourself in a game or just playing them for entertainment, much like it does with a movie.

No game comes like that because then it's not a game.

It literally involved pressing ~ and typing in "tgm"

Then what is it if not game?

I play games because they're one of few things that makes me somewhat interested, tell well done stories and allow me to achive power beyond everything. I never play for immersion or way of escaping reality since it doesn't feel like anything.

As i said i don't want just god mode, i want to edit hardcoded values, reshape mechanics and other minor things

Alright, it's literally as simple as typing "tdm"

And does it change values i wanted to change or not?

Gives you infinite health and that's it.

It's not enough just as i said, if it was that i wouldn't be creating thread for it

So what exactly do you want if not full on God mode?

Goat simulator

Being able to easily change how mechanics work, change percentage exact values for items, leveling, skills, physics, remove most of limitations like being able to hold only x number of things, reshape quest objective and other miscellaneous things

Not what I'm looking for, but it was neat game

There's easy to install mods for most of that, and the other stuff is pretty much doable with console commands.

I never seen a mods like that, and only ones that fullfilled these criteria were mess to install and deal with, also they were usually outdated

Play dark souls

This thread was already made it already got plenty of (You)s. You might actually be mentally challenged, in which case I apologize and don't mean to be rude.

You can't simultaneously progress a character while also being invincible

why what happened did you start trying to eat your mouse and keyboard once you left the tutorial area? The Bethesda game doesn't immediately spike up in difficulty once you leave the vault or sewers or prison.

>all these demands

You certainly don't sound retarded.

Again, what exactly is happening that when you try to play a video game you just suddenly can't deal with it?

Do you not have thumbs? Explain yourself.

I played it and finished it, i didn't liked it at the end

I don't want to play game that demands to use certain mechanics or systems i don't like, because it's a pain to deal with. That's why i want be able to fully reshape them and control them.