Gf wants me to piss on her

>gf wants me to piss on her
>i think that's disgusting

What do?

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>want to piss on gf
>she thinks it's disgusting

be thankful you found a keeper op

Say to her "stop pissing me off"

No she didn't.
You don't even have a girlfriend.
You're the Jow Forums guy who creates derogatory threads about females to prove some point about how they're all "roasties".
Go outside and do something else..

Project harder, faggot.


>Drink as little as you can for 3 days.
>Eat fish and asparagus.
>Drink a whole can of coffee.
>Piss on her.

Problem solved.

Piss on her then take your disgust out on her with your dick.

If she's really great as an all around girlfriend, and you feel like you have to, just do it in the shower exclusively.

don't forget Vitamin C

you probably have some weird fetishes too OP, tell us them

also just do it in shower you beta...

White people are such trash lol

Believe it or not, not everybody here is a loser like you.

Dude this is a gift if you think about it(not that you get to piss on her, I also think that’s gross) but you really just have to pee so it’s not that bad, and once you do oh boy. That woman will do whatever you want sex wise since you indulged in her fantasies.

how do you get a gold shower gf? what traits does such a girl possess?

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I'm definitely not black but white people are still trash and ridden with mental issues too.


You faggots should swap

thanks for making my day a better one

I want a girl to piss her period blood on me.

Fat people need to get purged.

>it's an Jow Forums conspiracy, you guys

Uh, vore. Oh, and necrophilia.

That's not how that works...